Shakur: I had a bad performance

Shakur Stevenson captured the vacant WBC lightweight crown with a unanimous decision win against Dominican puncher Edwin De Los Santos on Thursday night in Las Vegas, but neither fighter was satisfied afterward.

Shakur Stevenson: “I had a bad performance tonight. That’s all I’m really focused on. I wasn’t feeling too good, so I’ll live with it. It’s okay. I came here and got the victory, and that’s all I wanted to do. I just didn’t feel good. I didn’t feel good before the fight. Honestly, I had already told myself that if I feel like this in the ring and if it’s not going well, I’m going to make sure that I box and get the victory.”

Edwin De Los Santos: “We all know what happened. He came for a track meet. He didn’t come to fight. I showed that I am on a higher level because he never stood and fought like he does with other fighters. I did my job. He came to survive. That’s what he did. They gifted him the title, but I’m the people’s champion.”

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  • And now the excuses come pouring in…hands down, De Los Santos won that fight!

    • He didn’t even come close to winning a round… De Los Santos had the lowest number of punches landed in 12 rounds in Compubox history.. SS was dreadful, almost disgusting but to turn that into De Los Santos won is mind blowingly inaccurate… and stupid

      • He was terrible-didn’t try too hard if actually was thinking of winning a title. Stevenson didn’t do anything but dance either-hard to believe he will sell many buys on a PPV.

        • Stevenson edged him in several rounds as far as punches landed. I read somewhere that on average, Stevenson landed 5.4 punches per round to 3.3 for De Los Santos. I believe there were 2-3 rounds that were even and maybe 1 where De Los Santos outlanded Stevenson. 116-112 probably wasn’t too far off. I think we need a trilogy to really settle this.

          • That one made me laugh USF! Imagine that as a trilogy. People who have committed serious crimes should be forced to watch and score!

  • I didn’t see this fight, but it sounds like it was yet another decision in favor of the fighter they deem most marketable. Absolutely shameful.

    • And your assessment would be accurate. This was the kind of fight that makes boxing look trivial.

  • Boring fight for a spectator, for Shakur it was a lousy showing, he did what he had to do and get the win but as far as gaining interest and a larger following that will not be accomplished with this fight…shoot the fans were chanting loud and clear Canelo…Canelo..Canelo that was funny

    • The fans were not shouting Canelo although it kinda sounded like it, they were in fact shouting Vaquero which is the Nick name of Navarette who was the co main event and a very entertaining boxer unlike the dreadfully BORING Stevenson

    • The fans were not shouting Canelo although it kinda sounded like it, they were in fact shouting Vaquero which is the Nick name of Navarette who was the co main event and a very entertaining boxer unlike the dreadfully BORING Stevenson

    • I believe the fans were chanting Vaquero, for the Mexican fighter who should have gotten the win in the previous fight.

      • Navarette better be happy with the draw actually.. he scored 2 knockdowns but was getting touched up himself and struggled with an old fighter with shot legs since the 3rd round

  • Well his performance was poor because he wanted it to

    If he would look for the ko and fight agressively the story would be different

    But he was afraid of get ko

    The broke hand is a very famous and cheap excuse

  • Hell if I were a fan and came of this particular fight, I would never go to a boxing event again, that simple!

    • Knew this would be the outcome and is the reason why I skipped the fight for an early nap

        • This fight was the boxing equivalent of Valium. So sleeping was a natural conclusion.

      • I’m going to hold this tape and keep it when I get insomnia I’ll watch Stevenson fight and be out cold myself in about 30 seconds guaranteed!!!

  • He’s full of it..he was smiling n asked trainer why they booing me? I’m dominating..his style is thjs ..scared he’s trying to get another fight by saying he was injured which reason this was extremely boring..

  • Wow! Shakur should’ve lost, don’t know what these refs be looking at or seeing. Smh.

  • If Shakur would stop talking about how great he is maybe a bad night would be more tolerable. Maybe but he is a boring fighter.

  • Both of these boxers were afraid to be carried out on their shields. The result was a Vegas dance gig.

    • They both were afraid but shakur being the boxing “”star”” he should look for the clear victory

      • That makes no sense. If the other guy isn’t a star he should “look” for a way to make a name for himself. KO the “star.” He has nothing to lose.

  • after 4 rounds turned it off went to bed i could see it coming what a waste of talent shakur is not a top ten fighter his opponent showed him up

    • At round 6 I started to going back and forth to the kitchen just getting ready to go bed

  • Fell asleep “before” the actual fight, but will be sure to catch it on ESPN plus. Boxing, tennis, MMA, and track don’t allow for excuses because they are individual sports and subject to more scrutiny. Anyone can have an off night. I won a regional Golden Gloves title in 1997 and had the flu and almost pulled out the finals. I didn’t have my best performance, but I pulled it out (luckily I fought the better fighter in the semis when I wasn’t sick). While this fight may have not been Castillo/Corrales judging by the comments, I believe Shakur will wanna prove himself, and styles make fights, so eventually he’ll either engage more or be forced to engage.

    • So do you really believe he was sick ???
      If shakur was not ok then why he open his mouth too much ???

      Regardless the style shakur did not prove he is a complete fighter

      He goes not know attack

      He looks good as long as his rival attack him

      That’s why he was exposed

      So he is not as good as he thinks

      And de Los santos it’s not even a top boxing star

    • Yesterday he said it was his hand
      In another interview he said he did not feel well

      Tomorrow he will say he had stomachache

    • No, conspiracy theories? DMV? The only time Shakira engages when he is the weight bully in the fight. Maybe Shakira’s azz whupping is coming sooner than later.

      • Gotta say it straight, Shakur is one of those fighters most fans would want to see flattened. I mean absolutely planked out. His anti-fighting style is repulsive. I don’t like judges who score on defense, because it mitigates the guy trying to fight. If Shakur wants to be marketable, he needs to go full WWE heel and make himself hatable. No one wants to root for a fighter who fights like him. He may as well embrace his horrific style and let fans buy tickets hoping to see him get massacred.

  • The promoter and the ESPN announcers got a clear message on what the viewers and fans in attendance want to see. Fans got see an action filled fight with the co main event but we’re very disappointed with shakur’s so called art of boxing display. If shakur signs a new contract and possibly towards pbc, they can just go away and not be seen anymore.

  • I see a lot of B.S in the comments. Its takes 2 to make a fight exciting or “boring.” I’d personally never pay for a Stevenson fight unless he’s fighting someone like Tank or Lomachenko. Anyway, Edwin De Los Santos has 14 KOs in 16 fights and used the same tired excuse that Stevenson was “running” as all of the other fighters. He can obviously bang but he failed to go for it! He’s not a star and had nothing to lose. When Marco Maidana fought Floyd, he was outgunned in the talent department but he pressed the action and went for it. If Stevenson was having an off night then where the hxxx was Santos? He failed to capitalize. He shouldn’t blame “running” he should blame himself for not seizing the opportunity.

    • Yea but the star was shskur not de Los santos

      Shakur always says he is the #1 pound pound today

  • I am surprised people on here feel De Los Santos won. Yes is it was a terrible fight and Shakur was boring as heck but De Los Santos did not really do much either. Stevenson had a similar performance against Nakathila if my memory serves me correctly. I think I might be seeing a pattern here. If Stevenson does not feel threatened by his opponents power he can look like a prime Roy Jones in there breaking down his opponent with impressive combinations to the body and head. However if he feels threatened by his opponents power he stinks out the joint. He still wins but gets booed and only puts the fans to sleep not his opponent.
    My conclusion…he will be hard to beat for anyone but will be hard to market. If this is how he fights punchers well it is hard to get excited for him and Tank. Tank himself can be inactive in fights waiting for the opportunity to land the bomb which normally comes. Imagine Tank waiting to land the bomb while Shakur runs around. Maybe Tank gets him..maybe he doesn’t ..but while it lasts the fight has the potential to be an absolute stinker. I think many will see it this way and therefore will be hard to market and thus may not be worth making.

    For those who feel this night was bad for boxing remember Navarrete – Conceicao. That was a great fight. I also had it 113-113. Neither of those guys can beat Shakur imo…but people will want to see them again

    • Yea Navarrete or Robson can’t beat shakur but what about tank , lomachenko , Zepeda , haney

      There are more fighters than Navarrete and concenciao

      Nos even if they can’t beat shakur what’s the point to win in this fashion???

      Don’t be conformist and don’t excuse shakur with other fighters

  • in the old days of boxing , this “fight ” would have been stopped by the referee for lack of fighting and the “fighters ” would not have been paid. Paying fans should get a refund by the promoter, shakur, and de los santos. What a rip off .

    • Carlos
      Please cite one fight from the “old days” when that scenario occurred. Which commission refused to pay the fighters? I’ll wait…

  • Absolute waste of an hour of my life. Shakur was terrible and De Los Santos was worse. Shakur actually was the fighter going forward the 2nd half of the fight. DLS needed to throw 4-5 punches at a time whether he connected or not. Instead of just 1or 2. If you can’t outbox someone you got to outwork them.

  • Honestly, everyone’s stock took a hit because of this fight. Every fight for the next year or so will do worse than it would have because of this fight…

    • Shakur stock will take a hit and De Los Santos may fade into obscurity. Shakur likely has dreams of bid pay days, fancy wardrobe, big jewelry chest, a star-studded entourage, etc. So, he needs to find a way to be involved in more exciting fights. I hope this doesn’t taint future fights and let this one be forgettable.

  • Worst fight of the year. Those saying the other guy won need to stick with baseball or some other sport. The bloke landed the lowest amount of punches in compubox history? He was awful – the numbers don’t lie. He had shakur in the ring in front of him for 12 rds and didn’t put the pressure on trap him in a corner force an exchange etc. he was garbage. Not a world level fighter and we will never see him on PPV again.

    • You are another Carlos

      Add another letter to your name so people don’t confused my words with yours

  • What the ufffck! Th fight was yesterday!!!! Between thursday night football and the messi soccer game, I missed the fight!!!!!! Uffck that!

  • Shakur is too hard on himself. The guy was dangerous looking for a miracle. He did what any intelligent fighter would do. Use his skills to get the Win.

        • If you don’t wanna get hit then move to tennis or raquetball

          This sport is for men with balls

        • If you don’t want to get hit then go do your manicure at nail polish saloon

          Boxing Is for men with ballz

          • You’re an idiot. Ali, Ray, Sweet Pea, Roy, Floyd, & Ward, all took punches, but they also used their superior boxing skills while they had them. Only a fool would take a blow just to prove he can. Any brain cells left in you empty head?

          • Don’t try to get me confused with other boxers that has nothing to do with shskur sleeperson
            The only bad one like shskur was Floyd chickenweather

            Boxing is for man
            If you gona run like chicken take your muscles to play bowling


          • It’s like I wanna become mma fighter but I don’t want to get choked hit or kicked


            Just accept that shakur has no balls he was a coward like chickenweather

            I’m wana be mechanic but I don’t want my hand full of grease lol

          • Ali was knockdown
            Ray Leonard was slapped by Duran
            Whitaker was tko by Trinidad
            Roy jones was ko and tko few times
            Floyd was knockdown by Judah and slapped by Castillo and de la Hoya
            Andre ward was knockdown

            So there is no fighter that has not be hit by his opponent

            Is boxing …. Ydiotttt

  • Saw the replay, and I saw a scared little man do the minimum to win and a challenger that missed an opportunity to press the fight and take a win from the house favorite. That fight was there for the taking. Then the excuses.

    • Yea the challenger did not do anything to win the title
      And also the champ did not do anything to defend his title

      Shakur sleeperson as raising star should convince with a clear victory

      If santos did not attack then sleeperson could say :

      “””ok I’m gonna show the world that I’m a complete fighter and that’s why I think I’m the best so I’m gona cut the ring to de Los santos and put pressure on the fight “”””

      Instead ran like chicken as well

  • Stevenson acts like he’s god’s gift to the sport of boxing, but this fight proves that he’s nothing special.

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