Teofimo Lopez Post Fight Comments

Teofimo Lopez (21-1, 13 KOs) defended his WBO junior welterweight world title with a unanimous decision win over Canadian contender Steve Claggett (38-8-2, 6 KOs) Saturday evening at James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida.

Teofimo Lopez: “I knew exactly what kind of fighter he was. I knew he would come forward and test my conditioning. And that’s what we had. We went twelve rounds….the will has to be stronger than the skill. And that’s what we showed tonight. If I was tired, I know he was more tired because I worked very hard for this. We knew we had to break him down. The body shots were hurting him…I’m very grateful. He’s a tough fighter. I don’t think anyone should overlook him. I knew that coming into this.”

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    • Did you see Teofimo’s face? Did you see
      Claggett’s face? It was a real fight.

    • It’s pretty ironic what Teo stated just before the fight that Claggett was going to try all he could and it didn’t matter cause Claggett was going to come out with a busted face. Lopez face came out even more busted up than Claggett and it sure wasn’t because of head butts.

      By the way those bullshit score cards scoring a shut out were filled out before the fight even began! Pathetic judges with zero scruples. I had it 117-111 Lopez and it was still a competitive fight. Too bad the paid off clown judges didn’t give Claggett more credit and I’m equally repulsed by the pathetic Tessitor and Kriegel who sounded like male cheerleaders they should have been wearing skirts and waiving Pom Pom’s!

  • ready for crawford ! go teo ! i am just kidding . its impossible to take teo seriously . teo , top rank, and espn selling B.S. as usual .

  • i think Lopez knows he cant beat cruz or Superhype ot even Paro so he wants to try and cash out against Bud

    • Cruz is one dimensional and isn’t that hard to beat. If Tank could easily outbox Cruz imagine what the guys with the skill and range will do to him.

  • The disrespect shown to Claggett by the strokes at the ESPN circus should have earned them a smack by Claggett just to show what level he’s physically on compared to them.

  • I think Paro will “parolise” you, Crawford will give you an utter boxing lesson and “Pitbull” Cruz will eat you alive!!

    • Teo has a good chance to beat any of those champions there now. I don’t think any of them proved enough to tell me they beat Teo.

  • He’s quickly turned into Keith Thurman..his power is non existent in this weight class or he doesn’t have confidence in it since his loss

  • I agree that ESPN played up Lopez. Claggett was completely game and he earned another fan last night. Lopez’s face looked worse for the wear. I still agree that he won outright, but that was no shut out. Claggett would give a lot of guys fits unless that have that power that devours people.

  • Say what you will about Teofimo Lopez, but at least he supports Trump over crooked Joe Biden.

    • “Say what you will about Teofimo Lopez, but at least he supports Trump over crooked Joe Biden.”
      – No politricks on a Boxing website…..

    • C’mon dude keep politics out of here. Nobody cares about your political opinions.

    • I don’t mind the politics, it’s better than the race baiters on here, but I don’t remember Lopez ever supporting Trump.

    • How did that even come into play here? We come here to escape the everyday BS we are bombarded with as they slowly hypnotize the public, turning into zombies. We’re gonna have to check pupils at the doorm

      • You’re talking about Americans. It shouldn’t surprise you. Americans are focused on race, politics and pronouns.

  • Read an article about Steve Claggett, which mentioned Claggett trains out of Teofista Boxing Stables. Key word searched for “Teofimo lopez Teofista Boxing Stables” and was given this synopsis:
    Teofimo Lopez is a professional boxer from the United States, known for his impressive record and multiple world title wins. He is currently signed with Teofista Boxing Stables, a boxing gym and training facility based in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

  • teo and espn must be good friends they reprensented teo as the great showman what a laugh would rather watch claggett fight anytime

  • I had it 7-5 for Teo, but would not had argued if it was a draw?! Teo had so much trouble keeping this cat off of him so imagine what Crawford or Ennis would do to him!! He is NOT 147 pound material!! Heck PitBull will give him some work too

  • Typical Lopez. I saw in another post fight interview him calling out Terrance Crawford…AGAIN. (rolls eyes). He does this when his b.s fights don’t sell. That act is getting old. Here’s a concept that might actually work. Perhaps if he fought someone the public wants to see such as Matias, Haney, Garcia, Paro, or Cruz he wouldn’t have to do a cheap callout.

    Guys like Lopez show the far cry of what 140 used to be when the best were not scared to fight each other ala Zab Judah vs Kostya Tszyu.

    • Yeah, Judah calling for tszyu and disrespecting him then getting his ass handed to him and his mouth closed. That was a classic beatdown on a big mouth loved it.

      • Yep, I remember Judah saying “winner take all and no rematch.” I guess he wasn’t counting on losing. I remember when he tried to choke refer Jay Nady post fight lol. Those were the days at 140.

  • Ever since Kambosos Jr destroyed and took Teo’s heart, Teo hasn’t looked the same at all. He looked decent against Claggett, but losing to Kambosos took something from Teo.
    I hope he gets it back and fights better opponents.

  • Sadly, Teo has NOT evolved into the elite fighter he could have been.

  • Teo the only guy in boxing that keeps losing yet winning. Up to 4 losses already. Outgunned by Loma with one arm, beaten by an avg.Kambosos, beaten by Martin, beaten by Ortiz., and now a draw with Clagget. I don’t care what your record says. We all know he isn’t that good. Politics is a real thing.

  • I didn’t watch this fight. I was in attendance at Mandalay Bay for his previous fight, which turned out to be the worst main event I’ve ever witnessed in all my years of going to fights.

    • I was more interested in the Super flyweight fight between Rodriguez and Estrada.

  • Just read on another site that Lopez wants to unify against “Pitbull” Cruz next. If that happens, well I believe Pitbull Cruz will annialate him!!!

    • Lopez has been calling out names but he ends up fighting someone else of a less caliber. Every fight he mentions Terrance Crawford. Its his MO. He won’t fight Cruz.

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