Tyson praises McGregor

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson praised UFC fighter Conor McGregor on his 2017 bout with Floyd Mayweather. “He never really had a boxing match in his life, right? He didn’t have a boxing match and he went 10 rounds with the greatest fighter in the last 100 years of boxing,” Tyson said on his Hotboxin’ podcast.

“This should’ve been a one round, two round fight. Floyd should’ve took it easy, but he had to sweat, he had to fight him. He had to fight somebody who was throwing back.”

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  • Looks like they might end up fighting each other – think about it – Conor’s lack of Pro Box experience would be balanced by Tyson’s age. Both could make 1mil a man – winner then would be ready to fight the British body builder with the paper title who got knocked out my the fat Asian guy. Boxing in 2021 is going to get interesting again.

  • Oh my, another possible “fixed” exhibition for money and sheeple to buy. Jim Lampley even said on YouTube in an interview that Mayweather and McGregor was a fixed exhibition match up. Lampley been in the business for decades and knows what he sees. Question is…. What do you think?

  • Clearly it was fixed as McGregor wasn’t allowed kick – if he used his legs Mayweather would have been out of there in no time. The ref stepped in too soon – I had McGregor winning at the time of the so called “stoppage”

    • It was under the Marquis if Queensberry rules which means hands only. Of course if it was an MMA fight McGregor would have won easily. I’m amazed. Even Al Bernstein bought into it.
      Think about it; Floyd made Hall of Fame fighters like Canelo and Manny look awkward and held them well under 100 total punches landed but Conner is more skillful then them. He told him in an earlier press conference “I won’t run from you. I’m going to put my hands up and come straight to you.” Pretty much like Conner telling Floyd I won’t take you to the mat because you’d have no chance at winning.

    • Wow. You are a piece of shit. It was a boxing match. Why would he be able to use his legs. You’re a stupid ass dummy

  • Tyson is crazy if he really believes what he is saying. Mayweather could have had him out in 1 round but wanted to sell this fight for a chance at a second one. At no point in this fight did Mayweather think he was in danger. The one uppercut did wake Mayweather up though but even that wasnt enough.

  • Tyson lacks the ability to think 5 moves ahead. Floyd bet on himself to win in 10 so why knock him out early? People like Tyson actually believe Conor lasted 10 rounds & Floyd didn’t carry him. That sort of thinking opens them up for a rematch which more $$$$$$$$$$.

  • Not only did Connor survive, he did a good job. In fact, he embarrassed Floyd. Connor did himself proud. I agree with Mike Tyson on this one.

  • Based on some of the comments here, fightnews might want to institute a minimum IQ required for those commenting. If you couldn’t see that Floyd had to carry McGregor, you need to see an ophthalmologist asap.

  • I have been saying that since the fight. Conor’s power is evident, but his boxing skills were extremely underrated. Slan

  • The greatest fighter in the last 100 years? What year did Sugar Ray retire? Either one. Floyd is definitely the best promoter in the last century, and top 5 defensively for sure, but fighter? Come on.

  • Wow, I remember watching Van Damme in bloodsport and all the best fighters in the world were there and guess what?? – no boxers! . So yeah McGregor was winning when it was stopped – Mayweather fought some tiny Chinese guy in his last exhibition and it was a disgrace. Lets hope Tyson has the balls to fight McGregor. People think Tyson was just power and attack. But when he went into party mode after he made all the $$$ his defensive reflexes went – as soon as they went it was all over. It’s easier to throw punches than get out of the way of them. Add in spinning kicks and it’s disaster movie time. Tyson would be best to avoid McGregor and take an easy fight like the English body builder (Bruno Mark 2).

    • Niki-I’m just going to assume you’re just having fun with this and taking everybody for a ride. If that’s the case, you’re pretty funny. If you’re being serious….ooooooooohhhhhhh weeeeee!

    • Too right, we all remember what happened Art Jimmerson. Connar has shown he can go up the weights, he’s got the speed and brings new skills to the ring like that hammer fist. People need to wise up to the future of boxing, it’s not the 50s anymore

      • Just saw this – McGiregor used the hammer fist Amazing utilisation of his martial arts Skillz – reminds me of when Ali learned the Acqipunch from a Korean Tae Kwan Do master. He used it in one fight hit the guy in the 3rd and he couldn’t come out for the 10th when the effect finally took hold. Mayweather was no where to be seen for months after the fights. In reality Connar retired him.

  • Surely Tyson can see a fixed fight when it’s in front of him? That fight was not legit, 9th round ‘stoppage’ was the fix……… Maybe MT has been in fixed fight himself – who was betting on MT quitting against McBride or being KO’d against Danny Williams? – MT was in some pretty dire financial strife at that point in his life and by his own words was only fighting to be paid… and maybe he threw those fights ?

  • Tyson was smoking copious amounts of weed when he was beaten by Dangerous Danny and the Clones Colossus – he should have picked one of those American gangbangers instead of a crazy English dude from Brixton that knocked a bloke out when his shoulder was dislocated or a Giant from N Ireland. Connar McGregor will be too fast for him. He should fight one of those overblown American fake tough guys like Adrian Broner.

  • Mike, WHAT? The greatest fighter in the last 100 years of boxing??!!! Can someone please stir me from this unwakeable nightmare of a thread…..

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