Marinez: I want a rematch!

By Robert Coster

Lightweight Jackson Marinez was naturally dejected by the extremely controversial decision rendered against him in favor of Rolando “Rolly” Romero for the WBA interim lightweight title on Saturday night. “I gave him a boxing lesson, a real spanking,” said Marinez. “Either the judges were corrupt or incompetent or both. For me, it was an easy fight. Romero is so limited. His face was his defense. I had him figured out from round one.”

The stylish young Dominican is now clamoring for a rematch. “Let’s do it again in another venue, with competent, honest judges,” he said.

Marinez’s manager Jorge Herasme concurred.  “I appeal to the WBA to force a rematch. What happened on Saturday is so bad for boxing. It makes boxing lose all credibility. It becomes a crooked farce. I expect the WBA to intervene in this scandal. I’m counting on Gilbertico Mendoza. I know he will not accept what happened.”

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  • It actually looked like a very easy fight for Marinez. I’m not sure what Romero was smoking when he said that he hurt Marinez a few times, because it sure didn’t look like Marinez was ever in any trouble.

    While not one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen, it certainly was a bad one. I hope Marinez gets some other opportunities, but I don’t think fighters will be lined up to fight him given his skill set and rather awkward style.

    • No rematch! Marinez won. Rematch is only for a close fight. Romero does not deserve a rematch. Marinez should continue his career as 19 wins 0 losses and 1 robbery.

  • That was a bruuuuuutal decision.
    He’s right that is what’s wrong with boxing

  • I Agree. While it was a competitive fight, there was a clear winner and the wrong fighter got the decision. If you’re on the “B” side you have to win so clearly that it makes it very hard to come out on top of the “chosen” fighter. And that’s what continues to make boxing a fringe sport.

  • If there is a rematch, Marinez better win by TKO or KO because it is possible Romero’s support system extends all over the United States of America.

  • WTH, do reporters ever look at what they are posting before doing so? Golbertico Mendoza?

  • Not sure a rematch would benefit Marinez unless they would have the fight away from any of the influences that govern Mayweather. Clearly, that fight had a “fixed” outcome. What a joke and a embarrassment to the sport.

  • If you’ve been around the Boxing game this is what you should be accustomed to. When you have a superstar fighter with a good name your not going to beat him by backing up and boxing cute. Especially if the favorite is coming forward and throwing punches.
    For that reason Rolly’s corner and myself knew he would be winning the fight.
    The so called ‘African American style’ of Boxing has been frowned upon and penalized for decades.
    An athletic fighter wont get a “fair shake”, using just clean Boxing skills, against a popular opponent. Has to hurt him and force the judges hand.
    Other than that, we’re just complaining about another decision with no solutions. .

    • You make valid points. I re-watched the fight and scored it on paper strictly for my amusement and I did have Marinez ahead by 4 rounds. Nope, I am no professional judge nor do I play one on TV, but I can honestly say from my goofy assessment point of view, Marinez won that fight. However, wild cards exist in a shuffled deck.

      Stay cool from the heat and have a great day.

  • 118-110? Are you Fn kidding me? These judges were paid off no doubt but the 118-110 card was a repulsive despicable card which was filled out before fight even started. This is what makes boxing an ongoing joke.

    • When I heard that…I was certain Marinez had won! What a shocking and horrific decision. Floyd payed those judges off.

  • an embarassment for sure. Thats what you get when you fight a Mayweather fighter in Las Vegas. Romero looked amateurish, and could never be considered a top 10 fighter the way he fights. I was really disappointed with Al Bernsteins commentary during the fight as well. If youre on the Mayweather payroll carry the spit bucket and stay off of worldwide TV.

  • The worst thing..Romero said He’s ready for any champion after the another Broner

  • Marinez definitely deserves a rematch!!! However, I have no interest in seeing it. While I thought Marinez clearly carried the day with his jab and far better footwork, neither landed very many good, clean power shots. Styles make fights and these two styles didn’t and won’t mesh well.

    As for Romero…I think he’d do well to go back to school. Maybe learn to throw a jab and realize he doesn’t have Wilder level power. He’s not even a good prospect yet in my mind and his post fight comments make me wonder if he will ever be one.

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