WBSS Launches Women’s Tournament

Women super featherweights will quest for the Muhammad Ali Trophy in Season III of the World Boxing Super Series. After the high demand from broadcasters, fans, and sponsors WBSS AG announced Season III of the World Boxing Super Series, one tournament, one weight class, and one winner to be the first woman trophy holder.

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  • What ever happened to Mia St John, always on De La Hoya’s undercard (along with Butter Bean) ??

    • You’ll be the only one.

      These girls own families don’t wanna watch their boring ass matches.

      Women’s boxing needs to be abolished. Only women’s MMA is allowed. They actually have exciting fights.

  • Don’t expect to see Claressa Shields in this tournament. However, I do feel Katie Taylor would have the courage to compete, or grant the winner a fight with her.

  • I’m guessing the WBA will create belts for the other 98 genders out there.

      • How is she gonna make it exciting? By making the outcome a foregone conclusion and have completely one sided matches?

  • Then why isn’t the trophy this time called the “Laila Ali” trophy?? Equality and being undefeated and all..

    That is a funny statement, when they lump in fans, sponsors, and broadcasters. The broadcasters are praying for adequate $$ sponsorships if they can market the product to them, and then they hope for viewership to show up to reward them. I wonder if the events will be supported by popular male fighters on the card, or if they will double down and “go for broke” by being consistent and loading the card with female “prospects” and contenders.

    If it is at least 6 fighters, then the first event should just be the entire first round at the same location, so paying fans get to know each fighter. This will build interest. If they get too greedy, and try to have each 1st round fight in a seperate location than that only has a shot if held in places like Mexico, Europe such as Germany/UK, or in Japan. If they go the greed route, and want US fights, then they better hedge that risk by stocking the card with male fights outside of the “tournament” fight. Otherwise, let’s see if their bold strategy pays off..

    I like women having top level sports and all (WNBA) but if you go a few decades and fans (including the female gender) don’t want to show up in numbers consistently than you have to structure events to get enough paying fans. But the worsts is when they lie and say there is huge demand upfront when there isn’t. The demand is coming from a specific niche.

    A lot of great women’s fighters but from a fan perspective you like to see some KO’s and that won’t happen much, until you expand those rounds to 3 minutes, and equivalent title fight length to men’s fights.

    Or you can discount the tickets. Otherwise, not interested in attending or paying PPV if you don’t “get what you are paying for”

    And we want to push equality, but without a equivalent enough product, length, quality (more ko’s) than that limits demand. If you have better quality you can offset a discounted ticket price by a large increase of ticket sales at the gate. Promoters get more money, and if they are being “equitable” than those purses start rising for Women’s boxing.

    We will see boxing ever listens or if they just continue to virtue signal.

    • adding another minute has absolutely nothing to do with KOs neither does adding two more rounds in world title fights i agree women should be fighting 3 minute rounds it is the sport of boxing and fighting 12 rounders when it comes to title fights just like the men but KO power has nothing to do with either. Now heres my opinion on women fighters that most overlook…..women do not have the muscle density that men have that is unfortunate but they are also probably tougher than men as well so mix that together and unfortunately you get boring fights its NOT the female fighters fault so appreciate them for fighting their asses off and when you grasp this it just make you appreciate Amanda Serrano even more 30 kos out of 40 wins 7 weight division world champion and humble you dont see her “telling” everybody shes the greatest while fighting part time fighters and housewives lol

      • Yeah, people don’t want to admit the fact that women can’t overcome the being gloves and lunch with enough power to seriously hurt their opponents. And if every fight lacks the possiblity of a instant KO or any KO/TKO or just someone getting rocked etc then you aren’t going to draw audiences consistently.

        That’s why women’s MMA is so much popular than women’s boxing has ever been, eleven though it’s only been getting any mainstream attention in about the last 10 years. It’s because they have submissions thatbcan end a fight in an instant and also without boxing gloves on the women throw more powerful punches and hurt their opponents and score KOs more than they ever could in the boxing ring.

        Look at Holly Holm, she has 19 MMA fights, 14 wins and 8 KOs in those fight. As a boxer she had 38 total fights, with 33 wins and 9 KOs. She has double the fights and double the wins in boxing as opposed to her MMA record, but she only has 1 more KO in boxing than in MMA.

      • And I’d bet my life that Holm made more money in those 19 MMA fights compared to those 38 boxing matches.

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