WBO orders Crawford-Porter clash

The WBO has given the camps of WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford and #1 contender Shawn Porter thirty days to negotiate and reach an agreement to fight or a purse bid will be ordered. The minimum acceptable bid is $200,000. Either party may request an immediate purse bid at any time during the negotiation process, where the split will be 60/40 in Crawford’s favor.

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  • Crawford wins this fight by brutal KO in the 10th round! Porter has a chance to win but only if he makes it a tuff and dirty dog fight! Great fight for the fans!!!!

    • Gonna be a scarp and I’d like to see the pressure Crawford takes for 6 rounds however I don’t think Crawford will fold but interesting they will be in top shape so should will be exciting

    • Porter had a great fights in losing against Spence, Thurman, and Brook. Remember he recently beat D.Garcia and undefeated Formella his last fight. Porter has the better experience to surprise a lot of fans. There is a good reason Crawford didnt want the fight. Real recognize real and Porter is dangerous

      • Porter turned down a million to fight Crawford. And even Porter knew Bud was trying to land Paqman as well and gave respectful comments about it. Nice try though.

      • Porter didn’t take the fight because they offered him one Million dollars. 2ndly the only clear loss Porter has is against Brooks. Porter was Robbed against Thurman and the Spence fight could’ve been a draw with the Knockdown.

        • Excuse my mistype and your lack of knowledge. They offered him 2 million. That’s a good price for a guy who’s lost a few times and wants a strap. Bernard Hopkins used to fight for 2-300000 for title defenses. Lol

    • You’re having joking right. When hasn’t Porter mad a fight tough and dirty? Porter can win this point blank period

      • No he can’t. Even if he actually “wins” he won’t be given the decision.

  • Awesome. Top Rank was trying to give Crawford the 140lb Champ Taylor and Jose Zepeda 140lb contender. Lmao Atleast Porter is a real welterweight.


  • Seems like Porter gets numerous chances to grab a title even after he gets beat fighting for another one. LOL… Crawford’s slick style will beat Porter on a UD. Porter’s style is smothering and hit which is a repetitious round-after-round game. Porter is athletic, which makes up for his predictable fighting style. However, really don’t see Porter doing anything new to win other than to be outboxed the whole distance.

    • Scoobs. Great analysis. I can see that happening. But, i can also see Porter smothering Crawford so much that he gets frustrated and makes silly mistakes that Porter capatilizes on. Im jus happy that Crawford is finally gonna fight someone worthy.

  • I would love to see this one.

    Porter is a fighter difficult not to love with his heart, pressure, athleticism, and big smile.

    Crawford has the ring-IQ, skills and the ability to read his opponents in a way hardly any champions can do today.

    I love Porter! I deeply respect Crawford, and his sophisticated craftsmanship in the art of boxing.

    I am very excited to see Crawford under enormous never ending pressure. Crawford has not yet been fully tested. Porter might be able to deliver and do precisely that. At least that is my hope.

    How will Crawford handle and ride out the storm? I am confident he will. But how.

  • I really liked Crawford at Jr Welter, but he hasn’t shown me anything at Welter. Here’s a real test, I don’t think he can pass it. He’s not going to knock out Porter, but Porter might KO him.

    • Did you forget,porter was knocked down by Spence and Adrien Bonner bonner was a light weight that moved up in weight
      Porter sometimes forget defences

  • Ironically SP said on his podcast he didn’t want to be the first major guy TC fought. BOUT TIME they made Crawford fight someone. This is going to be good. I hope no one gets covid, injured or Arum find a way to screw this fight up. This is too good to be true but I can’t wait!! I wish the governing bodies would DO THIS MORE OFTEN!! Make these guys fight.

      • Styles make fights ,this is why Spence will have problem with pac man am not saying he will win
        Spence will have his hand full
        Pac man is a stronger, faster ,experienced version of porter

        • Yes “styles make fights”. What is the ONE style that gives Manny fits. A slick smart boxer ala Mayweather, Tim Bradley (2nd fight before Manny’s mom put the hex on him) and Marquez. Manny is not Porter and won’t smother Spence to make it an ugly rought fight. Mayweather kept Manny on the outside most of the fight with slick boxing. Spence is bigger and has a major reach advantage. Manny just doesn’t do well against slick smart boxers. We will see.

    • You don’t know who Shawn Porter is then or you’re just a casual bandwagon rider

      • He has a predictable, awful, boring, come forward style using his head as a weapon. All athletics, no boxing skills at all.

    • He gave Spence all he could handle. Porter sparred with Manny and held his own. Porter is the ONE GUY that has fought them all while everyone else dodges each other.

  • Well it’s about freaking time! All this nostalgia about The Kings, but yet these promoters won’t allow these cats to fight one another! So the common denominator here is PORTER! Having fought Thurman, Garcia and Spence!!! About time we get Crawford in the mix before the poor guy turns 50 Lol

  • I love Porter but he’s too dangerous for his own good. Leaves himself wide open.But you never know in boxing what may happen.

  • Do know that while the fight lasts it is going to be exciting and while Porter is still in the fight anything can happen.

  • This amazing! So Spence guys going to be saying Porter is washed up if Crawford kos him or does a better job beating him. Can’t wait for those excuses.

  • I don’t know that we’ll ever see this fight still. I’m of the mind that if they were going to fight, they would have already…. but I’m REALLY hoping that I’m wrong because this would be excellent. The last I heard Crawford was going to fight Zepeda in October – that’s unacceptable.

  • Finally a big name watch Crawford wins this fight by brutal KO in the 10th round! Porter has no chance to beat Crawford then if he beat Porter the Winner of Spence or Pac-Man will duck him for sure then

    • That’s a bold statement. Even if you think Porter wins by KO I think it would have to be in the later rounds. But I do like predictions like that.

  • All the other top fighters at 147 fought Porter, and Crawford should also go through Porter’s hot kitchen.

    I pick Crawford to win, but I want to see how Crawford mentally/physically deals with Porter’s boxing style.

    • E-Man: agreed bud. Porter is tough for any fighter out there. This is gonna tell us what Crawford is really made of.

  • Porter is so boring. Nobody wants to see another 12 round decision. Crawford is a waste. Besides fighting Pacman there is no real competition unless he moves up in weight

  • Should be a good fight. Rough and ugly, but good. Porter has a chance to win a non-PBC belt, or as I call it, a legitimate belt. Crawford has a chance to show everyone why he’s been avoided by the penut butter crew.

  • Porter is a fighting caveman, not likely to prevail against the power and precision of Crawford. After all, a precision shot by Broner put the easy-to-time caveman down. Because of Crawford’s power, I don’t think the caveman can turn this into a mugging. It will be interesting to see if Crawford’s power can KO the caveman.

  • I see Porter getting school by a better boxer like Bud, BUT Porter will bring his aggressive offense! That’s gonna hurt Porter’s approach! HE GOT TO FIGHT BUD SMART! Can’t get that wild shot off!

  • PBC will look for a way to keep this fight from happening. He doesn’t want his fighters to get beat up by the fighters of other promoters.

  • Crawford has stopped every welter weight he has faced! Not sure why people are not sure that he is legit at this weight.

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