New view of Canelo-Caleb altercation

By Miguel Maravilla


The Canelo-Caleb showdown intensified at the kickoff presser. After the two jawed a bit during their face-off, Canelo shoved Plant and a melee broke out. Plant took a swing and Canelo countered with a left-right combination causing a minor cut underneath Plant’s right eye.

Canelo and Plant will collide for the undisputed super middleweight title on Saturday, November 6, live on Showtime PPV at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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  • plant is way overrated and canelo will mop the floor with him. benevidez will beat both of them.

  • Not happy Canelo did that hard a push knowing nearly any fighter would retaliate. Then hit and scratched Plant hard enough to cause injury. Plant just swiped at Canelo. Plant wasnt going to jeopardize the fight. They have one of the best buildups for a recent fight.

    • The fight’s not even until November so why r they doing this stupid crap now anyway?

  • Canelo is my guy! I don’t care what anyone says! Also Next time you see black fighters go at it like that don’t make it a racial thing!

  • They need to start fines for pre fight press conference bullshit like this. Act like gentlemen and save it for the ring.

    • There was a picture of it in last nights article and it’s a big cut with swelling. Hopefully it heals before Nov 6th, but this just shows the low life thug that Conelo is.

  • Well, there you have it. Canelo instigated the whole altercation. Caleb just came back with a half hearted slap after being shoved really hard. Canelo should be suspended and fined but boxing isn’t a real sport, and the WBC and him are cartel sponsored. So, nothing will happened

  • Plant was being nice, he said he would take out Canelo’s mother for a nice dinner after he won the fight.

    • Mexican is not a race. It’s a people of a specific country. Can’t you leftists come up with a different word to express your difference in opinion? You understand planet Earth doesn’t regard racist as a meaningful word anymore, especially when it is uttered by privileged people such as yourself?

  • The promoters of this crooked sport deliberately want something like this to happen so they can sell tickets. It’s like show biz wrasslin now. Otherwise why would they put them nose to nose like that. A lot of boxers are classless too so then this happens.

  • A staged prefight build up with a minor casualty (caleb plants cheek) I don’t buy it, but the only thing that matters is that a lot of people will and buy the pay per view event.

    • trying to get more fans to buy the fight canelo will wi n caleb plant can not sell this fight canelo will canelo is the better puncher

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