New date set for Fury-Usyk

The undisputed heavyweight championship clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk has been rescheduled for May 18 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The bout was pushed back from February 17 after Fury suffered a cut in sparring.

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    • What did he do to embarrass boxing in this particular incident? Do you doubt his cut? Forget all of his antics and his fight with ngannou. If you know he cut himself or had someone cut him please share. Otherwise , you got to take it at face value.

  • So much for those (fools) who think Fury doesn’t want the fight or the payday. I’m not a Fury fan but to suggest he injured himself is idiotic.

    • the point is if he got cut sparing, he lost the sparing. He essentially was stopped. Which means he is shot. Just because he beat the dud who Parker just beat easily. Parker was knocked the fuck out by Joyce, yuck. Fury is shot. He looked like literal shit in his last fight against a no hoper.

      • Oh no, he lost the sparring. You are not well…in the head. While Fury may be in decline to say he is ‘shot’ is a dumb comment. Do you enjoy making a fool of yourself?

    • Fury is a headcase no doubt. He wasn’t going to be ready, he wasn’t going to be prepared. Did he fabricate the whole cut thing? What the hell do I know? Nothing really. But I do know that kind of cut is very rare in sparring because of the overly protective headgear most fighters wear, and as the very astute, medical professional-Scooby Doo pointed out, a cut of that degree would take at least 100 days to heal. That being said, he cant possibly tell by the photo shown on yesterdays post how long Fury’s cut will heal, but I would agree definitely agree longer than a month and 3 days…To add my own measly personal experience, I have had over 30 amateur fights and have continued to spar very competitively well into my 40’s, never without headgear, I have never suffered a cut. Concussions, fat lips, broken noses, mousses under the eye-YES! I have drenched the ring in my own blood several times, but that kind of cut in sparring with headgear? No. Of course Fury is 10 times the level I would have ever have dreamed of, but all the more reason that injury is unlikely

      • I’ve taken a couple of cuts while wearing head gear. While I was never talented enough to risk sparring without headgear, I’ve seen a lot of guys do so. I’ve always had to wake up and go to work in the morning, so I always used protection just because I couldn’t get too beat up and still show up at the office the next morning.

      • Even with headgear an uppercut or any punch thrown at an upward trajectory can still cause a cut because it will connect underneath the gear.

        And since Fury is listed 6 inches taller than Usyk i would hope that he is sparring guys that are shorter and faster just like usyk.

        So the logical deduction here is that there is a very high probability that this was due to a legitimate sparring incident, even with certified headgear .

    • Probably didn’t injure himself but would have found an excuse to get out of this fight. Knows Usyk would beat him.

      • Fights get postponed all the time. Not that long ago Usyk tore a bicep and his fight was postponed. What ‘you believe’ and ‘Fury knows’ are two different things.

  • Was hoping Feb 17 still was happening and there would be another opponent to face Usyk, maybe Parker, or Zhang, and the rest of the undercard still happens.

    • there is no upside to Fight either Zhang nor Parker. People who buy fights know Zhang beat a slow dumb Joyce , who BTW was losing every round until he hurt Dubouis eye luckily. Dubouis knocked out Usuk. Parker is slow and Usuk would make him look dumb. The Parker who beat Mr power punch last fight was shitty loking. His combination punching looked like an amature. Usuk , even though he was knocked out by Dubouis boxes better than all of these clowns. Fury is fat. He is never in shape. Yes he is huge but a clever boxer makes him look clumbsy and dumb. Look at his last fight against Naganu, who is an amature. The fact is the heavyweight division sucks ass. Every one mentioned here is a clown.

      • I agree there is no upside to Usyk taking a fight in the interim, but I don’t agree with much else you wrote. Joyce was doing very well against Dubois, though it was competitive until the stoppage. Usyk got hit low, and the ref immediately noted it against Dubois… if it had been scored a knockdown, Usyk would’ve just got up. I like Dubois, and given his youth, he could still become a major heavyweight player, but he was second best in both of those fights. All the other guys you mention sans Ngannou are legit guys. Zhang, Parker, etc… I’m not syaing either is a World-Beater, but those are both Bonafide tough guys and difficult to match up against.

  • I am curious, will fury keep training to get into better condition? Or will he be lazy and get more out condition and become fatter?

  • I am curious, will fury keep training to get into better condition? Or will he be lazy and get more out of condition and become fatter?

  • Why do I think Fury was relieved when he got cut? He didn’t have to make up a story to pull out. Look for Fury to pull out of May fight and instead fight the winner of Joshua-Ngannou.

    • No way, matt s. Fury can be a clown, he can be a lot of things, but to pull out a fight with usyk? To me, this fight is easier than fighting ngannou. He dominates him with his size alone. If usyk and fury were the same size usyk wins all day with boxing skills alone, but he is not. Fury is probably looking for the back door to get out of boxing, but not by running from an opponent.

    • Mmmmm, have you seen the new fight date has been set? Fury has fought big punchers like Klitschko, Wilder (3) and Ngannou yet you suggest he is ‘afraid’ to fight Usyk. Usyk, a great fighter in my view, is much smaller and a light puncher.

      • Colson, I agree. I don’t dislike fury nor do I root for him, but usyk loses this fight. I actually like usyk much more. Fury dominates this fight. It’s a matter of size. Usyk, an incredible boxer will have to be perfect by going in and out to beat him. I just don’t see it. I also don’t see fury running from this fight or making excuses to get out of it.

      • He’s afraid to lose an embarrassing decision, he’s not afraid of Usyk’s punch.

        • I had Usyx stopping him, If Fury was not so tall with a 84 inch reach, he would have probably been knocked out long ago. The guy has been on the floor 7 times, that non- puncher Swede hurt him in the 12th round. How can people keep falling for this crap?

  • Fury is con first and fighter 15th. He is rich and full of shit. Usuk will box circles around his fat ass.

  • There are 10 millions for the one affected if the fight is postponed again. So, just inagine the purse of each fighter and why Fury is legitimate interested in fighting Usyk, because there is a rematch guaranteed

  • “The undisputed heavyweight championship clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk has been rescheduled for May 18 ”

    I doubt it.

  • I said it before this fight is not going to happen ,Fury knows he wont beat Usyk in a million years.

  • The fight was on in 2 weeks – no one was talking about it / PPV audience is low / this is for a unified heavyweight title. Reality is that Fury alone moves the PPV dial. Usyk doesn’t have an audience / his last fight was in Poland not even on at a PPV time v Dubious where he was essentially knocked out with a body shot. Boxing at that level is a business – the fight wasn’t doing any business – they found a way to postpone it for now. High risk for fury’s gravey train v a guy no one (general public) is interested in. Let AJ beat the UFC guy – then fury fights AJ and they both make insane money.

    • First of all that cut was not done during that spar. With a cut like that, blood would be running down his cheeks directly after, there was not even a little drip from the cut, that was was too clean looking. Fury is shit scared of losing to Usyx, he see that he can’t get into the guy’s head he see the confidence in the guy and it has smaken up both him and his dad. You will have to be a Fury fan boy or a Brit to fall for this crap. I said it before and i will say it again, THIS FIGHT WILL NOT HAPPEN. The fake gypsy is scared.

      • ” With a cut like that, blood would be running down his cheeks”

        Excellent point. I’ve been saying it looks like a special effects Hollywood makeup job, or maybe even they took a post- Wallin* fight photo and photoshopped it, I don’t know. Where r the medical records, and more photos, some evidence?

        * Took a dive in the Joshua fight

        • Are you saying the doctor’s injury report from the Saudi hospital and the YouTube video is fake? Why immediately reschedule the fight?

    • “Dubious where he [Usyk] was essentially knocked out with a body shot.”

      Stop repeating that nonsense. That was a low blow if I ever saw one.

  • Being a boxing fan these days is like trying to keep up with the rest of the world on an old flip phone – holding on to something gone obsolete. By the time Fury is ready to fight it’s going to be 2028 and only if Usyk happens to get too shopworn. Maybe Tyson will fight Chisora or Helenius next ? Maybe Luis Ortiz or a Wilder rematch ? Maybe Fury fights Ken Shamrock ?

  • I’m actually rooting for Usyk, but Fury is going to whoop Usyk. most likely a late round stoppage.

    Fury is just too big, too smart and too skilled for his size.

    People like to hate on him for his physique, his mouth, his skin color and for being a gypsy etc.

    But the haters will have to give the man his credit once he unifies!

  • Awesome, let’s keep the belts coming for the fight that will never happen. After the cut is healed he will have 3 mental episodes and still be able to hold on to his title.

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