Lopez-Lomachenko Scorecard

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All three judges gave Teofimo Lopez the first seven rounds, putting Vasyl Lomachenko into a deep hole he couldn’t dig out of.

We had Lopez winning 115-114, giving Lopez rounds 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 12. We gave Loma rounds 2, 8, 9,10, 11. Round 7 was even. On our card, the fight was up for grabs entering round 12 where Lopez dug deeper to win it.

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Lopez defeats Loma, is now undisputed

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  • * rumor has it that Julie Lederman is still not aware the fight is over and is right now scoring round 32.

    • Really wasn’t hard to score. Lopez won the first 6. Round 7 was close probably hardest round to score. Loma won 8-11 easily. Lopez won the 12. Scores should be 115-113 or 116-112. I see Loma could easily win the rematch. He had the kid figured out. Only reason he got hit down the stretch was because he was letting loose knowing he lost the first 6. Great fight.

      • Lomachenko lst the 1st 7 rounds because he was anxious of the incoming. He was practically turning his body “U” shaped to escape body shots. In his mind it wasn’t worth the risk.

  • Lopez won, easy and was never in trouble. Loma was scared f Lopez power and kept on running. Lopez never let him get confortable. Yea Loma had some moments but they were far in between. Look at the compu box. Lopez landed twice more power shot and that 12 rd Lopez made Loma look silly…

    • I’ve actually gone through ABC judges training, and I’ve passed, and there was one CLEAR winner in this fight, and it’s Teofimo Lopez. He won the first 6 without question (probably the first 7). He outlanded him in power shots in every single round. I don’t think it was a 119-109 fight, but there was a clear winner.

    • I agree, Eric. Loma began showing some signs of life in the 11th round. I suspect that most of the anti-Lopez comments are due to his boorish & classless behavior. Notice the lack of advertisers during the broadcast? Very few companies want their name associated with a sport linked to sleazy sanctioning bodies.

    • So true López was killing the guy loma ran the first half of the fight these dudes sound like Bradley and ward lol

  • Lederman should be fired. Lomo got no credit for not getting hit the first several rounds. Go back look! Bradley followed his pre-fight narrative as how Lopez was going to win and created scenarios during fight telling us Lopez was pouring it on when he wasn’t and actually looked flustered often. Lomo waited too late! Lopez had great 12th rnd. Should have been draw!

    • Naaaa. Lopez won the fight. I had it 116 to 113. Matrix did not throw enough punches to win the fight. He didn’t want to risk getting knocked out.

  • I would give the fight to Lopez likely but the first half went to Lopez and the second half of the fight went to Loma. I think Lopez won the 12th round. With vasil being the champ, I would think Lopez would need to win decisively and one could argue either way. Having said that Julie Lederman having it 119-111 IS MORE OF THE EXPOSURE OF FIXES IN BOXING. Nobody would have saw if that far apart. She should not ever judge a fight again.

    • Don’t worry, the powers to be in boxing will keep Lederman on the payroll. LOL… Her name “Lederman” alone is a sure way to know she established herself in judging. I think maybe her cold medicine mixed with a few shots of ethanol got her confused scoring this fight…

      • Her dad wasn’t a very good judge either. Always changed his criteria by who he favored to win. Which was usually guys contracted with HBO. Weird, lol.

        • Absolutely, if she was half as drunk as her dad usually was during broadcasts, it would explain her altered perception of reality.

    • Agreed 119 to 109 is ridiculous.Judges should not be allowed to get away with that typenof scoring. I believe Lopez won the fight but Lomo won 4 to 5 rounds

  • 119-109?? Anybody see photos of Julie Lederman using her cell phone during the fight?

    • Yes, we complain and we have a right too, but Lederman is going no where. They know we will be faithful enough to keep watching boxing even when gifted and corrupted score cards are in existence.

  • Lomachenko just waited way to long to start competing. He’s always been a slow starter but he took slow starting to the extreme last night. SMH!!!

    • He knew that if he pressed the action, there would be big shots coming back. Even in the rounds he won, he was tagging Lopez but would get one coming back his way. That last round said everything i need to know. Lopez said to hell with this, and took the tittle for sure in that last round. If they fight like that the whole fight, Loma gets knocked out.

    • Yep, he was too rusty. 14 months is too long to not be in a real fight. Especially when you’ve topped the 30yr old mark.

  • I found the score of Julie Lederman disgusting, lest full of bias. He did not even give Round 8 to Loma when it is clear that he dominated the round. Ms Julie should no be allowed to score anymore. It would appear that she already knew the winner beforehand.

  • Lederman’s scorecard was absurd. I hope there is a rematch clause. I’d like to see Lomachenko have a chance to prevail.

    • Well there is no rematch clause and that is based on Lomachenko thinking he would easily beat Lopez but Lopez won’t have those belts for long because Tank or Haney is going to take them belts

  • As soon as I heard Lederman was one of the judges I had a bad gut feeling and when I heard her score card I wanted to puke. Get this unscrupulous scum bag out of judging professional boxing. She should be able to score a fight from home and keep her bogus score cards in her own house she likely fills them out before the fight even begins anyway!

  • Yo Eric GTFOH with your bird brain ridiculous comments and put down the crack pipe you fool! Loma scared of Lopez? Looked to me like Lopez was starting to unravel a bit in the second half of the fight with Loma in hot pursuit. Stick to men’s figure skating.

  • Scorecards are disgraceful. But maybe Lopez is a bit too big and powerful, but this was very bad scoring. I think Loma did enough to win or at least get a draw. Lopez did not do enough to take the title from the champ in my opinion. I have seen the fight two times now, and from round 6 Loma boxed way better than Lopez did the first 6 rounds. That means Loma as a champion should keep the belts or at least get a draw.

  • I scored it 116-114 for Lopez with one round poss even being a draw at 115-114 but he definitely won.
    Loma left it too late to turn on the gas but a great measured performance from Lopez.
    The 119-109 scorecard however was disgraceful.

  • Very easy fight to score. Cheatham was spot on with his card. Some seem to think that Loma won rounds 2 and 7, but that’s only because they were expecting him to win the fight and were looking for anything that was even remotely competitive to give to Loma.

  • Loma should have pulled the trigger in the early rounds. Loma was too cautious of Lopez power. RDs 1-6 I gave Loma 2 RDs (could have been 1 RD) and 7-12 gave Loma 4 RDs. Like Ward, I had it a draw. I’m good with Lopez 115-113. 119-109 well lederman should be checked for dementia!

  • The scores means nothing at the end, when there was no controversy of who the winner of this fight was, in this case Lopez. If the fight has been credited to Lomachenko, lets be honest for God sake, it would have been a major injustice .
    Julie Lederman has the face mask a bit too high, right up to her forehead, that’s all.

  • This fight could justifiably be scored anywhere from a draw to 116-112 Lopez. That is as wide as scores could be on either end with a legitimate case. Anything beyond that is simply an incorrect score.

  • this fight IMO was all about the Loma NOT fighting in the first 5-6 rounds as oppose to what Lopez did personally i thought it was a terrible game plan i mean did Loma actually think he was going to stop the bigger Lopez in the late rounds??? when Loma did fight Lopez had NO CHOICE but to eat punches look at his face at the end and because of the late late start Loma was forced to try to exchange in the last round which i thought could have went either way but in the end i thought it was a draw but could have seen it go either way there HAS to be a rematch and Lederman should be banned her scoring was absurd as was the judge scoring it 117 for Lopez one thing for sure is im glad it wasnt a PPV the overall fight itself was crap the commentators other then Ward was crap full of bias and the judges hands down was sickening.

    • The last round could have gone either way?!? Really?? And only Ward was unbiased?

      You might want to rewatch this fight.

      • yea i dont watch fights and text at the same time so yea stop being biased and yea Bradley just runs his mouth recklessly and the other guy just goes along while Ward waits and thinks before he spits out nonsense like the other two YOU need to rewatch the fight with UNBIASED eyes be a fan NOT a nuthugger

  • I had it 117 to 110. 10-8 in the first due to no offense by Loma, but Hadid take 9, 10, and 11.

  • Thats why you guys arent judges. The fight wasnt close. Loma made an effort in the second half. But the rounds were close. The first half Lopez built a huge lead. If you had it close like Andre Ward you obviously were shocked by what you were seeing and wanted to give every benefit of doubt to Loma. Ledermans card was too wide, but 116 112 seemed fair.

  • I think the judges were wrong it was even if not Lomo a little favor Lopez to not be Lomo my opinion anyway and I’ve been boxing for years and I Fox world champions

    • Yeah, some were looking for anything to give to Loma. Kind of like the scoring of Ali and Jimmy Young.

  • That scorecard is more in line with reality than the North American boxing establishment cards from the judges. Nobody wanted Lomachenko to win this fight and all Teo had to do was nudge a win for the AW media to say he schooled Lomachenko. A massive size advantage won this fight for Lopez. His reach did very well at keeping Lomachenko at bay. Lomachenko showed age and rust last night because he wasn’t able to pull the trigger with that lead left, which Lopez was wide open for. Lopez will get demolished buy the guys up at 140. He gets knocked out by the winner of Taylor/Ramirez 100%. He’s not as good a fighter as featherweight Lomachenko, and won’t be able to climb weight classes and be successful. Please bookmark this post for later as I am 1 million percent right, and will prove it if Lopez has the balls to move up and fight the best like Lomachenko did.

    • Don’t see why fighters should have to move up out of their natural weight class. With weight classes now about four pounds difference moving to another class usually means nothing more than outgrowing the previous one.

  • Lomo probably really should get a new trainer. His father as some mentioned in his second match which he lost really may not be so good for him. telling him to be patient. After 7 rounds it was obvious he was losing badly. He has also shown the he does not really carry the power into the lightweight division, and therefore should have never allowed Lopez to do so well early. You are supposed to be a great boxer and you allow this? I could however see that as they boxers were being introduced Lomo did not really look right. Lopez on the other hand looked really confidence. Credit to him as he had earlier said in the year that he could beat Lomo, just as he said that Tyson Fury he thought was going to stop Wilder. Happy for Honduras also, that while Lopez was not born in hat country, he did represent them at the Olympics, and how they somewhat haver a champion. Good for them, need some good news. However I do doubt that Lopez when boxing history is written will rank as one of the greats. Also I bemoan the fact that boxing seems to be headed to where it is a family business. Where if your father is somehow involved in the sport, you have opportunities that others might not have.

  • Seeing this fight gives me more respect for Floyd. I’m not a fan of his but the guy moved up through weight classes making it look easy. Loma seems to have struggled at this higher weight. Also speaking of Floyd this fight reminds me a little of his first with Castillo….a close fight with a bigger guy except Floyd got the gift decision. Rematch!

  • Julie Letterman is by far the biggest joke. I would have her judge 2 pigs fighting she’s terrible!

  • Was a big Lomo fan but he ran
    Like a little girl who was afraid of the bully at the playground! He had a lot of bravado how he was going to punish him. What happened to that? An embarrassing performance to be sure!

  • Mafia Vegas judges. Foreign fighters – except for Mexico of course – know that they won’t get an even break there. They just fight there for the money. Adelaide Byrd was the judgess in two of the prelims. Nuff said.

  • Its all about the cash. Now there will be a rematch to see if Lomo can win it all back. More hype, more sales, MO MONEY !

  • Julie really needs to quit judging fights and focus on cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.

  • I don’t know what fight news was watching. I watch the fight once again on mute, and had Lopez win the first 8rds. He had that fight won easily.

  • Lopez for sure has the style and power to frustrate Loma! I think if a rematch were to happen loma would need to get to it much earlier but lopez absolutely has speed to match Loma. So Lopez could ko loma possibly if vassil was aggressive early.. Lopez is the real deal. Loma was too timid and waited to long. Teofimo has a style, intelligence and the respectful power to stifle fighters. Loma may be more polished but Lopez was the better chess player last night

  • I dont understand why an idiot was chosen as boxing judge. why not designate a qualified, professional retired referee

  • Julie need to be fired from the job she done. She is totally not qualify to do this job. It’s just disgraceful to judge the way she did. She should never judge any one in boxing. She put lots of doubts in honesty of boxing and association. Please let her do something else!

  • We need a rematch from both boxer’s. Loma had to much time off. You can see during the fight if he started early. He can brake down Lopez. Loma is a better boxer. Next fight if Lopez doesn’t. Run away from the rematch guarantee win for LOMA. If you know about boxing

  • So how can anyone think this fight was close? Loma didn’t even start thowing double digit punches tell 8rd punch stats mean nothing but when someone thows that lil it’s easy to count. Must people are giving loma rounds just because he did better than the last round. I gave him 2rds and that was me giving him a round that was close. I am willing to sit down or video chat with anyone and watch the fight with them and have them explain how they gave rounds to loma

  • I watched the match between Lomachenko and Lopez twice and my scorecard is similar to the scorecard of Steve Wiesfiled. It is Lopez who controlled the fight, as an evidence the compubox will show that more punches were being thrown and landed by Lopez. I gave rounds 1-7, 9& 12 for Lopez and rounds 8, 10 & 11 for Lomachenko. Lopez was more aggressive controlling the tempo of the fight.

  • Lopez by a point? how the hell do you all judge by? cardio & avoiding punches. you guys are one of the problems with boxing…. YOU WIN FIGHTS BY LANDING THE MOST CLEAN PUNCHES & SOME JABS… NOT BY LOOKING FIT

  • If Loma feels there is too much aggravation in trying to hold all four belts at a lower weight – having had titles at feather, super-feather and lightweight – he could just walk away as one of the most celebrated and mysterious men of the sport.

    The man formerly known as Hi-Tec and ‘The Matrix’ loves to fish and kayak, to play chess and backgammon.

    You cannot imagine he would worry about walking away from the grubby business of prize fighting.

    It’s unlikely he would quit on such a disappointing loss, but rest assured – when he calls it a day you will never see him limp back in like so many struggling heroes for one last payday.

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