Ruddock-Toney Weights from Jamaica

Ruddock Toney

Donovan “Razor” Ruddock 260 vs. James “Lights Out” Toney 247

Abel Mendoza 142 vs. Aristides Perez 146
Jermaine Bowen 174 vs. Tsetsi Davis 176
DJ Ruddock 146.6 vs. Juezier Heron 146.4
Richard Holmes 159 vs. Jose Julio 157.4

Venue: National Indoor Sports Centre, Kingston, Jamaica
Promoter: Red Ground Productions
TV: FITE ($29.99 PPV)

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  • Toney was 248 in his last fight in 2017. Most certainly can stand to lose some weight, but I’m happy he hasn’t let himself COMPLETELY go.

  • They should just let these guys fight with their shirts on, especially Ruddock.

    Noticed a DJ Ruddock on the undercard. Not finding him on Boxrec. Ruddock’s son I’m guessing?

  • Both fighters gave all they had in their careers. This is for a great cause. I say, let em fight..

  • Please don’t let Razor and Toney get hurt in there, come on. I love them so much, there’s no reason to take unnecessary damage. I just pray they don’t get carried away!

  • God do any of these guys believe in a fitness lifestyle post career? Manboobs galore. Try some push ups. ‍♂️

  • There should be an age limit for charity exhibitions. Both guys were tough in their prime, Toney was a little more skilled. Hopefully, no one gets hurt.

  • Oh man. Ruddock even has that old man bicep fat. He should box Mike next…..for charity. This is going to be very strange. Styles do not mix up at all, but I’m also thinking prime styles which were from the last millennia. LOL!!! Last freaking millennia.

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