WBC #1 Sandor Martin scores KO, targets Haney

Photo: Opi Since 82

WBC #1 super lightweight Sandor Martin (42-3, 15 KOs) knocked out Mohamed El Marcouchi (29-4, 12 KOs) in round four on Saturday night at the Palasport Le Cupole in Turin, Italy. Martin dropped Marcouchi in round two and put him done for the count in round four. Time was 2:02.

After the fight, Martin, who is WBC’s the official mandatory challenger, immediately called out recently crowned WBC champion Devin Haney.

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  • I hope Martin gets his shot at Haney. I think he has earned it. I think Haney has the style to not worry too much about him though. Other top guys should avoid him if they can but I think Haney has the tools where Martin’s strengths will not affect him. Haney many believe has a suspect chin but that should not be a factor with Martin.

    • I agree with me st of this. I think Martin would give Matias and Rolly gits, and could probably beat them, but Haney is too technically sound. I think Haney chin will be better at a higher weight. Sort of how Cotto’s was better once he left 140. I don’t think he will ever be granite-chinned, but it’s solid.

      • Good point Sister. Many of us are holding that one incident with Linares against Haney and maybe that is not fair. I recall that Canelo was once hurt by Jose Cotto yet say what you like about the man..his chin has held up solid as he moved up!

  • Good win for Sandor, he deserves a shot at the title and a big payday after the Teo robbery.

    Agree that Haney is too technically sound and almost unbeatable but bigger upsets have happened.

  • Interesting how no one is calling out Matias. He has a belt as well, but he won’t bring the payday that the others do…for now. 140 is nasty division at the moment and the champs need to step it up against each other. Sandor definitely needs a shot. Maybe Sandor vs Matías?

    • I agree.

      Above all, I think that a fight between Martin vs. Matias would be significantly more exciting than Martin vs. Haney, but of course the first fight seems less likely since Martin is the WBC’s official mandatory challenger.

      Martin vs Haney risks becoming a story about defensive boxing where Haney has the sharpest knives in the box in terms of both skills and experience.

      I like both fighters and chess-games too, so I would not complain, but in general, I think most fans would prefer Martin vs Matias, or Haney vs Matias.

      By the way, it’s been quiet about Romero?

  • Why he don’t call out the real boogey man Subriel Matias?? No body want that punishment

  • Haney may as well prepare for Martin. Tank Davis will never fight him and Lopez will price himself out.

    • Tank Davis is letting Haney and his dad talk,so everyone in the end can see how full of shit they are. Tank Davis is always training and I heard he is up to 140 so get ready TANK is coming for Devin Haney. What does Tank Davis weigh right now. Tank is building up his weight and Devin Haney and his dad don’t even have a clue what’s coming.2024

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