Foster: I didn’t think it was close

With the words “ice water” and “shock the world” etched on his trunks, O’Shaquie Foster coolly and methodically outboxed two-division world champion Rey Vargas to capture the vacant WBC super featherweight title on Showtime Saturday night at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.

“My coaches kept telling me to pick it up, we are ready to go, “Foster said in the ring afterward. “We can’t get them out, but I felt good in the later rounds. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a close fight. I didn’t think it was close. My coaches kept telling me not to let off the gas.

“It feels great. Dedication, hard work. I have a great team around me. Getting away from the distractions and preparing myself mentally and physically. My preparation was very important. I saw a lot of tape. I threw combinations. I knew that he counter-reacted to previous opponents. I tried to switch up my technique.

“I’d love to unify [the division]. I’ll face anybody.”

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  • shit fighter…crap style..lousy personality….sure to be a media star…fuck me..

    • Who is not that good? The guy thats a 36-0 world champion that held the WBC title in 2 different weight classes, going for his 3rd WBC title? Or the guy that beat him? Your comment is not that good either.

  • I watched the fight and Foster looked like a decent fighter. He easily won the fight. I would have liked to seen him and Shakur fight before Shakur moved up in weight. Their fighting styles wou
    ld have made it an entertaining fight. I would have liked to see how Shakur would have handled Foster’s Style, but I do think Shakur would come out with the victory by Split Decision.

  • Foster is really nothing more than another Mayweather wannabe. I was so bored I actually turned the station a few times. Super feather isn’t exactly a stacked division, but this guy won’t hold the title any longer than one or two fights!

    • Don’t make an announcement about it. Nobody cared lol. Turn the television off or chuck it out the window for all we care. You’re salty because the wrong guy won.

      • I had no skin in the game: I just wanted to see a good fight. Neither fighter delivered the goods!

  • Congrats… actually saw a lot of good things….He did outjabbed a taller fighter….showed angles and movement …not just movement…good distance…timing…showed power…in condition and shape….all around good performance…. something there….trending up…Congrats ….Foster nice..well deserved win

  • It wasn’t even close. Foster was the better boxer, the stronger man, and displayed excellent footwork that made Vargas seem like he was walking in concrete. He outjabbed Vargas in most of the rounds and showed his strength in manhandling Vargas in the clinches.

    Vargas is good when he’s set to punch and has a target in front of him. Foster’s fluid moves in and out forced Vargas to move and reset often. He is really bad at it. I was really impressed by Foster’s smooth footwork. He moved just enough to make Vargas hesitant to punch at a target that wouldn’t be there when he delivered his shots.

    It was a clear win for Foster. Vargas will find the 130 pound fighters a lot harder to handle than featherweights. As for Foster, he will be a handful for any junior lightweight out there. I would like to see him against Navarrete. That contrast in styles would present an intriguing matchup. Navarrete has so many holes in his defense and Foster may be the one to exploit them starting everything with his sharp jab. I really look forward to seeing Foster again.

    • Nice essay you wrote here, with good points.
      Not just a snout-nosed opinion. I look forward to seeing Foster again also.
      The fight wasn’t action packed but thats because Vargas ran and backed-up the whole fight.

  • I didn’t realize Foster won at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The man deserves 2 wins added to his record. It’s damn near impossible to get the decision against a Hispanic fighter in San Antonio via the judges. Whitaker vs Chavez comes to mind. Nice job champ.

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