Medical Exam of year-end tripleheader participants

By Joe Koizumi
Photos by Naoki Fukuda

Smart enough, the medical examination of six contestants who will participate in the world title tripleheader on New Year’s Eve was executed just an hour before the weigh-in ceremony of the twinbill on Saturday at the same hotel. Our press people need not move to another place to cover both events under the tight schedule.

The results of the medical checkups were all satisfactory, and their physical data were as follows:

WBA/IBF 108-pound unification title bout
Ryoichi Taguchi vs. Milan Melindo
Height: 5’ 5.9” vs. 5’ 2.0” (almost 4” difference of height)
Neck: 14.1” vs. 14.2”
Chest: 34.7” vs. 34.8”
Reach: 67.3” vs. 65.4”

The shorter Melindo wisely said, “This is not a basketball game but a boxing fight. My speed will nullify the physical difference without doubt.” Taguchi replied, “I’ll watch his quick stepping in, and believe the winner will be me.”

IBF 105-pound title bout
Hiroto Kyoguchi vs. Carlos Buitrago
Height: 5’ 3.6” vs. 5’ 3.3”

Neck: 14.8” vs. 14.0”
Chest: 35.8” vs. 33.7”
(Kyoguchi’s big chest as a 105-pounder was impressive)
Reach: 64.1” vs. 652”

WBO 112-pound title bout
Sho Kimura vs. Toshiyuki Igarashi
Height: 5’ 5.0” vs. 5’ 5.6”
Neck: 15.0” vs. 13.4”
Chest: 35.4” vs. 35.4”
Reach: 66.5” vs. 67.3”

The press conference of this tripleheader will start at tomorrow noon with the weigh-in to follow at 1 PM, while the doubleheader in Yokohama will begin at 3:30 PM by considering press people’s transportation from Tokyo to Yokohama (about forty minutes by car).

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