Vargas: This decision was not fair

After suffering the first defeat of his career by wide scores, two-division world champion Rey Vargas indicated that he will drop back down and campaign at 126 pounds, where he still holds the WBC belt. “We didn’t get the decision at super featherweight,” Vargas said, “but we are still champions at 126.

“I respect the judges. I think this decision was not fair. I don’t agree with it, but I have to respect it. I thought it was much closer than they saw. The weight difference may have affected me tonight. In boxing, you can use your legs to be technical or use them to run. Foster used them to run. He ran all night.

“There was a headbutt at the beginning of the fight that affected my sight for a second, but I recovered quickly. I thank all the fans that came out to support me.”

Vargas fought without a familiar face in his corner as legendary trainer Nacho Beristain was absent for this assignment as Vargas’ father Carlos took his place. Vargas was trying to join other legendary fighters who have won titles at 122, 126, and 130, such as Manny Pacquiao, Leo Santa Cruz, and Mexican legends Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera.

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Foster: I didn’t think it was close

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  • It was fair, Rey. The right guy won the fight. Now you’ll go back to 126, fight the winner of Magsayo – Figueroa…. and you’ll probably win.

  • oshacky…shit gangster attitude…ugly teeth…announcers sucking his pee pee…crap style..sure to be everywhere soon….shit world boxing

  • O’Shaqui playing up the b.s. story about all he had to go through, where he came from etc….His career was stalled due to his lack of dedication, so instead of grinding harder, he runs the streets, gets caught selling drugs, and goes to jail. BTW, he was only in jail for 4 months, so not hard time like he makes it out to be. Rey Vargas is clumsy and uncoordinated, regardless of being a two-weight champion. O’Shaqui will find out soon, when he steps in the ring with one of the other champions or a well-rounded contender, that he is garbage. That’s where he dug that WBC belt from….Ike out.

    • He got out of jail, did his time and won a title. How much time have you done in jail? I wouldn’t want to spend a day. At least he got out and became dedicated instead of falling back into the cycle. Is it so hard to just be happy for someone else instead of wishing them misery?

  • Foster has simply mastered the Mayweather distance and defense tactics. It’s incredibly hard to look good or land cleanly against that style. It’s what made Floyd a boring but undefeated fighter.

    • York, Foster has zero similarities to Mayweather’s boxing tactics. On the other handr, their out of the ring behaviors and being locked up…maybe.

      • Actually foster employed the shoulder roll and throws his straight right hand right from the shoulder just like floyd. This is a proper straight right, very effective for scoring. Wlad klitschko would throw his the same way.

      • You’re brining up stuff that happened AGES ago. Let it go. Its not like the man is in and out of jail or has been in any major situations with the law. He appeared to have learned from it. Let it go.

      • No, he’s absolutely modeled his distancing and defense on the Mayweather style. It’s not a full replica nor are they exactly the same in that regard, but he definitely resembles Mayweather.

  • Come on man…I was rooting for Vargas and even put a small wager on him but he got beat and it was “not” a close fight.

    • 118-110 about right-hard to give Vargas more than two rounds although a few of them were close.

  • Foster fought smartly. He won due to having the better jab.

    Vargas came on in the middle rounds but foster took the championship rounds in my opinion and that won him the fight. I thought it was close maybe 7rds to 5 rds for foster.

    I didn’t realize he had the same arm length as vargas. Crazy. 4 inches shorter but both had 71” arms.

    It was probably a boring fight for casual fans. But I personally thought it was interesting to see the adjustments each was trying to make. Especially the corner advice.

    I’m surprised vargas didn’t win the jab war but he did not fight tall either. Also surprised foster didn’t switch lefty.

    Fun matchup tho. I like fosters speed and skills. Vargas needs to stay at 126. He backed up too much but the heavier punches of 130 might have affected him.

  • I’ll admit that Fosters style is not all that appealing, but winning a 12 round fight is more difficult than it looks. He made Vargas a very good fighter look amateurish. Might look better in his next fight hopefully, but didn’t make new fans with that dud. Who am I to criticize?

  • I’m glad the scores were somewhat decent even if the one was a real outlier. I figured this was going to wind up a split decision with some stinky scores attached to it. The right guy won

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