Austin Trout wins bare-knuckle world title

Former WBA super welterweight champion champion Austin “No Doubt” Trout defeated Luis “Baboon” Palomino via unanimous decision to claim the vacant BKFC welterweight world title on Friday night at the sold-out Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida. Judges scored it 49-45 across the board in favor of Trout, who dropped Palomino in the fourth round. Before running into Trout, Palomino was considered by many to be the pound-for-pound best among bare-knuckle fighters.

“This wouldn’t feel as good if it wasn’t against a prime champion like ‘Baboon.’” Trout said afterward. “I don’t think any win would be worthy of how I’m feeling now if it wasn’t against the king of BKFC … I’m going to be here for a long time, so get tired of me – I’m not going anywhere.”

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  • Good for him. Boxing doesn’t typically translate the best to bare-knuckle imo, but Trout’s started very well. Palomino’s fantastic he was like 10-0. Supposedly they pay pretty good as well.

    How interesting of a career has Trout had?? World champion boxer who beat Miguel Cotto, fought Canelo, both Charlo’s, Lara and Hurd and then ends up bare-knuckle world champion. That’s awesome.

    • Fought everyone he could and always fought hard. He seems like a good guy too….good for him.

  • Not a surprise, but Good for him. What a Fantastic transition from being a top level boxer forever.

  • He basically out boxed him the whole way. A good guy to win a championship. I could see a rematch happening. Congrats to no doubt!

  • Awesome. Outclassed him but what happens when he fights Platinum Mike Perry

  • Awesome!!! Great fight. Well deserved. Right on Champ! New Mexico’s Champion No Doubt, Austin Trout!

  • Great win for Trout. While fighting is fighting each aspect takes a different skill set. Boxers have a harder transaction because each punch means more. Boxing allows you to take some shots in order to set things up. While the padding is not pillow thickness it is something that allows you to take more shots. Bare knuckle is the only current sport that every shot adds damage. Even MMA has some padding, but BN at its core is the one sport that each and every shot has real meaning. Boxers in general have a hard time making this jump because they have spent years being okay with taking that shot to line up a counter. All this makes it more impressive that a boxers at his level was able to make the jump not only go the distance with a top guy but actually win.

  • Bare knuckle would be brutal on a hard puncher’s hands. It’s like when the hard punching Tommy “Hit Man” Hearns broke his hand on Marvin Hagler’s forehead. As a hard puncher myself, I could never even hit a hard heavy bag; always preferred a softer or water-filled bag.

  • I watched the fight and I like more the trout in bare knuckle boxing than the trout in boxing ….good foot work by trout

  • I’m a life long boxing fan, but Bare knuckle fighting is really awesome as well. A lot more so than mma. All that wrestling is boring as f…! Real men fight standing on their feet!

    • James Harbro, not understanding the ground game doesn’t mean it’s boring. And in a real fight it’s about winning not about being “real men”. I remember a fighter by the name of John Hess who thought he could beat fighters by eye gouging if he came in close proximity. Is that being a “real man”?

  • Congrats No Doubt!! A very good performance from a very talented boxer turned bare knuckle Champ!! Hopefully this helps to get your name into the Hall of Fame! When you decide to hang up the gloves of course. In the meantime, keep making your dreams come true! God bless!

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