Usyk-Fury rematch delayed til December

Turki Alalshikh, Chairman of the General Entertainment Authority in Saudi Arabia, has announced that the rematch between undisputed heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk and former champion Tyson Fury is now scheduled for December 21 during Riyadh Season. “The world will watch another historical fight again…our commitment to boxing fans continues…we hope you enjoy it,” he said.

The Usyk-Fury rematch was originally planned for October, but will now take place four days before Christmas.

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  • Let’s just hope the IBF gets its brains out of its ass and sanctions this, rather than stripping Usyk as they’re threatning.

  • Fury will put his weight back on for the rematch and will fight coming forward more.

    Fury will get the decision this time to set up the trilogy which will hold the belts hostage longer.

    • There will be no holding of belts hostage. They will all be stripped away and put up for grabs between Pulev and Franklin.

    • Fury will be a bit hesitant to come forward consider what happened to him when Usky landed clean. I can see him putting the weight back and trying to lean and make it more of a rough fight.

      • HawnJay, I don’t think Fury will be hesitant to come forward.

        He just can’t be reckless.

        He got caught with a left hand that he clearly did not see. Those are the ones that always do the most damage.

        But I think Fury will adapt and be even more focused on that left coming at him in the rematch.

        He should come forward behind the power jab to set his shots up better.

        Plus i totally expect the grab and lean style with the extra weight,

        But trying to outbox the better boxer clearly didn’t work, so plan B.

        As for Usyk, I’d love to see him use more lateral movement and more angles to stay away from that fury right hand. Moving to his right would be wise, so he can counter the fury jab.

        • Problem with Fury is that he was getting cracked with that overhand left all night. If he saw it multiple times but had no answer.

          Many said all he needed to do was be fore focused after Francis put him on the canvas. Next fight, Usyk put him on the Canvas and would have had him out of there had the ref not interfered. If he doesn’t show up in this rematch, perhaps its time to realize he’s beginning to become an after thought.

      • Fury was winning the first fight until he got knocked down. Fury has a very good chance of winning the rematch now that he has fought Usyk and knows what to expect. I expect Fury to be much more in tune for the 2nd fight. Despite many peoples dislike towards Fury he is still a very good fighter.

        • You seem to be assuming that Usyk won’t learn anything from the fight.

        • That’s one way of looking at it. Folks said the same thing when he fought Francis.. Fury was put down in his last 2 fights and should have been KO’d had it not been for the ref getting in the way. Perhaps he won’t be more tuned but is showing signs of deterioration. Folks use to say the same things about Adrien Broner. If he just shows up super focused he can be champ again. Fury hasn’t looked great in his last 2 outings. He was trim and appeared to be ready and then the bell rang. I was rooting for him but 2 bad fight back to back. Perahps his time has come.

    • Don’ think Fury really wants this again-did a lot to avoid the first fight.

    • Fury knows deep inside Usyk is the better boxer and can counter punch much better than the others who Fury faced in the past. I am skeptical if Fury follows thru with this fight since he knows he’s facing a brilliant counter puncher who can rock him as we seen in round 9 of the first fight.

      • So you are in touch with Fury’s deep inside feelings? Nice going.

      • I considered the same things. Fury has been open about his battle with mental health and depression but he’s always been on top in the ring. Considering how he lost, time will tell if he can comeback from this from a mental health standpoint.

  • Why delay the fight. The winner will be the winner and the loser will be the loser. There is nothing they can do to change the outcome. I’m confident the “delay” came from Fury’s side.

    • Usyk is supposedly under a medical suspension/exemption. It’s how he gets to keep the IBF belt.

      • If so smart move. It seems anytime someone gets undisputed the IBF is ready to strip them unless your name is Canelo. It happened to Bud Crawford.

  • I’d kinda like to see Usyk retire as an undefeated unified champ.

    What more can he prove?

    other than his first fight against Fury was not a fluke.

    Either way, the majority of boxers stick along way too long.

    Like Roy Jones. If he had retired after beating john ruiz for a heavy belt he wood be recognized one of the greatest fighters in history.

    • I def consider RJJ the greatest of his generation. And thats with Mayweather included. Not sure why he wouldnt be recognized as one of the greats after all he has done.

  • fury will need more time to recover, and improve his strength and conditioning, if he want to have a chance to win. however, usyk always comes in, in top world class condition. fury should try it sometime

  • Fury will probably get in the best shape of his life for the rematch! If he loses then, he’s fried and done in boxing!

  • Steve G, RJJ to me, was the most talented fighter in history, yup, stuck around too long and got his egg cracked more than a few times. As for Usyk/Fury 2, I think October would have been a good time to rematch, two months later gives more of an opportunity for the fight to be delayed once again.

    • Got no prob with that. As far as sheer talent I would go SRL and RJJ

  • Why say it is ‘delayed’ when the match has just been announced for the first time!!!

  • I hope that the organizations match up their interim champs/mandatories so that the undisputed champ does not have 4 fighters to fight. How about Kabayel vs. Parker (WBC/WBO) on the undercard?

  • Usyk is an over acheiver but he has done a lot of hard rounds with AJ & now Fury – even Dubois hurt him with the low blow so not sure he has that much left in the tank at age 37. Usyk is not the underdog for the rematch but at some point his health may be more important. I agree that Usyk should retire

  • Usyk by KO this time -finishing what the referee stopped in the first fight-end of the Gypsy

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