Trump to commentate on Holyfield-Belfort PPV

FITE has announced that former President Donald J. Trump will provide live commentary from the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida during Saturday’s Holyfield-Belfort pay-per-view telecast. According to Triller, Trump will give unfiltered boxing commentary on an alternate audio feed that has to be ordered directly from He will call all four fights and be joined by Donald Trump Jr.

Triller PPVs are known for their offbeat commentary.

“I love great fighters and great fights. I look forward to seeing both this Saturday night and sharing my thoughts ringside. You won’t want to miss this special event,” said Trump.

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  • Finally, a position he’s qualified for.
    Any word on whether Sarah Palin will be living up to her potential as a ring girl?

    • I’ve been a avid fan of boxing since the 50s today it is becoming a joke. Like having golfers going up against bowlers they both play with balls.And of course everyone wants to make money that’s exactly what’s it’s about. UFC should be UFC and boxing stay in their own fields. And of course everyone has their own opinion

  • I do know Trump back in the heyday was buddies with Don King. Trump is a boxing fan and I am sure this gives him some media exposure since rumors are he may run again in 2024.

  • I’m not gonna lie.. I would watch Donald Trump commentate a fight. He can be pretty Hilarious.. I want to hear what he says lol

    • Colbi, I actually think trump will do good in this. But I’m still not ordering. I’ll read the results the next morning.

    • Javier Lopez Martinez, so asks the guy that went on a rant over Trump. Slow down with the insults buddy, not cool.

  • This could be good for Trump and for Triller. Good innovative thinking from Triller

  • another good reason to avoid this nonsense. The Orange Ignoramus will stop at nothing to get attention. And remember what he has often said. ” I love the uneducated”. Boxing fans fit that profile perfectly.

  • At least Trump knows the sport, promoted the sport for several years at his casino, and is a serious fan, unlike our current bumbling dimwitted President who gets lost in his thoughts, Trump can converse intelligently and articulately on any subject without an ear piece with someone telling him what to say or has to use a tele-promoter to read off like some programmed zombie.

  • Why do we need him to call a fight, he knows nothing about the fight game. NOW, if it were a show about stealing, swindling, scheming and inciting a riot.. THEN he’d be the man to have on the show.. He’s more fit to be a on a PLAYBOY channel than anything else.. The fight game he is clueless, just like he was with politics…

  • It may pay to be evil and heartless. Trump keeps hanging around and never seems to fade. This dude may outlive us all” believe me when I tell you.”

  • He is my true president that live up like a real person, not a “political correct”

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