Saunders says the ring issue “is sorted”

WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders says the dispute over the size of the ring has apparently been resolved. Saunders posted a video on social media saying “I’m pleased the issue is sorted because obviously as you can see, I’ve tagged Eddie Hearn and Canelo the last video, and the ring is not a problem so thumbs are up…Eddie get the ring in mate.”

He didn’t specify what the agreed size of the ring would be.

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  • The nr. 2 drama queen will find something else to complain about before saturday, no prizes for guessing who nr.1 is.

  • Got a feeling that was all a load of noise and mind games to rattle Canelo. To be fair he’s not got much on his side, so I guess any advantage he can get may help, bloody annoying as a fan tho.

    • Yep. And it helps sell the fight. That storey was everywhere yesterday.

        • All fights are still being sold up until the bell. That’s the nature of the television/streaming business.

  • If its in the contract, so be it. Good for you BillyJoe. That does and could play a major role in the game plan.

  • They just made the matting softer in the ring so it will be like walking in sand for BJS and tire his legs out but have the op affect on Canelo.

    • Because Canelo doesnt walk in the ring like BJS does? Damn, Canelo must be floating in the ring then. Yes cheating it is!! Lmao

  • ring size does matter, look at who canelo has fought and beat, trout, lara, mayweather, are the ones who give him the most trouble, bjs is no joke for foot work and fighting in spots

  • Prior to these conversations, I really believed that Callum Smith was gonna be the “one” to push Canelo to the limit………….

    BJS and Caleb Plant are just gonna make excuses, lose their titles and pick up huge paychecks!

  • I got a feeling Saunders is planning to obviously use the ring but he wants Canelo to move a lot.. throw punches and miss. He’s going after Canelos body with his right hook to the body. Canelo will attack the body in return to slow Saunders down.. I mean, you got me. I love body shots.. knockouts are good but body shots can really break a fighter down in the second part of the fight and completely change their approach. I recommend that for Saunders if he can .. Canelo just has to counter. I watched more BJS highlights.. it does look like he has some pop. Looking at the styles in my head it could actually be a really good fight.. closer than I thought when I first heard about it. Wish I studied the fighter sooner.. BJS is not a bum. Should be interesting.. Canelo hasn’t fought anyone worthy since GGG. Except for a few drained fighters, Smith and yildrim sry if I spelled it wrong. But he sucked. Omg.. anyway, this is a fight. Finally. I might have to call out. Although BJS last fight wasn’t great.. I think it might be worth watching.

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