Shields shuts out Cornejo

Lr Fight Night Shields Vs Cornejo Trappfotos June032023 6648
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/Salita Promotions

Undisputed women’s middleweight Claressa Shields (14-0, 2 KOs) dominated late sub Maricela Cornejo (16-6, 6 KOs), but didn’t get the knockout she wanted in front of a big crowd on Saturday night at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Shields came out firing, hitting Cornejo at will and winning every minute of every round. However, Cornejo was never in danger of being stopped. Scores were 100-89, 100-90, 100-90.

“I feel great,” said Shields post-victory. “I was landing my shots. I won every round like I knew I could. I went for the knockout how many times this fight? Maricela is tough. She did a great job. Height doesn’t matter and power doesn’t matter either. It’s all about the skills and will and heart, and I always have more than the other girls.”

Undefeated super welterweight Ardreal “Bossman” Holmes Jr. (14-0, 5 KOs) won an eight round technical split decision against Wendy Toussaint (14-2, 6 KOs) in a bout for the vacant IBF USBA title. Toussaint pressed the action and tried to rough up Holmes. The referee warned Toussaint multiple times and finally deducted a point in round four. Toussaint often pinned Holmes on the ropes and unloaded. Bad head clash in round eight opened up a huge gash on Toussaint’s forehead. The bout went to the scorecards where hometown fighter Holmes prevailed 77-74, 76-75 on two cards. The third card was 77-74 for Toussaint. The crowd booed the decision.

Undefeated middleweight Joseph Hicks (7-0, 5 KOs) hammered out an eight round unanimous decision over Antonio Todd (14-8, 8 KOs) for the WBC Americas silver title. Scores were 80-72 3x.

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  • That chick is sooo full of herself. She can’t sellout in her own town so she buys 1000 tix to underprivileged to look like a hero She actually looked silly at times swinging for the fence missing by miles Wolf, Rijker, and Ali would have torn her to pieces. I compare woman’s boxing to the movie to Idiocracy. Once again DAZN fails to bring in worthy competition. This shit is 5 steps below YouTube boxing.
    Comment of the night ” Shields’ opponents must like pain” Lol. She couldn’t even crack an egg with a hammer

    • Shut your stupid women hating ass up asshole. She put on a great show.

      • she was beyond horrible bro.
        This is why nobody pays for female boxing.

        • The problem is that the only female boxers that could give her a fight are 2 to 3 divisions below her weight. And that is never going to happen! But her size is no fault of hers.

        • No one ever paid for “female boxing”. Do you think it was popular when you had all-time great Lycia Ryker or Christ Martin? I know you’re not going to put it all on her.

        • Yes, that brings up a point in her KO record alone. Shields does have decent fundamentals with her basic punches. However, there are two explanations for her low KO percentage. One, every opponent she faces has a granite chin. Two, she lacks the power in her arsenal. I think it’s number two. She can talk smack better to KO a conversation discussing her boxing endeavors than she can deliver when the bell rings.

      • Great show? That goes out the window as she has no comp at the weight.

        • Agree USS Haze Gray…about the competition…very competitive at the lower weights…

    • Understand your opinion….if you don’t like female boxing..Not a fan of dart I don’t watch it or take the time to follow and …and make negative comments..about are your comments progressive, insightful discussion about the wonderful gladiator sport…sounds petty..and intentionally belittling…with the sole objective to shame or have an option not to watch…this is America…and others have a right to watch it… Just like you have a right to not watch it…there are those that like it…can not understand why people take time to just insult others…. understand that women’s boxing is not for everyone….however I am a boxing fan and I have a distinct love for the sport…I will watch…boxing at all phases…others like myself… Suggestion…don’t waste your time…watching or commenting….Now here is something that may interest you
      .. Crawford will stop Spence….look for a eighth round stoppage….. What do you think?

      • I am going with Crawford on a UD. Spence can create the distance he needs to keep himself alive in a fight. Yes, Spence is no slouch in terms of being ring savvy. However, once Crawford figures out a fighter by the middle rounds, he will put on a clinic to his opponent. Spence has to create distance and rack up points early. Crawford usually starts slower, but excels after rounds 5 once he settles in. Crawford’s counter punching will be the ticket to his victory. Crawford throws a good left check hook as well. Spence needs to work off the jab and catch Crawford coming in. Crawford UD.

        • Spence will try to bully Crawford … ….just like he did Garcia..very affective against Garcia..kept Garcia busy could not use that boxing IQ…same here…Spence must bully Crawford…use that superior size and power…against Crawford early…like you stated Scooby.Crawford has a great check hook…Crawford has an arsenal of punches/styles mastered…Spence is suspect to a delayed punch…like the check hook…or a sweeping overhand Spence to stand up straight at times….if Crawford survives the early pressure..Spence would be unwise to allow a chess match…believe that Crawford will survive the early pressure…expect a six to eight round stoppage…

      • Agreed on Crawford and Spence. I believe Crawford is Stronger and Sharper after 5 or 6 Rounds so Spence there’s your opening , after that Brother you’re in Trouble ❗️

    • I would agree that Wolf, Rijker, and Ali were much better skill wise and the crowd was very deceiving on TV it was tons of empty areas but Shields just doesn’t seem to be improving and time and time again continue to throw that ovehand telegraphed right without setting it up, and John David my dude but I think it’s something he can’t even correct, due to arrogance.

      • Agreed, Shields’ cross is very predictable when she sets it up. A polished fighter would counter her all night long or slip away from it.

  • Who pays to watch women boxing? that was a boring fight. question. Did shields used to be a dude?

  • Shields sucks. Way over rated yada. Seems like a man also…like a weak ass man, but a man..undefeated until ..fights someone who can box and is less afraid..

  • Women’s boxing is absolutely boring and low quality. Women’s mud wrestling is a far superior sport.

  • Women’s sports suck in general, except for beach voleyball.
    Sheilds sucks and very ugly.

  • Disagree with your opinions about women’s boxing. Usually we are quite entertained….. Honestly….Shields did not look impressive tonight…I am being kind…not the same focused fighter..too many things witnessed in this fight indicates something not right ..just not the same fighter use to seeing in the ring…Watch the tape…could mention things but … noticeably bad footwork… timing….Shields in past may have stopped this opponent….focus Shields bragged on your skills too much for you to perform like this…not a good look…

    • She was more worried about putting on a show and getting a stoppage other than being technical. She was fighting at home and too emotional inside

      • She reminded me a little of what Teo Lopez was like when he fought Kambosos. Trying too hard to get the KO. I am impressed that she did not tire herself out she was trying so hard and missing quite often. Unlike Kambosos Conrnejo just did not have it in her to take advantage of the mistakes Shields was making. I do believe if Shields was fighting Marshall tonight she would have been less reckless.

        • Totally agree Pete…great take!!!! Shields did not look like a decorated champion at all… “Reckless”was a dressed up way of describing it….look at the entire ninth round ..Shields was open for right hand counters…her opponent just did not throw the punch…Shields is much better than this..says something else also..but… Shields just do better ….see what the fans are saying!!!

          • A common thing today is that fighters will say their opponent is not on their level. But then they go out and simply try to destroy the person with no other strategy. Thus bringing themselves down to their opponents level. Ironic!

  • It’s funny all the criticism on how womens boxing is so boring but you watched it.! I agree with some of the assessment, but she is one of the best women’s fighters in the sport. Next time don’t watch. If you were expecting a KO you ignorant or a hater. She isn’t a KO puncher. She is what she is. If you don’t like it, find something else to do on Saturday losers.

  • Shields dominated as was expected but she put a lot of pressure on herself by stating to the media that Cornejo was “three levels below her”. While that was clearly true it really affected whatever gameplan she had and got caught up in trying get the knockout instead of using her skill to break down Cornejo.

    As for the attendance – the card was held in too big of a venue. It was an undercard full of local ticket sellers/prospects and Shields headlining against a replacement. Salita Promotions is at fault for overselling the event and trying to make it bigger than it truly was.

  • That was the most painful collection of dog shit I’ve watched in years! Boxing cards don’t come much worse!

  • Same typical boring fight by Shields. I don’t know where she gets the idea she’s the greatest. I think these ladies are much better than her, and would kick her butt if they were in the same weight class: Amanda Serrano, Katie Taylor, Alycia Baumgardner, Erika Cruz, just to name a few. At least there is some kind of excitement when they fight, and to me they have a higher skill level than Shields. In my personal view, women boxing is boring for the most part, but I still respect the fact that they get in the ring and try to make a living by getting punch in the face.
    On a separate note, what is with dazn commentators and the exaggerated amount of ass kissing for what it looks to me is the inhouse prospect? I mean, this is expected right? I just think is getting ridiculous. We saw it last week with “crappy” Ramirez and today I saw it with this kid Joseph Hicks. I didn’t see anything special from neither one of them, and still they kept talking about them like they were the next best thing, hardly ever acknowledging anything the other guy did. Just always praising something that I just don’t see.

    • Agree Boxingfan66.….Shields is special though…she can fight… excellent tools…this was not her best night…the other aforementioned female fighters are exceptional…and they put on great shows…fun to watch..Shields is on that level..the competition is not in her weight class..yet…

  • Laila Ali at her best would knock Shields out. I watched shields for the first time tonight to see if she is as good as she said she is. Boy was I disappointed. She’s pretty average. It’s the competition that’s not that good. She’s head hunt’s too much. Someone needs to teach her to attack the body more. That will get her knockouts. She obviously is not being taught how to punch properly to get more power behind her punches. I’m a boxing trainer. One camp with me n she will become a much bigger puncher. 100% I hope I get the opportunity to train a fighter that’s fighting her. I believe I know how to beat her. She’s going to have to be a very good fighter to start with n with my knowledge n teaching abilities I believe shields will be in for the fight of her life. But a prime Laila would beat her 100%. The girl tonight had no offense. Wasn’t busy enough. Oh well. Again no disrespect to shields but I expected more. Btw. I’ve personally worked with Laila Ali , makala Mayer, Mia St. John, Julie Crocket , among many world champion male fighters …. So I’ve got the knowledge n experience to have my professional opinion.

    • The only female boxer out there for you to train with your expertise is Savanah Marshall. She has good power already with some skills, she needs a game plan to beat Shields. She gave Clarissa her toughest fight so far even winning a few rounds.


    • Rigo and Lomo did it too. I think one more person did it also but wasn’t as successful as the other 3 in his professional career. I love Shields and will watch all her fights.

  • Damm all the haters. Shields has great skills fast hands good head movement,good combinations ,great conditioning and good counters. The only bad thing in women’s boxing is that they are forced to fight 2 minutes rds so if anyone of you has fought 2 minutes rds before it’s hard to get a ko in that time. If men fought 2 minute rds there would be less ko’s. Shield’s would have done well in any era of women’s boxing they never fought a women with her skills. LCA was packed last night

    • Great take The chief…. refreshing … thoughtful… analytical insight with a strong logical perspective….never thought about it this way.. wonder why the two mins anyway… understand the reasoning but is that justifiable…

    • Just an overrated ghetto rat. Bully tactics, sorry she’s just not that good. Big fish in a small pond.

  • 2 kos in 14 wins…she says opponent tough so couldn’t knock her out ..If she win every round like said and couldn’t knock her out, then she must be the weakest puncher pfp in history of men’s or women’s boxing ..she’s pretty big convinced Jake Paul would knock her out because she has absolutely nothing to keep him honest lol

    • Um Jake Paul is a man. You do realize males are stronger than females right? So of course Paul would knock her out.

    • Wow. You are a true retarded stupid piece of shit to put a man up against a female. You sound so fucking stupid

  • seems shields is not a fan favorite not a great ticket seller in womens boxing nobody will pay to see her fight she is a lot of talk she is beatable

  • We watched Shields fight only because we watched free and we’re boxing junkies. Shields is a decorated amateur and a accomplished world champion but “GWOAT” no. There is no drama, no anticipation of a knock out, only a woman who fought like an amateur. PPV, that’s a joke, a no hope last minute replacement and they didn’t lower the price, thanks no thanks!

  • Not a fan of Shields, primarily because of her personality. I prefer fighters who are more humble and dignified, more respectful of their opponents and the sport, and do their talking in the ring. Shields’ boxing skills don’t impress me. Listening to her talk, one would think all of her opponents are most likely to be knocked senseless when they step into the ring with her. She’s just not all that, and no amount of loudmouth boasting, bragging, and hype-building can change that reality. Credit to Cornejo.

  • Let me see if I get this straight; you got guys here who say women’s boxing (women’s sports in general) suck, Sheila’s sucks, can’t fight, so full of herself, the fight was boring,… yet still they watched. You do know that time is something you can’t get back. You know this. Right? Why would you waste your time watching someone or something you don’t like? I don’t. Never have. Or worse yet they didn’t watch but have to say something. I guess so you would have something to complain about. Clearly some people have a lot of time on their hands. Maybe get a hobby, a dog or make some friends.

  • I’m going to take back my words about Shields. Her personality rubs me the wrong way, but I don’t walk in her shoes. I’ve never met her personally. Kudos to her for another win. I’m still not impressed with her skills, and feel that sooner or later she’s going to run into an opponent whose power and ability she can’t overcome. That woman will show Shields what it’s all about. Maybe then we’ll see that humility and respect emerge. One thing is for certain through. That person does exist.

    Nothing is more impressive to me in sports than an athlete who is humble, respectful, dignified, and great, and I tend to shy away from any athlete who is a loudmouth braggart who doesn’t show respect for fellow competitors and the sport they participate in. I know this is part of the hype culture we live in now, but I don’t like it. This is why I like Katie Taylor so much.

    • Well, you would be surprised how fan friendly she is and just have a beautiful heart for others so don’t be fooled by how she carries on to build a name and equal pay opportunities for self.

  • Shields is a smart and great fighter she is open to new comers and skillful fighters you can only hate if you can’t do better she earned all her belts all who came before her loss those who think they can do better get in the ring and show us what you made off and we know the end results talk is cheap action speaks Shield is the goat lol

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