Villa surprises Ellis, Andrade victorious

In an IBF welterweight eliminator, IBF #9 KO artist Roiman Villa (26-1, 24 KOs) scored a come-from-behind twelve round majority decision over previously undefeated IBF #8 contender Rashidi Ellis (24-1, 15 KOs) Saturday night on the Tank-HLG PPV undercard at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. Ellis easily outboxed Villa over the first half of the fight. However, Villa brutalized Ellis down the stretch, dropping him twice in round twelve to pull it out. Scores were 113-113, 114-112, 114-112. This was the big upset of the night as Ellis entered a 7:1 favorite.

Sho Davis V Hector Garcia Dc Fight Night Westcott 56
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Two-division world champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (32-0, 19 KOs) scored a one-sided ten round unanimous decision over Demond Nicholson (26-5-1, 22 KOs) in his first bout at super middleweight. The 34-year-old Boo Boo dropped Nicholson in rounds two and ten en route to a 100-88 3x verdict.
Sho Davis V Hector Garcia Dc Fight Night Westcott 40
Photo: Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

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  • He definitely deserves a chance to fight one of the other champions contrary to what people say about him. He’s been a champion at several weight classes calling out these same champions and no one accepts his challenges. Hopefully he gets a chance to prove how good he believes he is.

  • Andrade is an excellent fighter. You can’t even compete with that guy unless you’re at a certain level; but I don’t think anyone at 168 is going to fight him, just like they didn’t at 160. Canelo, Benavidez, Plant, Charlo – nope. I think the best he can hope for is maybe Morrell and I don’t know if he’d want to fight him for a secondary title and probably not a lot of money.

    • He wins on points against lower lever guys, he’s never fought anybody at the highest level, so your comment is ridiculous. He’s a good fighter with a shit record.

      • Oh winning on points is fine. He’s not really a puncher, but that’s not indicative of quality and 19 ko’s in 32 fights isn’t bad anyway.
        The quality of his opposition certainly isn’t very good and it is his problem and his fault, but he’s beaten everyone put in front of him and done so, generally, with room to spare. Undefeated two weight world champion and amateur world champion – if that is a shit record to you, then you and I have a much different definition of “shit” and that’s okay.

        • Agree …Lucie…but a fighter like Andrade has to have finishing stuff…Don’t want every fighter to stay in the fight….Somehow though Andrade wins his fights…often by wide margins…there is always that small opportunity…that crack for his opponent for his to survive and therefore win.,., dominating the fight…gets hit with a damaging jab while posing between shots… actually hurt Boo…Andrade could have finished this guy…just didn’t..,a relentless talented puncher will give Andrade fits.also agree needs to see how he fights against excellent competetion ..Good win though

        • Very well put Lucie. Yes he was a very good amateur, his pro career has left alot to be desired in my opinion. He’s a good boxer, but just getting by against lower level guys isn’t good enough. Everybody he is calling out will be him, in my opinion. Never beaten a current Champion either, not great.

  • Andrade is highly skilled but his style doesn’t sell.. it is prize fighting and he brings no money. I remember when he and Charlo were coming up the ranks and making a name for themselves he turned down an offer to fight (Jermall).. felt he wasn’t getting enough money for the risk. While fighters have to weigh the risk versus reward, he has done so to a fault. Now, he’s older, still lacks a marquee matchup, Charlo doesn’t really need him, and he’s opening the four fight televised portion headlined by Tank. His career is a lesson in mismanagement.

  • Man that Villa was tough! Never stopped coming. I’m absolutely fine with the decision especially since the ref probably saved Ellis in the final round. Gave him at least 15 extra seconds to recover. What a joke. Rishidi should be happy he doesn’t have to face Boots.

  • Ooops…Ellis has a bad habit of dropping his right hand on defense or when he thinks he is out of range; and I hope Ellis learns from this for the rematch. Ellis also has to work on keeping his elbows tighter to avoid uppercuts. I am not thrilled about Ellis’ right hand.

    Already blessed with a solid chin, Villa would become even more dangerous if he uses his long jab more and develops a straight right hand.

    If there is a rematch, Ellis must work on a few things.

    • Ellis did not give any angles… offensively or defensively…..just using his legs …on that bicycle… foreseeable in the early rounds that a sustained body attack would cause Ellis problem in the later rounds cause of Ellis lack of angles…and that is exactly what happened ..early round by Villa…body shots slowed Ellis …got Ellis off that bike and Ellis just not strong enough to keep Villa off…Great win for Villa…

  • All of these so called experts how many have trained or how many of you have fight a bunch of prognosticators who watch it on tv and know everything but know nothing all of these guys are pros some better than others so stop with all of the he got a sh*t record and fought nobody when you can do half of what tgey do

  • Ellis doesn’t have what it takes to hang with the best, he falls apart late.

  • Boots Ennis is demonstrating why chasing a live chicken with your barehands is a preferred training method for elite boxers.
    I guess Mic had it right.

  • The fighter to emerge tonight was Villa. A puncher who looked as strong in the 12th, (actually stronger) than he did in the 1st is dangerous as hell. Ellis, another cocky loudmouth has bitten the dust.

  • MO…Curious how they pick and choose to show punch stats round by round? Ellis/Villa

  • the villa/ellis fight should of been a draw, they should do a rematch!!

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