Weights from Detroit


By Brad Snyder-The Undercard

Carlos Llinas returns with Night of Knockouts 19 at the Soundboard located inside the Motor City Casino and Hotel this Friday night.

Ray Austin 290 vs. Ryder Booker 277
Garrett Ross 153.7 vs. Isiah Gathings Jr. 153.4
Jermarco Holloway 147 vs. Rodrigo Solis 151.2
Clayton Crosslan 144 vs. Munib Al Salmani 140
Trequan Shields 147 vs. Dwane Taylor 145
Antonio Hernandez 165 vs. Darryl Cunningham 166
Gabrielle Hayes 139 vs. Nicole Reinhart 135.9
Antonio Daniels Jr. 154 vs. Javonni Bennett 152

Tickets: Available at Ticketmaster.com or by visiting the box office. 7:00pm is the first bell.

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  • Ray Austin is still fighting? I thought he retired after Wlad knocked him out many years ago!

  • Holy smokes! What has Ray Austin been up in his inactivity? (oxymoron, I know) He was lean and mean back in the day. I gotta hand it to Rydell Booker for keeping at it against all odds. Some might call this fight a tragic disgrace, and they wouldn’t be wrong. I prefer to think of it is two brave warriors who can never say die!

    • Booker was once a Cruiserweight, and now weighs 277. And Austin @290? Booker is usually pretty durable, so this could go ten (assuming it’s scheduled for ten). Can’t imagine what the later rounds of this might look like. I doubt they’re doing this for the love of the sport at this point. Feels like a poor man’s version of these exhibitions involving retired boxers that we’ve been seeing lately, but whatever pays the bills. Wish them both the best.

  • Please we don’t need a picture of 290 pound Ray Austin. Are you trying to chase fans away? These 2 Palookas are the main event. Good Luck.

  • Funny thing is Austin could probably challenge for the title with the cream puffs in the division these days

  • Two finely tuned athletes in the main who obviously trained at McDonalds, they definitely deserve your hard earned dollar, War Mickey?

  • Ray’s gotta be 50, good luck to him/be as safe as ya can! 567 pounds combined, wow! Meanwhile I’d be there.

  • How can the state let this happen, a 50 year old vs 41 year old headlining… embarrassing

  • Don’t judge these two just yet. Dad bods are obviously in season. Tyson Fury is a badass. Andy Ruiz was awesome when he was fat. He lost weight and now he sucks. Lets see what these guys can do.

  • Who wants to see 2 “has beens” in the ring. Wasn’t he Teamcannon, Booker? I saw him fight many many many years ago. Didn’t he do time in jail also?

  • Just checking into this one, but it was scheduled for last night. I don’t see results from this card listed anywhere. Any ideas who won?

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