Manny Pacquiao eyes return in spring 2020

“I can fight in March, April because the Senate will be on break during that time,” WBA welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao recently told Nick Giongco of the Manila Bulletin. The Philippines Senate will be on recess from March 14 to May 3 so Pacman’s return would likely be within that time frame. PBC stablemates Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia are reportedly considered to be the frontrunners as potential opponents to challenge Pacquiao, who turns 41 on December 17.

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    • Danny Garcia is a “has-been” in my book. After putting up with his father’s racial antics prior to fights, whining, excuses, and blaming everyone else for your own fighter’s faults, it’s time for that group to leave boxing. Garcia is simply wanting another paycheck.

      • Why wouldn’t a boxer want another Pay Check ? That is their profession isn’t it ? And Garcia looked like a beast his last fight. But Pacquiao will go the easy route, with a boring fight against Mikey Garcia.

  • Danny Garcia was suppose to fight Spence but he is now licking his wounds from the little car accident he had. Spense should be ready to fight Pacquia by March 2020. After all, he is a beast. Right ?

    • How the hell do you know what condition Spence is in ? Maybe he cant fight for a couple of Years. And a fit Spence would eat a 41 year old Pacquiao.

  • I read that Spence had his mandatory #IBF lined up, and also Danny Garcia. I am not sure in what order. But this is what is put down as of last week, when it was made known that Spence will not retire, and will have 2 fights next year. And Danny Garcia and Abdukakhorov. I heard that Crawford was calling out Pacquiao. I don’t see Pacquiao taking that. These are the types of guys Crawford would be offered after he has his mandatory: Sebastian Formella, Germany, Freddy Kiwitt, Germany, Mikka Shonena, Mikael Zewski, Michael McKinson, David Avesnayan

  • Manny fighting against Garcia would be a solid matchup. I love manny and don’t want to see him against some oversized welterweight at this stage of his career.

  • I would like Pacman to get in there with Danny or Crawford. I’m thinking after the Thurman fight, he is good to go against anyone in the division. We have to wait until we know if Spence will be able to fight again. And if he can he might want to consider some easy fights to see if he can still handle the pressure in the ring.It would not be smart to go directly in there with Manny I.M.O

  • Please retire! Pacman squeeked by a a very game Keith Thurman after nearly closing the show with a brilliant knockdown. I do not like legends like Pacman extending his career as his body ages & slows down. Pacman is less able to recover from punches. Sadly had he faced Mayweather 3 years prior to when the fight took place – he good have been GOAT

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