Pacquiao signs with Rizin

44-year-old ring legend Manny Pacquiao has inked a deal with Japanese MMA promoter Rizin. Pacman made the announcement over the weekend at a press conference in Tokyo. “I have agreed with Rizin to fight next year,” stated Pacquiao. “The date will soon be announced and also my opponent that Rizin will choose. I’m open and excited to fight a Japanese fighter. Thank you.”

Pacquiao is expected to fight a Japanese MMA fighter in an exhibition match, similar to his archrival Floyd Mayweather who has twice fought in exhibitions presented by Rizin.

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  • The word “exhibition” has a hidden meaning especially at 44 years old as a fighter. One thing that pops into my mind is needing extra cash to satisfy debt(s). I could be wrong but thought I would throw that out there.

    • Happy New Year brother. It’s either debt, or a new business venture since the name alone is heavily marketable. If it’s easy money like Floyd does while providing entertainment, why not. With the amount of money he’s generated throughout his career, I truly hope he’s not in a financial pickle.

      • I could agree and add that most fighters don’t know when to retire. They love the limelight and they love to stay active. It’s all they know how to do for years. The extra money also helps. I’d say use you name while you can. After all you’ve paid your dues.

  • I was cool with an Errol Spence fight…. I mean he did beat Keith Thurman

  • Good for Pacquiao making the easy money, but I’m not paying to watch it……

  • I think the presidential campaign might have hurt his finances and he is recurring to this to alleviate the issue, as long he is not venturing in returning to fight for real, I believe is fine

  • Nice to see the fight fans are so understanding now that Paq is having exhibitions. You fans scream bloody murder whenever Floyd does the same.
    Now Paq looks like a hypocrite after talking down on Floyd and his choice to perform in exhibitions.
    You Boxing fans continue to expose yourselves.
    Floyd has changed the game forever and easily the most influential fighter outside of Ali.
    Look how your stance on exhibitions change when your favorite fighters are doing the exact same thing that you bad-mouthed Floyd about.

    • Well said NJ Boxing. The amount of bile that was spoken whenever Floyd fights an exhibition is ridiculous. Now Manny does it (after himself criticising Floyd) and there is basically silence.

      Good on Manny if he chooses to do exhibitions. I hope it is worth it.

  • Manny seems to spend all his money helping his country. I hope he saves a bit for retirement.

  • Pacqiuao is just doing like everybody else and its not Floyd who changed anything its the generation floyd has been given too much credit for it ts not like he started the dumb youtuber circus but yea Boing is almost so dead it was revived by the circus

    • LOL @ you for using “TBE” and being serious. Manny isn’t following shit. Fraud wasn’t the first to do an exhibition. He’s no trendsetter.

      • Ok If he’s not copying Floyd then what is he doing. Floyd is the first to do exhibitions of this magnitude and success. Name someone who has done it better than Floyd. I’ll wait?????

          • You clearly didn’t read what I wrote. Floyd is the first to do exhibitions of this magnitude AND successfully. Ali fought Antonio Inoki but it was not a success if you’re talking risk-to-reward ratio. It’s an exhibition so ideally, you don’t get hurt. Ali’s legs took a lot of punishment in that bout. Compared to the punishment Ali took against Inoki how much punishment did Floyd take in his exhibitions again? “That about covers it.”

  • Ali did exhibition against that wrestler back in the day.

    Not sure why anyone thinks this is new or novel idea.

    Great source of income for retirees, nothing to see here, crawl back under your race baiting rock.

    • floyd inspired him to do it, but pacquioa donates his exhibition money to charity.

      • “Inspired” lol. Manny decided to do exhibitions in Japan just like Floyd. That’s called copying lol.

        • do you even know what inspired means, it means some sort of suggestion, maybe both are planning for a 2nd fight through exhibition.

  • The difference is Manny donates the proceeds from exhibitions just like celebs used to do. Floyd puts it in his pocket.

    • The difference is Manny broadcasts his charitable acts and Floyd keeps them quiet. It’s irrelevant to what they do with THEIR money. Manny is still copying Floyd.

  • Joe Lewis did exhibitions throughout his career. It’s not new at all.

    • Joe Louis’ exhibitions were never this successful. If they were he wouldn’t have been in debt. It’s not “new” but it’s revised to give boxers a great living after boxing doing what they do best. Before Floyd was doing it at this level of success nobody else was doing them regularly. Now all will follow suite even though they criticize.

  • Great fighter whom should do what he wants.
    Were it my choice I’d be fighting still too. The same thing that drives us to victory is the same thing that makes us fight too long, catches up later.
    Wish you the best champ.

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