Riddick Bowe, 53, returns Oct 2

Former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe (43-1, 33 KOs) will take on former NBA star Lamar Odom in an exhibition bout on October 2 at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, Florida. The 53-year-old Bowe last fought in 2008. The 41-year-old Odom recently destroyed rapper Aaron Carter in an exhibition.

Also on the card, former world champion Paulie Malignaggi (36-8, 7 KOs) faces TikToker Corey B.

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    • Bowe got heavily defeated by the USMC when he signed up. He was KO’d in boot camp. Now, this……good grief.

        • Yes, very true. I am simply pointing out the controversy that surrounds Bowe once in a while in his life. This event now is no different.

      • That was Almost 30 yrs ago with Bowes USMC fiasco. Jake & Logan look what ya all started. Now Paulie magic man wants a piece of the pie LMFAO… What’s next….

      • Lennox Lewis….I bet for a few dollar$ 🙂 Bowe vs Lewis lol LMFAO
        The times we live in!

  • Why not? Boxing in North America has nothing else going for it. Less than 2% of America’s population has even watched boxing in the last decade. That’s a sad fact, and the corrupt business aspect of a once-great sport is the sole reason. They’re having to resort to this just to get a morbid curiosity viewership of a once-great sport, while using the most pathetic denizens. But hey, look at the shape of our country and ask yourself, are you really surprised?

    • The “old” fighters that take these circus side-show fights are just as goofy as the promoters that pay them to do it. It’s simply greed with disregard for safety. That’s why YouTube was created for free uploads so a person does not have to buy this crap.

    • Yes, I think Bowe suffers from CTE based on his speech and memory recalls. However, money talks, and I am sure as in the last circus act with Holyfield, it is an exhibition NOT a real boxing match as taken out of context by the promoters. If folks don’t spend money to attract this goofiness, then it will die off.

      • Scoob: A few things:
        1. We would have thought that this “event” would not be financially viable after the Holyfield debacle. Maybe I stand corrected…..
        2. Don’t be fooled by labeling this an “exhibition”. The Holyfield escapade was labelled as an “exhibition” only after the fight was declared as 2-minute rounds. There is no head gear, as far as I know, and Bowe could still obtain further damage.

        Take care.

        – Gary G

    • Considering Paulie had hardly any knockout power and would simply “pitty-pat” arm punch his way to a victory, yes, I agree.

    • That is funny. But true. Paulie never KO anybody with his scary flicking jab to the opponents chest.

  • Really, Florida commission? You guys won’t be happy until some old punch drunk fart gets his ass killed in the ring, will you?

  • Chris the natural, you are Absolutely spot on. The greed and corruption is killing our once great sport. I hate what’s happening to boxing. Big Daddy Bowe should not be allowed ever to fight an Exhibition or real fight for that matter.

    • Like Holyfield, Bowe is in denial about his advancing age and not being realistic with himself. Both men were simply duped by some lower-level promoting company telling them they still “have it” to win and guess what?; The checkbook comes out and they take the bait. Yes, it’s a joke.

    • Besides the Holyfield and now Bowe debacles. There are some great fighters out there today. Vergil Ortiz, Canelo,Charlo’s,Davis, Garcia,The Monster to name a few.

  • Paulie can get a KO every 6-8 fights with the right opponent. This is that right opponent.

    • Paulie couldn’t KO anybody. Maybe if somebody get KO’d with a jab to the chest. Or maybe if Paulie squeezez the opponent too hard when he holding.

  • The promoter of this card should be thrown in jail. I met Riddick Bowe three years ago and he was in horrible shape then. Could barely walk or talk then. These matches getting to be a sad, sick and twisted joke.

  • As if boxing needed anymore delegitimizing.

    These bouts are doing more damage that the old dude with The weird hairdo and the Lebanese Mexican dude who’s the son of his father.

  • I have no more interest in seeing Bowe in the ring than I have seeing Sammy Scaff come out of retirement to fight Chuck Wepner. Odom looks pathetic in the ring. I guess this is what happens when the biggest fight in today’s heavyweight division is a third fight between two extraordinarily mediocre fighters, Wilder and Fury. Hard to distinguish the amateurs from the pros these days.

  • Bowe’s gonna end up like Jerry Quarry. Which ever athletic commission is in charge shouldn’t give him a license to fight.

  • I would like to see Wlad or Vitaly come back for a real fight. Could you imagine seeing Vitali fight Holyfield?

  • Don’t usually have an issue with these sort of exhibition things where the ex fighter is not matched against a contender.
    However , someone like Bowe who sounds literally punch drunk whenever he opens his mouth should IMHO not be encouraged into it.

  • It saddens me to hear that an once great fighter like Bowe is returning to the ring, what’s wrong with boxing these day’s ? I sadly feel that’s the beginning of the end for the dear sport i love..
    What do you think guy’s , isn’t it the end ?

    • I think greed has engulfed many promoting companies to a point where safety is disregarded as a priority especially with these aging fighters who are NOT fighting anymore. The way they were in their primes is not now and not even close. Age gets all of us no matter who we are.

    • It’s not the end of boxing, we’re just seeing the modern day internet age stupidity corrupting the sport. Actual talented fighters and high level matchups are getting overshadowed by morons outside the sport that want to see freak fights. Its all name recognition and marketing. “Wow a former boxing champ vs a guy from the nba who’s name I know neat!!”

      This garbage is a boxing match version of clickbait.

  • This is stupid and ridiculous. Boxing is a joke these days. How about Canelo vs Charlo or Spence vs Crawford. Nope boxing fans get Riddick Bowe and Pauli Malinaggi?

  • This is a disgrace. Old men that are clearly already damaged like Bowe and Holyfield should NOT be allowed to fight against anyone.

    Boxing has never been perfect by any stretch, but its been infected by the Youtube era, where apparently living off of nostalgia and controversy is far more profitable than competence. Anyone who spends money on this garbage is part of the problem.

  • It’s good to see these guys get their buttons kicked. If they want to keep fighting, good. I enjoy it

  • This doesn’t even strike me as odd or crazy anymore; it’s become the norm. Until the Golota debacles, Bowe represented the last of an era of big heavyweights that could move and throw multi-punch combinations with quick hands. However, for the past 20 plus years, Bowe has appeared to be one or two brain cells shy of becoming and invalid. Not so long ago, Lamar Odom appeared to be heading in same the direction with drugs providing the blows rather than fists. I’m not even sure either of these guys are even capable of even connecting with any of their punches, so I don’t think they really pose a risk to each other. To come to think of it, this fight by actually be entertaining for comedic purposes. Kinda like when Manute Bol fought Refrigerator Perry on Celbrity Boxing.

  • For years, “they” were saying that the emergence of the UFC signalled the inevitable end of boxing. For years, boxing fans like us said: “no way, 2 completely different sports, apples and oranges, UFC striking is crude and low-level”. Unfortunately, it seems “they” were right. UFC provides easily identifiable cartoon characters (Conor McGregor, Rampage Jackson, Jon Bones Jones, etc), engaged in 3-round fights. Perfect for the modern low-attention-span, low-intelligence population. Boxing? 12 round fights, with more subtle and nuanced skills that only afficionados can appreciate. Mike Tyson was probably the only boxer/character that might hold the brief attention span of our new millenial “fans”. That’s why we now have Youtube muppets fighting TikTok clowns for the new millenial belts.

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