Seldin: This fight motivates me even more

“I’ll be back, I promise you that,” says jr welterweight Cletus “The Hebrew Hammer” Seldin, who lost for the first time on Saturday night against Yves Ulysse in Laval, Quebec, Canada. “I hate to lose and I’ll be a much better fighter next time. I’m a fighter who likes to entertain the fans and bang. I’m sorry I couldn’t catch him. I promise I am going right back into the gym as soon as they let me and I will fix some things so this never happens again. This fight motivates me even more and I promise I will make 2018 the year of the “Hebrew Hammer.

“I was not expecting him to move so much, I figured in front of his home town fans he would stand and fight more. I tried my best to make a fight of it and refused to let the knockdowns keep me down. The knockdowns didn’t really affect me, I just got up and went to work. I like the combat, it was the chasing that got to me. I just want to brawl.”

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