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WBA calls Charr-Bryant purse bid

The World Boxing Association (WBA) World Championships Committee has called a purse bid for the fight between heavyweight champion Mahmoud Charr and challenger Trevor Bryant to be held on March 2 at 11:00 a.m. at the WBA offices in Panama City.  Charr and Bryant have a long period of inactivity. The fee for the right to participate is US$ 15,000, and the minimum bid is $1,000,000 USD. WBA Ratings Committee Vice Chairman Aurelio Fiengo will be directing the bidding.

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  • 2 WBA Heavyweight champions with nearly four current years of inactivity between them. I think the winner gets Fres Oquendo.

  • Good grief, I hope EMS are on standby for oxygen delivery in the event one of these out-of-shape inactivity fighters collapses from exhaustion. No offense, not really sure of the significance of the this match up other than a short-term monetary investment for those involved while the seats will be mostly empty.

  • Doesn’t Fres Oquendo, WBA#15 have a US Court order to be the next-in-line to challenge Charr’s belt?

  • Only 4 years without a fight? Hell if these 2 blozos would not fight for another 25 years, would anyone miss them? And this is for exactly what title belt. I mean REALLY???

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