Shadasia Green wants Marshall next

“I Expect The Sanctioning Bodies To Keep Their Word!”

Shadasia Green
Photo: Bob Newman

By Boxing Bob Newman

After Savannah Marshall’s hard fought majority decision victory over Franchon Crews Dezurn earned her the undisputed super middleweight titles, the buzz immediately began for a Marshall – Shields rematch, as in Claressa Shields. The only woman to defeat Marshall in the pro ring, Shields was on hand at the post fight press conference and promptly stoked the fires for a rematch. “Come to Detroit and I’ll beat you again!” For her part, Marshall and her team stumped for the fight to be in the U.K. “There’s no money in women’s boxing in the United States. Pay me the money and I’ll beat YOU again,” to which Shields replied, “In the amateurs?” Marshall retorted, “It’s still a win!”

While a rematch may be one of the higher profile fights in women’s boxing, Shadasia Green has something to say about when and if that will take place. Green holds a rare distinction in the boxing world- being unanimously ranked #1 across the board by all four sanctioning bodies. With a gaudy 12-0, 11 knockouts record, Green feels she has waited long enough. The reigning WBC Silver champion at super middleweight, Green attended last year’s WBC convention in Acapulco, Mexico to lobby for her shot at Crews Dezurn. That shot was approved and sanctioned by the WBC, only to see Marshall leap frog ahead of Green and upset the apple cart.

Still, Green is hopeful, taking to social media, “I trust the sanctioning bodies will keep there (sic) word! Or Vacate!” It would appear that with the rare, unilateral agreement among the WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO, that the 33-year-old Green should get the next shot. Marshall herself acknowledged that Green is #1 and deserves her shot and Shields has said she considers herself, Crews-Dezurn, Marshall and Green as the “Four Queens” in women’s boxing. Let’s see how this pans out.

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  • Green definitely has earned her shot and I’m thinking that she’d much rather that shot come against Marshall than Shields (she and Shields actually seem quite friendly towards one another, but I think they’ll fight eventually). Shields – Marshall 2 is a big money fight now though so I think it may win out and if it does, you definitely put Green on the undercard against FCD or Christina Hammer.

    • I had a similar idea. Since I do not think the women at the top are making as much as their male counterparts at the top, one of the pros is they should be able to afford a nice doubleheader. I missed the Marshall vs FCD on the weekend as I had another engagement. Is their a place where I could watch it? I have not been able to get it on Youtube or the Dailymotion yet. Still looking for Adames-J Rock as well!

  • Green is a very tough chic. She can knock out Crews-Dezurne. She is one very tough chic. If Marshall fights her, she needs a ref that will not allow rough stuff. If she gets the right ref, she wins. If she gets the wrong ref, Green might knock out or beat Marshall. Shields does not want to fight Green either. Green, again, is one tough chic.

  • Virtually no one cares. Women’s boxing is still a side show joke with a woefully thin talent pool. Seems like the same five broads hold 58 belts in four or five different weight divisions. Have a 5-0 record? You get a title shot.
    Until the women are fighting three minute rounds and start producing knockouts, I and the vast majority of boxing fans will continue to ignore this stuff. It’s all just filler on a card because the promoters know it’s almost a guarantee that it’s going the distance and they can pay them peanuts. At least the women in MMA are capable of providing entertaining bouts. They go five minute rounds. Why can’t women in boxing do three?

  • Green is gonna beat Marshall and shields will be next. As I said before a new queen will have the throne real soon.

  • 4 queens hahaha you mean 4 jokers
    Women’s boxing is dead here who cares who they fight nobody you meet can name 5 female boxers forget about it no one cares

  • 4 queens lol nope that would more like go to Serrano, Taylor, Cameron, and Baumgardner

    • To over look Clarissa, you are talking foolish, those women are good, but neither have the double olympic belts plus all the other championship belts to be in the same class as Clarissa.

  • >