Usyk wants rematch in Ukraine

Usyk Wins
Photo: Ian Walton/Matchroom

Newly crowned WBA, IBF, WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk spoke to reporters after dethroning Anthony Joshua Saturday night in London.

[Does this win top all others in his career?]

No victory in the professionals can be above the Olympic gold.

[Was this his most difficult fight?]

At this point, it was the biggest fight of my career, but it wasn’t the hardest.

[What was?]

I can’t say. Most likely it’s ahead of us.

[Did he ever try to knock out Joshua?]

I tried a few times. I put my speed into it. I punched him a couple of times, but then I was losing my rhythm. My corner was saying ‘hey, you’re trying to knock him down. You have to do your work. You have to throw your jab because if you concentrate on knocking him out, you’re going to lose your rhythm.’

[Will Joshua enforce the rematch clause?]

He’s a true warrior. He’s a fighter. He’ll improve his skills. I can’t really say whether he will or not, but I think he probably will.

[Who does he want to fight?]

I like challenges, but since we have the rematch clause in our contract, Anthony Joshua is our next opponent…I would love to have the rematch in the Olimpiski Stadium in Kiev.

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  • I’d love to see them in Kiev for the rematch! Joshua had the title and defended on his home turf. Usyk should get the same treatment.

    • No he’s not in charge any more than Ruiz was. Usyk gets a bigger purse for the rematch but it happens where Hearn / AJ want it to happen, which is London or Saudi in all likelihood. Even if Usyk took no purse from the rematch it won’t happen there as AJ makes more elsewhere.

      • AJ doesn’t have the same power in terms of tickets as he once had. He’s been schooled twice by smaller men with skills. Of he plays the diva game for the rematch, the message will be that he does not want to tarnish his legacy with yet another schooling.

    • It’s a mater of logistics. Can the Ukraine fans pay $1,000, $5000, or $15,000 for a seat, and completely fill up a 50+ thousand people stadium. Not likely.

  • He earned the right to make this decision. Usyk fought a perfect fight. He’s the Champ. Nuff said.

  • What’s interesting now is,In the ‘Top 4’ heavyweights you now have 2 guys that are average boxers but with good power (AJ and Wilder) and 2 guys that are masterful boxers but without the concussive knockout power (Usyk and Fury).
    And so far the boxer’s have it.
    Makes for an intriguing scene though and a real win-win for us fans.

    • Fury may not have one-punch KO power, but the dude clearly hits pretty hard. His knockout rate is admirable.

    • Lol if you think Fury is a master boxer then maybe you should stop watching boxing. Fury throws slapping arm punches. He is a crude unskilled boxer.

      • Yes a crude unskilled boxer who is also unbeaten and the HW champ of the world. He clearly needs some lessons. Can you assist him?

  • The rematch will probably happen, but am I alone in thinking all these rematches are starving us of other more deserving fights?
    This fight wasn’t even close, why rematch? (other than its in the contract)
    We’ve missed out on AJ v Wilder, AJ v Fury because of rematches.

    • Yes, sometimes rematches create some frustration for us fans especially when one fighter is beat one-sided or is KO’d for example. However, the lawyers draw up the contracts for the fighters to sign and AJ/Usyk all agreed to the red tape. However, if AJ wants good retirement investment money, a rematch win or loses gives him a nice bank account. Besides, the rematch may bring us even more excitement since AJ is in a pivotal position to go broke to get the titles back.

    • Jim Bob: Totally agree. Why a rematch, except that Eddie Hearn wants to make money out of Joshua again even if it means throwing Joshua to the wolves.

    • because AJ isn’t a fighter he’s all business, like Hearn exactly they took easy fights to remain the belts + their highly paid sponsors… if fury didn’t return to the ring it wouldn’t be happening right now, the near yesterday AJ was telling the media let fury and wilder fight each other why would I bother fighting them?! lol when they were un defeated then karma hit big time and he got knocked by a 300lb chubby who stepped in 2 weeks notice, it is boxing champions like AJ shouldn’t held the belt for 16 months, he had to fight top 5 contenders at least every 6-8 months just like ufc!

  • Usyk is a big patriot. He loves his country. He knows a rematch in Ucranie means a big economic push for his country. Fantastic intention from Usyk

  • There you go Usyk. Force that fight to Ukraine, which has never had an elite-level fight in its history. It definitely deserves it and you have earned the right as the A-side. Besides, in very recent years Kyiv has become a very desirable International City. I myself prefer Lviv, and thought it was the most exciting city I had ever lived in.

      • It’s not all about money with Usyk and there is big money in Ukraine, if you leave out the vast majority of the population:) As long as the fight is staged in Ukraine, that will help with national pride and confidence. I’m under no illusions that Ukraine can compete with western countries in terms of lucrative means. Think of it this way, is this rematch for the ‘business’ of boxing? Or, for AJ to seek restitution?

  • No Rematch please. Joshua may end up like Shane Mosley using rematch clauses just to lose to each fighter twice. If Joshua has any chance of winning a rematch which i dont think he does, he needs to give Wlad a call.

    • I’m with you A.J. won’t win in the rematch I predict it that he was going to lose and almost by ko. If they hadn’t taken 6 second of the 12 round time

  • Although there’s a rematch clause I don’t think it will change anything uysk wins hands down. And will in the rematch uysk boxed really well just needs to repeat same performance..Joshua needs to stiffin his Jabs more throw more combinations.. he’s too mechanical and stiff

  • Hearn will put the rematch it wherever makes the most money. Did anyone notice how fast Usyk got his left hand back by his chin after throwing a power shot. It was insane!

  • This was a great fight. But……unfortunately it doesn’t outweigh the overwhelming pile of sh** that boxing has become.

    • Well this fight wasn’t close to being great or even good. Usyk landed 28 percent of his punches against a stationary target. That is pitiful. The heavyweight division in boxing is garbage and it has been this way since the early 2000’s when Lennox Lewis retired.

  • after watching this snoozer i believe the top 3 heavyweights are Fury,Ruiz,Wilder, then Usyk and Joshua IMO Joshua was also a fragile champion and in the rematch with Ruiz it was NOT about what Joshua did it was more of what Ruiz didnt do

    • I think that Usyk beats the best Ruiz.
      I’d like to see Usyk vs The Windmill.
      I think that Fury, along with being good, is too big.

  • I’m not saying Usyk lost last night by any means, but if this is what his face looks like after he wins? God help him if/when he gets his ass kicked. That’s a rough look.

  • Yes make him leave the UK for a change. You’re the champ so make AJ play by your rules. I doubt they fight in Ukraine but make him fight outside of UK.

  • hard to put your finger on what joshua does exceedingly well…he has good power….he looks the part…but when faced with real technical boxing ability,his foot and hand speed betray him….usyk just kept making him reset…turning him…his power advantage totally nullified…

    don`t get me wrong…he`s a good heavyweight…not a great one…if looks made the measure of a heavyweight champ,joshua`s the man…but he doesn`t have that ace in the hole….

  • Joshua is not the same fighter that beat Klisko and a Ruiz in shape will walk right through Usyk’s feather dust punsh’s.

  • I wonder why Teofimo said he’ll never give Loma a rematch? That was a close fight & Loma supposedly fought with a bad shoulder.

  • i hope Usyk gets his rematch in the Ukraine…… he’s the shotcaller in the division now tbh.

  • Bit of a daft response to which was his most difficult fight though. Would like to know which it was.

  • I don’t see why the fight shouldn’t be in the Ukraine. Money is definitely the driving force, but the PPV dollars are the majority of the money. Btw, if you think people in the Ukraine won’t blow a paycheck or 3 to see this live I don’t think you appreciate the hero status Usyk has attained there.

    As for the rematch, AJ has a steep hill to climb. It won’t be a shock if he can win, but I only give him about a 20% chance of flipping the script. He’ll have to be willing to get much tougher and play dirty in my opinion. Take a page out of Fury’s book from the Wilder rematch. And the body work is the key. As for Usyk, just be the naturally faster guy and if AJ comes hard, then punish and move away. It should be fun.

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