Thurman out, Tszyu to defend against Fundora

Undefeated rising star Tim Tszyu will now take on Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora for Tszyu’s WBO title (pending approval), and the vacant WBC 154-pound world title, headlining a PBC Pay-Per-View event available on Prime Video Saturday, March 30 from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Tszyu had originally been scheduled to face two-time world champion Keith Thurman, who was forced to withdraw after suffering a bicep injury in training. Fundora had already been preparing to compete in the pay-per-view opener before being moved up to the main event.

The pay-per-view also features WBA Super Lightweight World Champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero taking on Mexican star Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz in the co-main event, plus WBA Middleweight World Champion Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara duels Australia’s Michael Zerafa in a 12-round attraction. The pay-per-view opener will now see WBC Flyweight World Champion Julio César Martínez defending his world title against unbeaten contender Angelino Cordova. Martinez vs. Cordova had originally been scheduled to appear in prelims action.

Preceding the pay-per-view will be a two-fight PBC on Prime Video lineup beginning at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, topped by rising middleweight Elijah García taking on contender Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis in a 10-round attraction.

Kicking off the stream will be 154-pound contenders Serhii Bohachuk and Brian Mendoza battling for the Interim WBC Super Welterweight Title. Bohachuk had been originally scheduled to face Fundora before the changes to the lineup. The two matchups will be available via free access to all fans, regardless of Prime membership or purchase of the PPV card.

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  • Better fight. Fundora can cause a lot of problems, especially if you didn’t prepare for him. Fundora was actually more dominant against Mendoza that Tim was until he got sloppy and was caught with that haymaker. Intriguing matchup.

    • Haymaker! That was a perfectly timed counter. Yes he was losing but that was no lucky punch. Fundora is in trouble.

      • I tend to agree. Tim can punch with him and catch Fundora with his chin exposed. Should be good while it lasts.

  • So close to the fight and this kind of change spells potential upset. True greats will adapt and make adjustments and overcome!

    • While I think Tszyu is trule the better fighter, Fundora is gonna be very hard to prep for on short notice. His monster height is certain to be a factor, even if he’s stick-man thin.

  • I was going to complain…but this isn’t to bad a fight Tzyu is who is most afected by the change This is a totaly diffrent style and Fundora is no slouch, he always brings it. Still,the Aussie wins…

  • – I am good with the Fundora/Tszyu matchup.
    – Thank you, again, Amazon Fire Stick………….

  • No surprise from Thurman. Thurman’s mouth sells more tickets than his ring performances in recent years. Fundora a more legit opponent at this stage in the game. Thurman was simply cherry-picked for a paycheck and that is the bottom line. Thurman needs to call it a day and move on in life. His time as an elite fighter have been long gone. No need to take any more chances on damaging your mental faculties while your health is good now.

    • Yeah, I guess the injury isn’t real, huh? Thurman is just faking? and if it turns out it’s real, he should just ignore it and go ahead with the fight. Is that what you’re saying? I mean, after all it’s HIS fault he got injured, so why should us fans have to suffer by not getting to see the fight, right?

  • I’m not surprised. Thurman never fights. He just doesn’t.

    I don’t think this fight is competitive, however. I have a feeling that Tszyu might run over Fundora in 2-3 rounds. That being said, Bohachuk – Mendoza, just like Bohachuk – Fundora, should be a FANTASTIC fight.

    • I bet he injured his bicep while talking it to death!!! All he does is yak, yak and yak and doesn’t fight!! I would love for PBC to talk him into fighting Crawford in a stay busy fight and let him get scraped!!! This way we’ll NEVER see HIM AGAIN!!!!

      • Yep! You’re probably right! All that damn yapping is bad for the body! So is calling yourself by your name, “Thurman doesn’t do things like that…..”. What happened to “I” and “me”???

        • He’s trying to appear as the intelligent type. Referring to yourself in third person is “supposed” to be a sign of high intelligence. I just can’t help of thinking about the early days of the Hulk when he would do the same. Hulk no like. Hulk smash! LOL!!!

          • Thurman is, in actuality a very intelligent guy. The third-person reference is more of an affect fighters use to take on a “persona.” Has zero impact on his performance.

  • Fundora makes good fights, but has a suspect chin. Guy is way too skinny for 154. Should be all action as long as it lasts

  • Florida, has a house food cars grocery’s has to still have money stashed from the Manny fight. I can picture him in there with Tefimo or Shakur even. He a gate keeper now. Win or lose don’t matter. So many years. Almost guaranteed not to win again unless he gets the KO.

  • Thurman needs to retire. All he does is talk and nobody listens. Fundora makes for a better opponent but is not a legit, highly skilled fighter. Tall and awkward alone doesn’t make a great fighter and Tszyu will figure him out. Thurman should not get a major opportunity again.

  • Keith “Sometimes” Thurman needs to retire, he lost another opportunity. Tszyu Vs Fundora should be more exciting with Tim winning by knockout.

  • Anyway…. tzuyu by unanimous decision over fundora who I don’t i know if funder is half Mexican or half Cuban or both?????

      • No I’m not saying it will make a difference I’m just curious about it and since there are lot people who knows a lot of boxing and this forum is about boxing I thought somebody can help with my doubt

  • I like Fundora but I am scared for him in this fight. He is going to take a beating. The longer this fight goes, the worse it will be for Fundora and his career.

  • This is a dangers fight for Tszyu, I think it will go the distance. Tszyu on points.

  • Prediction. Fundora stops Tszyu & Tim’s sister throws a temper tantrum among temper tantrums.

  • Bohachuk vs Tszyu would be a great fight too but no complaints with Tszyu vs Fundora too well done PBC making that match up too imagined if Zerafa beats Lara WBA middleweight champion probably spark another Tszyu vs Zerafa fight if Tim wants jump up another weight division if it pans out that way.

  • Myself as well as others here called either an injury before or during the fight for Thurman. Shame. It might have been an interesting fight for as long as it lasted. Tzsyu was knocking him out regardless. Fundora is a different animal, but I think he’s no strong enough to deal with Tim, even though he’s the taller man(I believe).

    This lines up to be a better matchup. Fundora let’s his hands go and Tim will be more than happy to exchange. It will be a rough, mauling fight that gets sloppy, but I see Tim knocking out Fundora anywhere between the 7th and 9th round. I don’t think Fundora has gone through a proper training camp that would prepare him for this level of a fight.

    Either way, I’m watching and I took Gary’s recommendation and got myself Firestick. Thank you Gary

    • Peter:
      – If you haven’t already done it, watch some You Tube videos on the Fire Stick, especially what apps are the best to download for movies, tv, PPV events, etc……

  • Would love to see the Tzsyu vs. Fundora winner fight Charles Conwell. Conwell is only 5’9″, but fought in the Olympics as an 18-yr-old, 165-lber. Conwell and Tzsyu would be a war!

  • Gabriel Fundora is the better Fundora. she is more skilled. If Sebastian has practiced how to use his size during his layoff, it could be a truly difficult fight for Tzyu. I don’t think Fundora is going to be as careless as he did with Mendoza. I still pick Tm, but I think Sebastian is a live underdog and he will make it interesting.
    I’m surprised Erikson Lubin didn’t get this fight. He would have been the safer opponent.

  • At first I wasn’t for this match given Fundora got his spark put out in a previous fight and now he’s getting a title shot. Given that its short notice, he’s 6’6 and this is kind of a must win for both, this has my attention. If Fundora loses this will set his career back before it started. I expect Tszyu to get the nod. Also you got Rolly and Cruz. Cruz looked horrible in his previous fight. I hoping he can make the adjustments and put Rolly down the the count.

    • Cruz did not look horrible it was the circumstances of the fight I’m impressed I was the only who expected it actually I bet on Cabrera to win but he did not

      Why??? Because his height size and boxing so actually Cruz did great because I thought he was going to lose

      People still blind to see the circumstances of the fight instead see their past opponents

      Cruz has more trouble with Cabrera than tank Davis

      Why ??? Style makes fights

      • In his last fight, Cruz was punching the air and missing that hook by a wide margin. When he did land it did not affect his opponent. I was impressed by that.

        I hope Cruz made the adjustments so that when he lands on Rolly it has a Tank Davis-like effect.

        Speaking of being “blind to see the circumstances of the fight” of course Cruz had more trouble with Cabrera than Tank Davis. Tank Davis injured his hand in the fight.

        • Yeah, Yawngay keep making excuses for Davis. Cruz probably looked horrible against Cabrera because the lack of fights since fighting Davis. He has not been active.

  • Fundora isn’t ready for Tim. This should be pretty fun to watch but it’s pretty clear who wins.

  • Lmao Thurman talked all that shit like we missed him or something. This is a much better fight and Fundura is a crowd plesser too. Expecting Fireworks!

  • Keith ” no time ever boxing” Thurman is sitting this one out again. Terrible.

  • I beleive when Sylvester throws his right so fast, no one can see it, Nelson will pummel to the ground. The only thing is, Nelson likes to hug alot. He hugs to the pount of wrapping his leg around his opponents legs. For sure therw will be fire works. Referri Tom Giligan is great and he’ll be sure to keep his eyes open for low blows. This is a fan friendly fight.

  • What is wrong with Thurman? Doesn’t he pull out of fights a lot? Real injuries? Doesn’t he want the money? Seems that he wants to fight, but for some reason he pulls out of fights. Maybe he is never satisfied with his condition, so backs out because he thinks he will lose?

  • I believe Tim needs to stay on his chest and maul the body while watching for the Fundora uppercut……… Mendoza had him covered,left hook followed by a right …. a good recipe I think …………. Tim in 8 !!!!!!

  • I’m pretty sure Tim is happy that he’s fighting someone else. Thurman was going to give him hell.

  • Keith ‘Outta Time’ Thurman should hang’em up.Dude doesn’t want to fight anymore. No heart for the game.

  • >