WBC announces new weight rules

The WBC has announced a new weight management program for 2019.

The program is as follows:

1. The promoter must require each boxer and their management to submit to the WBC the precise weight that he/she has at the time of signing a bout.

2. The WBC will continue with the 30 and 7-day weigh-in but has also instituted a 14-day weight check and the percentages have been modified as follows: 30-day weigh-in 10%, 14-day weigh-in 5%, 7-day weigh-in 3%

3. Promoter must arrange with the local boxing commission and WBC supervisor to have a scale ready at the site of the bout in order to have both boxers weigh upon arrival the day of the fight. Boxers must not exceed 10% from the official weigh-in.

4. The WBC reserves the right to impose any of the following penalties for non-compliance:
1) Warning, 2) Fines up to $5,000 dollars for the first two infractions, 3) Withdrawal of sanctioning of a bout 4) Up to 30% penalty on the purse for infraction three.

The WBC will have continuous communications with the promoter in every single event to support the administration of this weight management program.

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