WBC Mandatory Fights Update

The WBC has been working with the WBO, IBF and WBA to try to address important topics together, especially the mandatory rules for champions who hold two or more championship belts. That is an ongoing process between the four organizations. The goals are to begin 2023 with a single procedure to establish mandatory bouts, and to design an elimination system to manage together the organizations’ mandatories in cases of champions of more than one organization.

The WBC Board of Governors approved addressing the mandatory rules within the WBC to protect the integrity of boxing, and to provide the best fights to the fans and the industry informed promoters, managers, and broadcasters that they have initiated a process to establish the mandatory fights for unified and undisputed champions.

Whoever participates in an elimination, semifinal elimination, or final elimination bout for the privilege of mandatory status of a division, the winner might be subject to fight the mandatory opponent of another sanctioning organization in case there is a unification fight or there is a unified champion in the division. Such a bout will be considered a final elimination, with the ultimate goal being to create a common mandatory contender to the unified champion.

The appropriate language will be included in all sanctioning letters so that the participating boxers are aware of how the mandatory status will be determined whenever there is a unification. This new concept will create a higher level of opposition with proven mandatory contenders, and will also allow unified champions to have greater activity instead of having to fight mandatories of each organization. Nobody wants boxers to lose their titles for lack of compliance with the rules.

Here are WBC Convention rulings during the open floor discussions and updated information from results after the convention

Heavyweight. Champion: Tyson Fury.

It was reported that in August of 2021, the WBC Board of Governors had ruled that the winner of the October 9, 2021, fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder would have 30 days from that date to secure a contract to unify the heavyweight division against WBO-IBF-WBA champion Oleksandr Usyk to crown an undisputed champion in the division. If no unification bout was secured within that time, the WBC would then (1) name WBC Interim World Champion Dillian Whyte as the division’s mandatory challenger; and (2) order the start of the free negotiations period for Champion’s Fury mandatory defense of his title against Whyte.

Dillian Whyte filed a grievance under the WBC Rules & Regulations against the WBC, which is now in arbitration before the Court of Arbitration for Sport ( CAS ). In light of the pending arbitration, the WBC is not making any pronouncement at this time and will provide information once appropriate.

Bridgerweight. Champion: Oscar Rivas

First-ever champion Oscar Rivas must make two mandatories with the first one being against mandatory contender, Silver Champion Evgeny Romanov for which the WBC will order the start of the free negotiations period. The WBC will also order a final eliminator fight involving WBC International Champion Lukasz Rozanski.

Cruiserweight. Champion: Ilunga Makabu

Ilunga Makabu has the upcoming mandatory fight against Silver Champion Thabiso Mchunu. The date that has been reported for that bout is January 29, 2022, in Ohio, USA. Alexei Papin is the second mandatory challenger. Noel Gevor will fight for the WBC Silver Championship in 2022.


Light Heavyweight. Champion: Artur Beterbiev.

Champion Beterbiev is scheduled to make his mandatory defense against Marcus Browne on December 17, 2021, in Montreal.

Super Middleweight. Champion: Saul Alvarez

David Benavides was to fight Jose Uzcategui for the final elimination and mandatory challenger privilege. That bout was cancelled reportedly due to Mr. Uzcategui’s antidoping adverse finding.

Champion Alvarez’ manager Eddy Reynoso requested a bout between Champion Alvarez and Champion Makabu in the cruiserweight division to take place in May or June of 2022. The WBC informed Mr. Reynoso that there is an agreement for a defense of the WBC World Cruiserweight Championship involving Champion Makabu. The WBC Board voted on and approved Mr. Reynoso’s petition for Champion Alvarez to fight the winner of the Makabu v. Mchunu fight.

Sampson Lewkowicz requested the opportunity for David Benavidez to fight for the interim title of the division if Champion Alvarez fights for the cruiserweight title. That potential development would take away Mr. Benavidez’ opportunity to fight for the title, thus making a bout for the interim title appropriate. The WBC Board voted on and approved Mr. Lewkowicz’ petition for Mr. Benavidez to fight for the WBC Interim World Championship.

Middleweight. Champion: Jermall Charlo

The WBC ordered a final eliminator between Jaime Mungia and Sergey Derevyanchenko. Munguia had a prior commitment so did Derevyachenko. The final ruling is to have Munguia fight vs the winner of Derevyachenko vs Carlos Adames on December 5.

Super Welterweight. Champion: Jermell Charlo.

Champion Charlo had a sensational draw with Castaño and there is a possibility for a rematch, which is uncertain because there are four organizations involved and we are working on a reciprocity commitment.

The rematch has been confirmed to take place on February 2022.

Sergio Garcia is scheduled to fight Sebastian Fundora on December 5, 2021. The WBC Board of Governors voted on and approved the Garcia v. Fundora bout to be an eliminator with the winner to Erikson Lubin for the final mandatory position.

Welterweight. Champion: Errol Spence

Champion Spence was cleared to fight following successful retina surgery and the WBC is waiting for specific information.

A final elimination fight between Virgil Ortiz and David Avanesayn was ordered

The WBC Board approved Thulani Mbenge vs Edward Skavinskiy for the vacant silver title with the winner being ordered to fight Alexander Besputin .Due to newly imposed travel restrictions from South Africa, the WBC silver committee has approved Lubkovich as opponent.

Super Lightweight. Champion: Josh Taylor.

Champion Taylor will make the first defense of his WBO title against Jack Catterall on February 26, 2022. Jose Zepeda is the WBC mandatory challenger, and will fight the winner of February 26, 2022, bout mentioned above.

Lightweight. Franchise Boxer: George Kambosos

The WBC had received and granted a request from George Kambosos to recognize the winner of his November 25, 2021, bout with Champion Lopez as Franchise boxer. Kambosos defeated Lopez in a tremendous fight and became WBC Franchise Boxer of the division.

Devin Haney will defend his WBC World Championship against WBC World Interim World Champion JoJo Diaz on December 4, 2021.

Zaur Abdullaev and Jorge Linares are scheduled to fight on February 26, 2022, in Russia. The promoter is requesting special status to this fight due to the participants’ successful careers and high positions in the ratings. The motion was approved to consider this fight as semi-final eliminator.

Super Featherweight. Champion: Oscar Valdez

It was reported to the WBC Board that the number 1 rated boxer in the division Miguel Berchelt will move up in weight to the lightweight division. A tournament was proposed between #2 O’Shaquie Foster vs. #3 Muhammadkhuja Yaqubov, as semi-final eliminator. Number 4 Robson Conceicao, who lost narrowly in September to champion Oscar Valdez would fight an opponent to be determined and both winners would fight in a final elimination bout for the mandatory position.

Sampson Lewkowicz reported to the WBC Board that on December 5, 2021, Eduardo Zurdito Ramirez will fight against Miguel Marriaga. The WBC Board voted on and approved a motion to make the Ramirez v. Marriaga part of the elimination process of this division.

Featherweight. Champion Gary Russell.

Gary Russel will make a mandatory defense of his title against Mark Magsayo in January or 2022. The winner of that bout will fight Rey Vargas.

Super Bantamweight. Champion: Stephen Fulton.

Figueroa fought WBO champion Stephen Fulton on November 27, 2021, and Fulton won a sensational fight which was very close and contested . The mandatory challenger of the division is Daniel Roman.

As the first action toward working together on setting up a mandatory system for champions of more than one organization, the WBC and the WBO have agreed that Daniel Roman will be the mandatory challenger for both organizations.

Bantamweight. Champion: Nonito Donaire.

On December 11, 2021, Champion Donaire will make a mandatory defense against Reymart Gaballo.

Jason Moloney and Nawapon Sor Rungvisai will fight for the WBC Silver Title, which fight will also be a final eliminator.

Super Flyweight. Champion: Juan Francisco Estrada.

The WBC Board approved the designatation of the winner of the bout between Champion Estrada and Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez to become Franchise Boxer of the division. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai and Carlos Cuadras will fight for the vacant world title. The winners of each of those bouts will fight each other afterwards. Kevin Rooney of Matchroom informed the Board that Matchroom will have a date for those fights shortly.

The WBC Board voted and approved a motion to wait for the confirmation of the two bouts set forth above, and order an eliminator between Pedro Guevara and Fernando Martinez. If Martinez does not agree to that fight, the WBC will order another opponent for Mr. Guevara .

Flyweight. Champion: Julio Cesar Martinez

Champion Martinez fought WBC Interim Champion McWilliams Arroyo on November 20, 2021, which bout ended in a technical draw. Champion Martinez is still in voluntary stage. The WBC will address the next steps it will order in the division in the near future.

Light Flyweight. Champion: Masamichi Yabuki

The WBC ordered a rematch between Champion Yabuki and former champion Kenshiro Teraji, which bout is currently in the free negotiations period.

Strawweight. Champion: Panya Pradabsri

Champion Pradabsri just defended his title and will fight a rematch with Wanheng Menayothin.

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  • Is there a chance that, for the first time in EIGHT YEARS, Gary Russell Jr. fights more than once in a year in 2022???

      • Yeah, me too. He has a decent shot though. If he fights in January it’ll be his first in 23 months and he should run right over Magsayo. Maybe he’ll try to make up for a lost year. Been champion for almost 7 years, has 5 defenses to show for it.

    • My thougts on that is that they will work on it in 2022 to be ready with the rules at the beginning of 2023. Nice move if it comes to an agreement between the four major sanctionning bodies.. I will stay tunned about that.. Bye

  • Why are these people needed? Simply plug boxers records and opponents into a computer and it will give you legitimate rankings and schedule fights. This has been the biggest scam for years.

    • None of them are needed and need to be put out of business if the sport is ever to become mainstream again.

  • The WBC still going? I would have thought something this useless would have closed down by now.

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