Ryan Garcia Post-Fight Press Conference

By Miguel Maravilla

After announcing he will be campaigning in the 140lb division from now on, unbeaten boxing contender Ryan Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) talked about his desire to face Tank Davis in his next fight. He also stated that if he can’t get Tank, he wants Teofimo Lopez.


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  • Queenry might as well just go after Teo instead since Tank is comfortable at 135.

  • Be honest!! He was paid to take a dive and he did well at it. Go 1/2 way mark and don’t get up

  • I’d like to see Garcia fight Lopez now more than I’d like to see him fight Tank. The only reason he’s calling out Tank is because Oscar is still irked by Floyd Mayweather, still in competition with Floyd. Oscar thinks that he has a fighter who can beat Floyd’s fighter Tank. If Garcia can beat Tank, that will hurt the marketability of one of Floyd’s top fighters, which would hurt Floyd’s business. This is Oscar’s goal. Floyd is smarter than DLH however, so a fight between Tank and Garcia won’t get made until the proper time. Garcia has to prove himself more, make himself more worthy. Once Floyd agrees that it’s time, the fight itself will be worth a great deal more than Garcia made tonight.

    With that said, I’d prefer to see Lopez and Garcia go at it. Two cocky guys who are full of themselves, really battling it out. It’s a fight that would reveal a great deal about both fighters. It would be big test for both and the humbling experience both fighters need. The winner of that fight has a bright future, maybe set themselves up for a big money match against Tank. The loser will be more tolerable, yet hungry for redemption against one of the other great fighters in this weight class or even a rematch.

  • That is going to be a tough one to make. Tank said he will stay at 135 and Ryan calls him out at 140 SMH I call bluff on Ryan Garcia part

    • Or it is a negotiating ploy so that Ryan can leverage a more favorable deal by “coming down” to 135 lbs.

    • Ryan Garcia is simply obsessed with Tank and cant possibly have a talk without mentioning his name. It brings Garcia attention because of the excitement Tank brings to the ring. Garcia knows He would need to go to Showtime and the fight will not get made.

  • I’ll tell you this much, Fortuna is no Tank Davis, nor has he ever been. Garcia beat an old small fighter, nothing to see here.

  • Delusional. Talks about fighting people from different promotional outfits. How about you go and get a title instead of calling out fights that have no chance of happening

  • WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF need to start calling the shots, too many fighters avoiding mandatories and just want to fighters tailor made for their styles, Mayweather got away with it for years.

    • They also need to start ranking fighters as mandatories that deserve the spot.

    • You are correct. Mayweather is one of the biggest frauds and con artists the sport of boxing has ever seen.

  • that’s one way to dodge Tank, I thought it was Fortuna who wanted the fight to be at 140. Guess the youtube sensation is using it to his advantage now

  • Fortuna never stood a chance. And older, poorly trained, smaller guy. And just plain strange looking with his big head on a small not-ready-for-140 body. Target practice.

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