Omicron virus calls off world title shows in Japan

Golovkin-Murata, Ioka-Ancajas postponed

By Joe Koizumi

The emergent omicron virus has called off a couple of world title bills on Friday here in Japan. Teiken Promotions has announced the greatly anticipated middleweight unification bout of WBA super champion Ryota Murata and IBF titleholder Gennady Golovkin on December 29 is called off due to the government’s ban of any foreigner to enter Japan.

A special permit wasn’t made even for such a big show that all our fight fans are so much eager to watch with greatest expectations. Also, another unification bout between WBO 115-pound ruler Kazuto Ioka and IBF titlist Jerwin Ancajas on New Year Eve will be canceled by the same reason. This morning we experienced a considerably big earthquake in the Tokyo area, but our fistic world also got terribly shaken up with the shocking cancellations.

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  • I don’t know, this is just crazy. Knee jerk reaction. Okey, if they don’t want tourists, I could understand. But Golovkin and Anjacas are not going their as tourists. Does Japan want to go back to a time of isolationism?

    • A coworker pointed likes pointing out that “omicron” is a word scramble for “moronic”. Needless to say, he’s a skeptic.

      • no, the flu went away at the exact same time as the covid and the covid is not the flu that has exactly the same symptoms and ivermectin kills the is not the flu…it went away…

      • Correct. This is a game words and anagrams. It’s very clear they’re playing here. Means: whoever believes this nonsense we’re spewing is a moron. Whoever complies with the moronic, unlawful edicts we come up with is an imbecile. This is what it means – clear as a day.

  • Well that sucks. I would think that they shouldn’t be too difficult to move and reschedule, but what do I know.

  • Bring those fight to the U.S. an old giy like GGG can’t affort to wait 2 more years for next fight!!!!!! Fighters are being affected for the very long inactivities!

  • Ha, I knew it! I KNEW this fight would be canceled due to the moronicron variant.

  • Yikes! This new omicron variant killed two whole people on the whole African continent. Shut the entire planet down now!

  • They are desperate for you to have this vaccine, They have tried every trick in the book we’ve seen celebrity’s, sports icons, the queen, any one that they think will convince you to have this vaccination we’ve been threatened, and bribed, Covid is the rebranded cold virus that most of get some time, It’s not the Bubonic plague you don’t need no vaccine this is about control nothing else., don’t allow them to vaccinate your kids the Police have not been tested If they did half the police force would be quarantined the PCR test is nonsense It will pick up something in anyone if you run it long enough it doesn’t mean your ill, things are slipping away from them so they resort back to the mask and invent a new variant, throw away the mask stand-up for your kids or this will never end.

    • – The ONLY reason that I got the Vax is because I am applying for a job for with a Contractor for the Federal Government and it is required per Mr. Biden.
      – Take care.

      • I’d never take it, no matter the job. Read a little on graphene oxide, graphene hydroxide, synthetic spike proteins etc. The thing is it’s possible to clean some of this stuff from your organism. All the best.

  • If the fights cant be made in Japan, maybe Murata and Ioka can travel to America if they really want the unification fights at all and they’re serious about the fights.

  • The nonsense continues. “omicron” calls off shows in Japan” – I didn’t realize “omicron” is a politician….. Omicron – another scam b.s. – has zero to do with calling off boxing shows, politicians and big pharma that pays them bribes has EVERYTHING to do with it. Btw – 4 alleged “omicron” casualties are all fully vaccinated. All four of them. Just check official statement by the government of Botswana (on their twitter page) and it’s crystal clear. And btw, how do you test for variants using the same useless rtPCR test that gives you only positive or negative? Answer: of course you can’t test specifically for any variant with a “test” that doesn’t distinguish between common cold and “covid-19”. It’s all bollocks.

  • My uncle died from the Vax back in March. It triggered something in his blood. I’d rather get jabbed all night by Larry Holmes than get this stupid Covid jab!

  • >