Tyson Fury ‘tainted meat’ scandal erupts in UK

British tabloids are having a field day over a claim by a farmer who says he lied to UKAD (the UK anti-doping agency) about supplying current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury with uncastrated wild boar in 2015. Fury and his cousin Huey tested positive for the banned steroid nandrolone in 2015 and blamed it on tainted wild boar meat or supplements. The farmer claims he was promised £25,000 to lie, but was never paid. UKAD apparently is taking the claim seriously.

Hall of Fame promoter Frank Warren, who co-promotes Fury, stated “The farmer making these outrageous allegations sent me a letter last October, full of errors and basically telling me he had committed perjury by signing statements under oath and lying. When I called him, he asked for money. I told him to clear off and get in contact with UKAD. He chose not to speak to UKAD but instead speak to a newspaper.

“How anybody can take this man seriously is beyond belief. Tyson has never met this man in his life. What a load of rubbish. We’ll leave this with UKAD to look into and don’t expect it to go any further.

“It looks like while the football season has been paused, there’s nothing to write about and silly season has instead commenced.”

The Furys and UKAD eventually reached a settlement on the issue in 2017.

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  • Let’s all take a deep breath and realize everything we read on the web (including Fightnews.com) is simply media / news. It’s our choice to buy into or believe any media reports over anything that is reported. I am sure this is simply conjecture to make somebody have 15 minutes of fame. Yes, we all know Fury has had some shady past issues with drugs, depression, marital problems, etc. However, in this case, I hope this is all BS and simply a fairy tale to divert our minds from the saga in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Diverting attention from corona? Any channel you put on and it’s corona 24/7. Maybe sports news are a bit slow, because of this corona nonsense… but it’s not their job to report on “pandemics”.

      • I am being humorous since that’s all we are seeing is about the viral pandemic.

  • I believe there are more important news than this one nowadays, but let’s not forget that 2014-2015 was Fury’s breakthrough years culminating with his win over Klitschko. Now, if there is a signined statement under oath before UKAD authorities , that means there was a legitimate investigation due to a banned substance findinding. I can see the farmer in trouble in here, because if he is affirmative in lying, can be accused of perjury or if he retracts about this, he can be accused of extortion (possibly jail time either way). Fury and Warren can simply say is just a false accusation, for money reasons. Any way, why the farmer didn’t say nothing between 2015-2018 when Fury went through darkness?

  • If it was true why would he not contact Fury? What surprises me is that Warren actually phoned this muppet

  • Who gives a crap! Boxing is totally corrupt. As the late great Howard Cosell said about this so called sport, ” You can’t clean shit.”

  • BAD BAD BAD POLITICS In The Uk Trying To Damage The Reputation – I Love Fury! And AJ Looks Like The One On Steroids

  • I couldn’t care less. Nothing impresses me about the overrated Fury, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he cheated to over-compensate for his historically mediocre skills and the hype that sells it to unsuspecting suckers.

  • Fury and Whyte would be interesting in the UK. Joshua fights his IBF No.1 in June and than the two should meet

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