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Boxing News: WBA strips and suspends Pascal » December 6, 2021

WBA strips and suspends Pascal

The World Boxing Association (WBA) withdrew the light heavyweight champion status from Jean Pascal after he tested positive for banned substances and suspended him for six months.

Pascal was supposed to defend his title on June 6th against Badou Jack, who was ranked number 9 at the time. However, on May 14th, during testing conducted by the WBA Clean Boxing Program through VADA, Pascal tested positive for epitrenbolone, drostanolone, and drostabolone metabolite.

Pascal and his team were informed of the situation and given the opportunity to open the “B” test, as established on the WBA rules.

As stated in WBA rule C.45, no boxer who has tested positive for a banned substance can be ranked, retain a title or participate in a WBA sanctioned fight within six months of the test.

For that reason, the title held by Pascal is now vacant and the fighter is subject to random testing, at his own expense, during 2021 and under the direction of the WBA Medical Committee and the WBA Championships Committee.

Any interested party may request a reconsideration of this decision under the WBA Rules.

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  • So does this mean Robin Krasniqi moves up from interim champ to “regular” champion? Please don’t hold a match between two other guys to have 3 champions.

  • End of the line Jean. That’s a terrible way to go out. Krasniqi, I guess, now gets moved up to regular champion and, of course, there’s a ‘vacancy’ so the WBA simply has to fill.

  • Maybe it’s time for pascal to hang em up. If my memory serves me well, this isn’t the first time. And if he can’t compete without those banned substances then time to consider something else.

  • The PED situation is out of control and cannot be contained. I’m not sure how the rest of you feel about it, buy I see it as a no-no. Too many risks for the fighters health.

    Remember when Pascal kept telling at Hopkins “Take the test!!!” because he accused Hopkins of juicing?

  • >