Mayweather KOs Askakura in exhibition

Mayweather Ko

45-year-old ring legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather knocked out MMA fighter Mikuru Askakura in round two of an exhibition match headlining a Super RIZIN pay-per-view event on Sunday at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. Floyd dropped Askakura with a right hand at the end of round two and Askakura couldn’t beat the count of referee Kenny Bayless.

Among the interested spectators was Manny Pacquiao, who stated he was on hand to support fellow Asian Askakura.

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In an “open weight” boxing exhibition, veteran kickboxer Kouzi “Emperor” Tanaka stopped Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard Jizzy Mack in round three. Tanaka, giving up 42 pounds, dropped Jizzy twice in round three to end it. After the bout, Tanaka called out Jizzy’s boss.

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  • kid was hurt from body shot earlier in the round as well. he was up, didnt want the smoke. Thought floyd brought it too hard to him. took the count.

  • He needs to stop picking on Japanese kickboxers unless he agrees to kickboxing rules. I mean am I the only one would who would love to see him take a kick to the dome

    • Stop being a hater. He can beat up Japanese kickboxers under boxing rules if he wants. He is the attraction NOT unknown Japanese kickboxers. He has no reason to put himself under further risk and why would he kickbox lol.

      • Mayweather will always have his male groupies singing his praises! Overrated clown can tell his legion of male groupies to twerk for him and you would absolutely do it for him! The dude seriously needs to get a life already!

        • Actually HawnJay couldnt have shut you guys down any better. He’s absolutely right and you will always be there to comment on Mayweather just like his “male groupies”

        • Wow, I can never understand why such an accomplished and boxing genius American fighter whois responsible for keeping the belts from going to other country is hated so much by American boxing fans. It’s pure hate and jealousy.

  • Floyd claims he doesn’t know the guys name, weight, age, etc. The exhibition was just like another day waking up. I get that. We may not want to pay for it, but the full crowd in Japan did, and I suppose Rizin is paying him a base 22M + about 4-5M PPV so as long as he gets these paydays for keeping in his basic shape, against prime age athletes I don’t blame him one bit. He isn’t “bullying” anyone if others keep picking up the phone and offering him big $ to fight. Floyd isn’t handpicking these kids.
    I would love to see him try his hand at another sport but Money knows not to cross that line and do too much. Only WWE, we will never see him in kickboxing or MMA. On a side note I was happy to see the highlight of his jacka$$ bodyguard getting KO’d. His bodyguard was being a bully by pushing around Asakura in the press conference when he knows the boxer can’t do anything back or risk losing a payday.

  • Perhaps Floyd went in hard during the exhibition because his ego was hurt after his bodyguard got smoked by Tanaka?

    • Yes, true. His bodyguard was a human punching bag leading up to the KO. Looked like a David vs Goliath battle except with fists.

  • This is downright stupid. All these type of events is killing boxing. Either you are a fighter fighting real fights or pack it in. You have made enough money you greedy SOB. I was this guy`s greatest fan as a fighter, but i am beginning to detest him more and more daily as a human being.

    • You’re a hater watch it or don’t, I want to see if Pacquaio receives the same hate now that he’s doing exhibitions. This is no different than the NBA players moving on to the big 3 league after their careers are no longer at the NBA level.

  • I wish Floyd would’ve KO’d Connor MacGregor in 2 rounds. But no, instead he carried the slow, soft-punching MMA guy into the 10th round, in what was probably the biggest fixed sporting event in history. Floyd could’ve taken MacGregor out anytime he wanted to!

    So meanwhile, as Floyd toys around with these easy, money-making gimmicks, the top junior middleweight prospect in the world, Charles Conwell, can’t even get a fight because he killed a man in the ring!

  • I can’t believe all y’all watch this PLEASE tell me y’all seen the highlights and didn’t pay for this mess

  • Who gives a shit! More handpicked bullshit by the king of cherrypickers. LAME!!! Thank your circus elsewhere.

  • I wonder if Floyd’ bodyguard got fired for getting knocked out.

    Manny was there. I guarantee he’s not there to just “to support fellow Asian Askakura.” Manny is there to get into the exhibition business lol. People hate on Floyd but other retired boxers (Manny) will copy him. When he does you hypocrites will praise him. Just admit you hate seeing a successful black fighter doing it better than anyone else. No one is forcing anyone to watch his exhibitions and yet you can seem to stay away from a man who is simply living his life.

    • Manny already has an exhibition scheduled and you’re correct the haters will embrace him with open arms

      • Everybody loves Manny. That is just the way it is. Floyd is not a very likable guy. Most people do not like him.

  • Money-man making them millions without breaking a sweat! Two taps its all it took to dismantle the jap dude! As long as people pay them millions, he should keep doing it until he’s 100 years old. More power to him to keep doing his thang just as jake paul id doing as well! Im not a fan of the jakes but, if people pay to watch them freak shows and make lots of money……why not!!!!

  • If I was Floyd I would fire his bodyguard. Lesson to be learned… muscles don’t win fights.

  • Ha ha, people should know by now. Floyd won’t be KOd, and won’t lose a decision. In an exhibition, who cares about a decision because there is none.
    If Floyd was going to be KOd, why didn’t Cotto or Maidana ko him in 12 round fights?
    Nobody cares if Floyd kos some Japanese fighters.
    The Japanese guy Tom Tszyu fought may have put up an interesting fight, other than that, the guy that KO’d Floyd’s buff body guard.
    Manny in the crowd hoping to be picked over Conor McGregor.
    I guess Manny is a better guy to help get a paycheck over McGregor. 34 yr old McGregor can’t hurt Floyd, but 44 yr old PAC can’t either.
    45 yr old Floyd isn’t about putting his chin out there for huge pro boxers at 147 or 154. He is about raking in 10s or millions in non threatening fights, where he might get a stoppage win

  • Let Manny and Floyd schedule a full fledged and recognized boxing rematch. That I would watch (hoping Manny gets his revenge), but I wouldn’t pay a dollar to watch Floyd pretend to fight anyone else.

    • You’re senile who would pay to watch a 45 and 43 yr old that’s past their prime? The result would be the same.

  • Floyd gave his fans 50 fights so if he wants to take it easy in retirement I wont trash him. Sometimes I think people are only happy if the guy they dont like gets brain damage in the ring.

  • I’d like to know what longtime boxing cornerman & historian Bruce Kielty thinks of these Floyd exhibitions. He & Floyd go way back, to when Kielty ran the Pride Boxing Club in Grand Rapids, MI, where Floyd got his start.

  • Floyd is like the Kardashians. When you see his name, just skip reading or watching and it will eventually go away.

  • Well I ain’t buyin any fight with a guy that is done taking any “real” punishment.
    Gtfo here that bs.

  • >