Morrell brutally calls out Benavidez

“I’ll give him a beatdown that he’ll never forget.”

Photo: Stephanie Trapp / TGB

Undefeated WBA super middleweight champion, David Morrell Jr. (6-0, 5 KOs), is ready to let the world know he wants the best fights possible, and as soon as possible. Morrell Jr., from his training camp in Houston, TX, with coach Ronnie Shields, says a fight with David Benavidez is what he seeks most.

“I look at someone like David Benavidez who claims to be avoided, but you never hear him mention my name,” said Morrell Jr., who has knocked out five of his six opponents in the pro ranks. “He speaks as though he’s the boogeyman of the division, well fight me and let’s find out. He’s chasing a fight with Canelo, but I know I’ll give him a beatdown that he’ll never forget.

“I’ve seen every style you can possibly think of in the amateurs, so I know how to beat a guy like Benavidez, who likes to come forward and bang. David Benavidez is a great puncher with a lot of heart, and he’s a warrior, I’ll give him that, but he doesn’t have the skills that I possess. I’ll fight David Benavidez anytime, anywhere, but will he fight me? That is the question the fans want to know, myself included. Now the world knows who I want most, let’s see who the real boogeyman is…come to papa David, Boo!”

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  • Why not? They both have to fight someone at some point. Canelo will probably fight GGG next. If I was Benavidez I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Alvarez fight.

  • Very few guys would call-out Benavidez. With only 6 fights I doubt his handlers would want that fight. Benavidez is much different than those guys you matched up with in the amateurs. Logic seems off a bit.

    • Morrell might have only 6 fights but he is a World Champion. Did you take the time to read about him?

    • It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. They are the same age, Morrell had over 100 amateur fights and was very decorated. Benevidez took the other route and had only a handful of amateur fights. They are both very skilled. Let Canelo fight GGG and the winners fight each other. Makes perfect sense. But the promoters will probably have other ideas.

    • Benevidez, just went over 8 rounds with Ennis and another c rated guy, and both of them took tons of shots from him, and still was stopped on their feet. Before that, he had 2 fights with Garvill both were tough, with Benevidez being floored in the first. Washed -up Dirrell went the rounds with him, being stopped on cuts. His power is overrated. Morrell is in with a shot, if the fight is made, which i suspect it will not be.

    • Yeah, he only has 6 fights, but is an extremely mature fighter. He holds some ridiculous version of the WBA title and has defended it against journeyman/fringe contender types; guys that had no business fighting for a world title and he continues to do so on June 6 against Kalven Henderson(?)…yeah me neither. Of course he can’t claim to be at pinnacle of the Super middles until he starts beating actual world class comp, but from I’ve seen of him, he should have no problem doing so. I would even put my money on him to beat Benavidez at this point. I am 100% sold on this guy.

  • Benavidez does need to start fighting more and make the most out of his 20’s and he should start with shutting this amateur up

  • Bring it!

    Talk big but then let’s see who backs it up. This is the fight game, sign it and let’em fight!

  • Love the bravado of Morrell calling out the beast Benavidez while Crawford and Spence keep flirting and blowing kisses at each other

    • What does Crawford and Spence have to do with the “bravado” of Morrell or the “bestiality” of Benavidez? Spence and Crawford will fight, both in their prime, as the biggest attraction in boxing to date. White potentially a great matchup, a Morrell and Benavidez fight will never approach the level of excitement of Spence and Crawford. Exactly what is your point?

  • I pick Morrell, and it was not a difficult decision. I saw the article and thought Morrell is another boxer whose abilities won’t match his talk, but that is absolutely wrong. I recall Benavidez laughing and staring in the camera more than once, saying he loves to beat people up and knock them out. Well?

  • Benavidez is brutally overrated by people on this site. Best thing about his is almost no one can match his activity. But he has a horrendous lack of discipline and I feel he is a sitting duck for a sharpshooter like Morrell. It’s a fight I would like to see other than the time wasters they are currently involved with. Morrell especially needs to step it up. He is 2 levels above the fringe guys he is fighting. Getting more fights under his belt for experience isn’t doing him any favours when he is walking through them

      • Morell is worlds apart from Berlanga.

        Berlanga is a seriously flawed fighter. Berlanga lacks coordination, his footwork is sloppy, no head movement, doesn’t know how to cut off the ring.

        Morell is well schooled. Highly skilled. Technically sound fighter. He can control a fight with the jab, throw punches in bunches, changes gears has solid power and accuracy.

  • This guy is crazy .Morrel please go and do a few fights and them you maybe can call Mr. Benavides this guy is in the top of the mountain right now you are just a baby .you didn’t been in a war yet keep playing with toys and later you may fight Benavides he would eat you your position and way the same way you just looking for attention. Ok.

    • Morrell has more skill and a great amateur pedigree. Forget about his pro career; he was part of the prestigious Cuban National team. Benavidez is strong, but that doesn’t intimidate a guy like Morrell. This would be a very winnable fight for Morrell.

  • Your turn will Come young man but you know it’s about money draw …And right now …you will draw no money.

  • Morrell barking too loud he hasn’t touch the lions pit and wants to beat down his own grave, let him try he won’t be back,ha ha ha

  • This young warrior seems confident enough…so why not? I still believe Benevidez is the best @ 168…he’s seems too strong & thick the punches just can’t hurt him

  • Morrell is a terrific fighter who is being fasttracked to become a name in his division. Diehard boxing fans know who he is, but the casual fan probably has no idea who Morrell is.

    He has an extensive amateur background and has shown the skills of a much more experienced boxer in his 6 professional fights to date. At this point, he’s just trying to get his name into the conversation, so I don’t blame him for speaking up. He needs Benavidez a lot more than Benavidez needs him.

    I predict Morrell will be a future champion but he has to get in line behind better known fighters. As a 24 year-old boxer, he’s got time to make a name for himself in the division. I do look forward to his next fight in early June.

  • This clown says Benavidez never mentions his name. After six fights why WOULD he mention your name? You’re a NOBODY to Benavidez, he’d go to jail for fighting you.

    • Thank you sir. I can’t believe people are really seriously suggesting this is even a fight Benavidez would consider or care about right now. Regardless of his extensive amateur career he has six damn fights at the pro level and there’s levels to the pros Benavidez is a beast and whoever thinks this man is overrated have never seen this man in action and he is extremely experienced and seasoned for his age. The guy was sparring triple GGG and holding his own at 15 years old.

  • Safe to say Canelo doesn’t want any more smoke with Bivol. The results will not change. He’s likely wanting to pound on a 41 yr old GGG. Benavidez has nothing else going on so why not get another title. Speaking of his amateur background at the pro level will prove to be Morrell’s downfall.

  • Benavidez will never take this fight because he knows he can’t win this one, and losing to a fighter with 6 wins will ruin his career.

  • Well, Benavidez will have to address this as he doesn’t even hold any trinket at 168, and this guy does. Benavidez does a lot of talk but like Charlo doesn’t fight anybody. Now he has his chance, but I’ll be interested to hear what the Mexican fans say now that a Puerto Rican called their boyfriend out.

    • you say like…heavy Hitters you gay fuckface. If you take the cock out of your ass we can fight, you sissy faggot. Cum guzzling cuntface. Eat my ass call girl. F you Benevedes. That’s how dumbass.

  • You are not ready for Benavidez, maybe in two years, if you fight him now he will destroy your career.

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