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WBA orders Charr-Bryan fight by Jan 29

The heavyweight title fight between current World Boxing Association (WBA) champion Mahmoud Charr and the interim champion/mandatory challenger Trevor Bryan will have to be held by January 29th, 2021, according to a statement issued by the WBA Championships Committee, and signed by Carlos Chávez.

The pioneer organization requested Don King Promotions to send the contracts signed by both boxers as soon as possible with details on the fight venue and date. Should any or both fighters (Charr-Bryan) fail to sign the contract, he or they will lose their position as champion or/and mandatory challenger.

The communication, which was sent to all parties via email, also stipulates that the bout shall be conducted under the rules of the WBA, with the respective appointment of officials. It also states that the laboratories to be used for anti-doping tests should be certified by VADA/WADA in order to be accepted.

The purse bid for this mandatory fight took place last March 2nd in Panama City and according to the organization’s rules, specifically rule D.11: Purse Offer Contracts, The Promoter winning the Purse Bid shall have all bout contracts properly signed and delivered to the Championships Committee Chairman no later than twenty (20) days from the date on which the winning bid is awarded.

However, in this case, the pause in boxing due to the pandemic prevented such procedure from being carried out normally, so it was put on hold. Now that most countries have opened their borders and boxing is taking place around the world in a considerable volume, it is a good time to resume the process.

The WBA is waiting for a response from Don King Promotions and wishes that the fight can be carried out as arranged in the bidding.

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    • Exactly… talk about a WTF situation. I had to look this up, the WBA recognizes 3 different heavyweight champions and one interim champion. How can any organization have any credibility with that little clarity? Nevermind, I guess they don’t and never had any credibility anyway…

    • Another thing worth noting… Charr is the “champion” despite not having fought for over 3 years. Bryan is the interim despite not having fought for almost 2.5 years. What the hell is the WBA doing? Neither one of these guys is top 10, let alone near the top. I could name 10 heavyweights that would crack these heads without even thinking hard.

    • Doubtful even the winner’s mother would consider her son to be heavyweight champion.

    • Oquendo is finally out of the ratings. According to WBA rule D-41-5, clause A, “Any fighter who doesn’t fight for six years gets dropped from the ratings for inactivity.” He’s a bridgerweight anyway.

  • Love the sarky comms. But seriously , I always thought that interim titles were designed so that a mandatory would get a shot at the title when the champ is out of action with the proviso that he must fight the champ next.
    The WBO used to be regarded as the Micky Mouse of the alphabets but they and the IBF seem to be doing things the right way even if we don’t always agree with how deserving the mandatories are.
    The WBA/WBC seem to be getting worse and with the WBA the regular title can be the equivalent of the international titles in terms of quality.

    • (Wanted to know myself) Mahmoud (known as Manuel) Charr fought 3 years ago and KO’ed Alexander Ustinov. 5 years ago though Mairis Briedis KO’ed him in a Jr HW fight.
      Bryan, unbeaten, looks ok, fought 2 years ago though, KO’ed BJ Flores.

  • Rumors floating all over other websites that Fury must fight Wilder in the third match up according to the WBC.

    • A 3rd fight doesnt interest me but in saying that i would watch it. I believe the 3rd fight was contracted so maybe that’s why WBC is trying to uphold it. Anyway Fury in 2!

  • Funniest thing in this article is calling the WBA a pioneer organization. Now that’s some funny s**t right there.

  • Trevor Bryan is now the interim champion that Charr got in Nov.2017?? Who’s Joshua got next

  • Well, one more champion in this crap organization is nothing new. If they have the nerve to have Chris Arreola as #8, but omitting guys like Joe Joyce, Parker, Dubois, Whyte……what else we can expect?

  • It’s shit like this that causes people to lose interest in boxing. Nobody can keep up with, or even cares who the champions are. This goes on in all weight classes! In the heavies, Joshua and Fury are universally recognized as the champions, but then you have Povetkin claiming some version of the title, these two guys, and lord knows who else!

  • What does these 2 have to do with heavyweight boxing? Even an Area champion like Wardley would beat both of them. The WBA and especially the WBC will be the death of this game.

  • It should have been back in the day 4 world title WBA,WBC,WBO and IBF and 2 Secondary title USBA and NABF i cant understand the WBA with all these title interm and regular titles is just crazy remote everybody with a belt instead for a one champ for an organization is crazy they should have in each weight class

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