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WBA will pay tribute to Bob Arum

The World Boxing Association (WBA) will pay tribute to Bob Arum for his historical work in front of Top Rank, Inc. and his vital role in reviving boxing in the midst of the pandemic. The pioneer organization has praised all the efforts made by Arum to ensure that boxing is carried out under the appropriate security measures during a series of shows in Las Vegas in which the young talent has had great support.

“Arum is a living legend of boxing. He has influenced our sport for 54 years, has been responsible for many great fights and has worked very closely with us on behalf of boxing,” said WBA President Gilberto Jesús Mendoza.

Mendoza praised Arum’s historical performance, who organized his first fight in 1966 and created Top Rank in 1973. “He has influenced throughout history, he has been in the best moments of boxing and when the situation has been difficult, he has also known how to be at the forefront. The best example is the great work he has done to revive boxing in the United States,” added the leader.

The WBA will be hosting various events to honor him, an online chat between Mendoza and Arum at the end of July and the presentation of acknowledgments to the promoter in August.

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  • Crooks patting each other on the back. How the WBA is still a thing his a joke. They have lkke4 champions in each division and Arum has stood in the way of more great fights than he’s made in the last 20 years.

    Fuck the WBA and fuck Bob Arum!!!!!

    – Sincerely, every boxing fan with a brain

    • It is “boxing fans” like you who have absolutely no knowledge of the business of boxing that are one of the biggest problems in our sport. Sanctioning bodies, yes, crooks. Boxing promoters, no, who pay, pay, and pay more to develop boxers, oftentimes losing significant dollars and their livelihood at the same time to their boxers. You know nothing, so sit back, and shut your face. Loser.

      • Give Jay a break, he is talking about big-time promoters like King and Arum, who have been known to cheat fighters. You’re talking about small-time promoters (who tend to be more honest).

      • Watch what you say, especially if you are involved in boxing. The fans are the ones who support boxing. With your attitude, no wonder no one’s heard of you. Shut your ass!

      • Thanks for some perspective Jake. Even if Arum has done some crooking, he deserves a thanks for the many years of the bigger positive impact he has had.

      • There’s room for a lot of criticism in the business. There is no secret about how promoters rip fighters off. And that’s one reason boxing is in so much trouble today. Lets enjoy some good fight while they are still available.

    • Im a Boxing fan with a brain and have no prob honoring a man for his achievements- while he is still living. You wouldnt have much to say if they did this praise after Bob had died. Unless you been in their shoes you dont know what these guys go through to put on shows to entertain you.

  • Wonderful to hear that Mr. Arum is being acknowledged for his success in bringing boxing back for our entertainment during these times. It has been such a great source of entertainment on Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday night. It is such a variety , and interesting when attempting to predict a bout.

  • Thank you so much for all u have ✅I was missing boxing so much until the summer series it was so enjoyable

  • Also needed is touch boxing , as a prerequisite to become proff , how long to be determined by comissons.

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