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Lopez defeats Loma, is now undisputed

Vasiliy Lomachenko Vs Teofimo Lopez Action20
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

In a clash for the undisputed lightweight title, Teofimo Lopez (16-0, 12 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over Vasyl Lomachenko (14-2, 10 KOs) on Saturday night in ”The Bubble” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Lopez supplied almost all the offense in the first six rounds. Lomachenko got untracked over the second half of the fight. Lopez won the final round. Scores were 116-112, 119-109, 117-111.

“I had to dig deep, man. I’m thankful. I’m grateful. And each and every day, I take that in. I thank God first because I couldn’t do it without him,” said Lopez.

“I’m a fighter. I gotta dig in deep. I knew he was coming. I didn’t know if they had him up on the scorecards or not, and I love to fight. I can bang, too. I don’t care, man. I’ll take one to give one. That’s what a true champion does. I find a way to win.”

“You just gotta keep pressuring him, press the gas, stick the jab and don’t really give him that opportunity to set up. Every time he did want to throw, I had something ready for him.”

“Man take me to 140. Or I could fight the two-time email world champion Devin Haney if they want that!”

Lopez-Lomachenko Scorecard
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  • Ok so I’m not an idiot after all! Scooby and Peterson you guys need to eat a lot of crow. Loma too small at 135. Lopez is a beast. Arum would never sacrifice a 23 year old potential superstar! It’s a money game.

    • Lima fought great, Teo didn’t get the credit he deserved. In the 12th rd when Loma went for the kill Teo really unloaded, I also had Teo winning the first 7 rounds and the 12th

    • I admit I was wrong, no problem. I score it on paper and had Lopez up by 2 rounds. Loma way too slow starting out. I nearly fell asleep a few times with a fight that was rather a tense, boring, basic fight. Hey, I said from the get-go, I have no problem saying I am wrong picking fights.

      • And that’s just fine that you were wrong Scooby Doo, because maaany other people were wrong as well. That’s why we love the sport, not because we are right all the time, but because anything can happen.

    • Where is Chris the natural? He talks so much like Loma is the second coming of Jesus Christ! He has been absent from forums as he is in hiding from embarrassment!

    • That’s an excuse. Loma is bigger than Pernell Whitaker who fought at 154. Maybe he’s not as good perhaps?

  • Lomachenko may want to think about dropping down to Super Featherweight

    Only a matter of time before he was turned over at lightweight.

        • Ajay, No. I can’t believe the way this fight was hyped. If Lomo could punch, he would have KOed Lopez.

          • It was a great fight. Th old guy knew he was losing, and made a late rush. Only to get beat back in the end. Great performance by both guys.

          • If Loma could punch he would have Koed Lopez?? Really ?? Wow dude rather you liked it or not the favorite Loma lost dude PERIOD!!!!WOW

          • Jimmy Hawkins, Loma is totally over the hill. He’s a pale shadow of his former self. But in spite of that, Loma hit Lopez with at least 20 clean power shots. Most of Lopez’s punches grazed, didn’t land flush of Loma. Wait and see, when Lopez faces a big puncher, he’s going down!

          • Loma threw away half the fight by doing nothing until the last 3 rounds where he had Lopez in trouble, but it was already too latr to catch up.

          • No, it wasnt so simple Michael. Loma’s leading right hand is special. Even Teo couldnt stop it when Loma aggressed. But Teo stabilized too quickly with counter before Loma’s power shots could fly. Loma likes to let his two-three shots hit before he unloads with power shots.

          • He can punch. He never really landed a hard punch. That’s what happens when you’re facing a fast fighter. My coach always said the way to beat a fast fighter is through timing. You give up power when you’re objective is to score. Lopez adjusted to the foot work and used distance and timing really well.

          • Crusov, Loma did hit Lopez with a least two dozen, clean, flush power shots, that simply didn’t have any snap. It’s as simple as that!

      • Come on Mike, he made the matrix look like the basic. Give the champ credit. Sore losers are the weak.

      • i was impressed. being that he is only 22 and fighting possibly the best pound for pounder. But i still see him as a very good big guy against a great small guy. Loma gave away first 6 rounds, i had it even going into the last round, i expected Loma to take the 12th, but Lopez dug in and took it. which was amazing for a 22 year old. I don’t think Lopez would beat any of the 147 champs, i think if Mikey dropped down to 135 Mikey would beat him. I think if Loma started throwing punches earlier, he could have pulled it out, but then again, Lopez kept him from doing that because Loma obviously was cautious of Lopez power AND speed. Loma is still top pound for pound, he is just 2 weight classes from where he should be.

      • Are you kidding me? You do not know boxing. For someone that young to do what he did unbelievable. He might not fight a better fighter unless he goes to welter.

  • I had Teo winning the first 5 rounds easily, then had Lomachenko coming back and thought Loma won by split decision. But not upset with this decision even tho the challenger needs to take the title from the champion. Somewhat controversial but I’m not calling this a robbery. Congrats to both fighters for stepping up.

    • How can Loma win the fight if you score the first 5 rounds easily to Teo? Because the 12th round was also easily won by Teo, there is no debate possible about it lol. So, where is the logic??

    • There is no controversy. Julie Letterman is a terrible judge, but there’s no controversy. Matrix lost. He did not throw enough punches. He started too late. Those body shots he got hit with in the early rounds count. Lopez won it and sealed it in round 12.

    • Arturo, I had Lopez by 2 rounds on paper in my eyes. However, I was hoping for Loma to win as I said from the get-go. I appreciate your honesty in how you saw it.

  • 119 /109 Ridiculous, but the right man got the decision . * thankful the cut came at the end of round 12 or it most likely would have factored in ending the fight early. Congratulations Teofimo Lopez !

    • I thought andre ward’s level card was ridiculous. Shows how differently you can see it.

      • I too was disappointed with Andre. He is who I believe is really the best of our time, but for real I believe his card was business influenced. There’s no room for that. Good decision except for 1 by the judges. 119 -109 is absurd. I agree with the 117 cards. Andre is bugging with the 114 card for real!

      • I wouldn’t say it was ridiculous, but I know I disagreed with it. He gave some later rounds to Lomachenko that I disagreed with. He gave Lomachenko the second round too. I could see a push, since Lomachenko landed a nice combination in that round, but he did not win that round throwing about 8 punches.

    • * rumor has it that Judge Julie Lederman is unaware that the fight is over and is currently scoring round 32 .

    • Yeah slow in parts but one of the most compelling fights I have seen in a while. Really enjoyed the intrigue

    • What a great game plan from Lopez. Body shots, uppercuts, that left hook that had Loma aware that he could get checked. I think the Loma team started too late because they thought Lopez would fade but he didn’t. He kept firing.

      • Agreed. After feeling Teo’s power, I thought Loma executed his best option by waiting. Perhaps he coulda got going a little sooner but it woulda been super risky for Loma to go aggressive at Lopez in the earlier rounds; and I think he realized that. I thought Lopez looked faster in round 1-6.

  • I had it 6-6. Same as Ward. Lopez defo won the last and probably 1 plus 3 through 6. 2 could be argued for both. Loma took 7 through 11 for me. No issues with Lopez winning but going by the cards Lomachenko was beaten before the fight started. 117-111 and 116-112 are bad but 119-109 is a scandal. 11 rounds to 1. It’s just a scandal.


    • Come on Cass. You can’t say he was beaten before the fight. Letterman score card was ridiculous it she had the right guy winning. Now if she would have had Loma winning that would have been scandalous. Loma knew he could not fight fire with fire early as Lopez was too strong. Loma was beaten by Salido the same way. He had to wait til they were a bit fatigued to deal with their power. The right guy won, but Loma will be back.

  • Loma gave away too many early rounds in first half. Julie Lederman should never judge another fight. This isn’t the first time she was way off. Her dead daddy could have done a better job from his grave.


      • remember CJ Ross ? I always thought she must have been facing away from the ring to come up with the score she had in major fights ( Canelo/Mayweather … Pacquiao etc ) * at least they kicked her out of the “Club” .

      • Borisz64, what does being a woman have to do with it? Incompetence and disgrace isn’t gender related.

  • How in the hell do you fight six rounds and only throw 10-15 punches!!! He either threw this fight for the +400 or he’s the biggest overrated professional fighter ever.

    • Jake: u can be the best in the world, but eventually someone has ur nbr. Doesnt mean u threw the fight, jus means u got outgunned. Loma is too proud to EVER throw a fight

    • Don’t discredit Lopez with that slanted opinion. Loma had that fight because Lopez made him fight that fight. Nuff said.

    • He’s quite overrated, but only because he fights in the featherweight division which is stuck in the 90’s. Compared to the lightweights the gap in talent is just a joke. I always thought he should be ranked 4 or 5 PFP, he deserved it but never #1.

    • I think Loma knew he was against his biggest test, someone bigger, stronger but with real talent (recall that most real talents loma has faced were smaller people, like rigondeaux). He needed Teo to wear out more before his angles would work. Teo still has no answer for his leading right hand. But Teo regained balance quickly before loma could settle to unload his power combinations.

  • Julie Lederman needs to be brought out to pasture. She gave ONE round to Lomachenko?!!! Yeah, I agree Lopez won but Lomachenko definitely won 4-5 rounds.

    • Loma ‘definitely’ didn’t win even 1 round. You could have gifted the guy a couple of rounds, because he clearly was struggling all 12 rounds.

  • And Lopez calls out Shakur Stevenson a 130pounder! Why not call out GtD, Kingry, Ramirez?

    • No, he didn’t call him out. He was giving him a shoutout as one if the new comers. He wasn’t calling him out but giving him recognition.

  • Never understood how loma was considered p4p number 1. Yes he’s definately a top 10 p4p fighter, but moderately overrated imo. I mean, a manny pacquiao or crawford would dominate him imo(talking purely skillwise). That ref was horrible btw, that time out at the end might well have saved Loma from going down. He was not looking good but got a break. I think Loma should go down to a lower weight class. Not everyone can be a Pacquiao and bulldoze through weightclasses. My score= 7 rounds to 5 for Teofimo. Loma just didn’t do anything the first half.

  • Lopez stopped Lomas lateral movement where he leans to fighters left side and punch them as their turning like he likes to do to smaller and slower fighters. Lopez had a left hook waiting for that move and made him look ordinary. It didn’t look like Loma had any power in his punches to hurt Lopez though.. it could be because he’s too small for that weight or those body punches Lopez was depositing early in the fight. But the dude was ready.. he was focused. He controlled Loma for most of the fight. I didn’t like how he was easy to hit in the later rounds but I guess those body punches insured that he wasn’t going to pay too much for that later on. The right guy won.. he was more intelligent than I thought he was going to be by defusing Lomas strengths and anticipating his next moves. He had something for everything.. good job.

    • Teo looked easy to hit in the later rounds as thats Lomas speciality. His leading right hand is too special. But Teo recovered balance too quick to let loma settle and start unleashing his power combos

  • Its so good to see a young bull step up and fight the top fighter in his class and win. Not like some dudes who suppose to be untouchable and fighting old men and unknowns.

    • Which round of 1-6 did you give your buddy? Rd 2? Cant win a round throwing 2 punches. Clearly lost all 6 of 1-6. Easily lost 7 as well, (I’ve watched it four times). Also lost 12 badly.

      That’s 4 rounds max for Loma.

      He’s a more skilled “Boxer” than Teo. He’s just not bigger, & certainly feared being knocked down all night long.

      Homer comments don’t change facts.

  • Unbelievable fight, the king went down fighting, but where he was the first 6 rounds? A rematch won’t happen, at least Lomachenko wants to move up to 140, which obviously could be wrong. Inactivity and age might have played a big role against Lomachenko.
    Great fight that went beyond our expectations. Congratulations to both men for this amazing fight.
    Lopez at 140 has better competition and Lomachenko should rest and consider the 130.

  • Lopez 140 power punches Loma 70 hahahaha Loma is overrated fighter all the time right scooby dooo where are you !!!hahaha

  • Loma should have pressured Lopez from the beginning. It was a winning strategy. Anyone who thinks Lopez can compete with the big punchers at Jr Welterweight is nuts. Lopez with was hit with a lot of clean shots tonight…if only Loma could punch.

    • Michael i take it that you’ve never boxed in your life? While watching a fight from the couch it could seem that loma threw away the fight, but that’s An insult to Teo’s ring IQ. Teo made loma fight his fight and made loma very hesitant. Fighting someone who fought like Teo is very hard/scary. He’s got KO power/good counters and the chance for hard retaliation when you decide to move in is very high. That’s why many boxing fights seem boring, it’s actually a chess game going on with a lot of fear/hesitance involved. Trust me, Loma didn’t lose on purpose. He Just knew Teo was too dangerous. Another example of this kind of hesitance is Pacman vs Marquez or Mayweather. If you’re too reckless you can get yourself killed or get embarrassed in front of everyone. These guys are pro for a reason.

      • Boxer, there is nothing exceptional about Lopez. Lomo has been slipping over his last few fights. I thought the Japanese fighter Lopez fought beat him. He was tall, with a good reach and had more power than Loma. Lopez was exposed that night.

  • I picked Loma because I had unanswered questions about Lopez’s chin, 12 round endurance and mental toughness during adversity. Lopez answered all my questions with a solid, versatile performance.

    Lopez’s jabs and body punching kept Loma at distance. Lopez’s uppercuts were also beautiful to see, whether it landed or not. Loma was surprised/hesitant of Lopez’s solid hand speed, turning movements and jabs. Let’s hope Lopez’s cut heals properly.

    Now, I wonder if Loma will ask for a rematch, return to 130 or even retire. I look forward to hearing what Loma has to say regarding his next move. Loma may later conclude he shook off his ring rust for a rematch request against Lopez. Lopez has to first take care of his eye.

    As for Lopez, will he look for another big fight at 135 or go to 140. By the way, Lopez will bring his punch and hand speed to 140.

  • Lopez won that fight, but the scores were too lopsided. Teofimo looks to be the real deal, someone who can easily move up and take another belt or two. Loma started fighting way too late to win. I thought the fight was a draw, as Andre Ward said, but Loma definitely did not win. Would like to see a rematch.

  • López was very impressive, I want to see López vs Mikey Garcia, that would be a hell of a fight! Or he can take on the next pvp fighter in Crawford. Look forward to seeing more of his fights and respect the fact he wants the best of the best.

  • Not sure how anyone can score that fight so wide. I watched it with the sound off and lopez won 5 rds out of first 6, then loma won 5 out of last 6. Ward was dead on with draw. You could tell teo was gassed and holding on in the 11th as loma was going for the ko. Teo recovered nicely on the 12th. I wouldn’t have complained one round either way. But 6 rd and 10 difference. They should lose their licenses

  • It just looked like bad strategy to me. I believe Lomas team thought Lopez would be more aggressive during those first 5 rounds and burn himself out – but he didnt – he just picked enough shots to win the first 5 rounds and was still punching hard in the 12th.

  • I had the fight a draw or a 1 point win either way. When judges have a fight like this one by such a wide margin it really turns you off, both men performed very well. I hope these two will fight again down the road, but I would not be surprised if Loma decides to go to 130, because at 135 everyone is really much bigger than him.I actually thought Loma would stop him but Lopez showed his stones in that 12th round.

  • I am a Loma fan but he was clearly outclassed throughout, with the exception of the 11th round. The ESPN hype masters calling it a close bout insulted anyone’s intelligence. There would certainly no demand for a rematch and PPV is completely out of the question. Hopefully, ESPN provided No-Doze to spectators for the first 7 rounds.

    • I see a lot of people on here complaining about the scorecards or that it was close. Lets be clear. The majority of people thought Loma was going to win and do so decisively. When he was unable to do so, those same people were looking to give him benefit of the doubt in any close round to give him a sliver of hope. Not a close fight by any stretch.

  • It was closer than the judges had it, but nevertheless I had Teofimo Lopez winning. I don’t think Loma would be interested in a rematch. When he pressed to get shots in he was getting hit harder. So, this is why in the first half he was too cautious. A second fight, Lopez ko’s Loma. Loma was a great champ. I think he’s got nothing to prove. He’s one of the best.

  • Loma going to school Lopes ,Loma going to huble Lopes hahahhaa Loma fans where are Crayin hahaha

  • I don’t know how Dre came up with a draw. I gave Loma rds 2,8 &11. 9rds to 3 ( 117-111).

    • Not sure how you could give Loma rd 2 but not 7,9, or 10. 2 was the least convincing of all Loma rounds.

  • Loma is an idiot. He gave it away. Didnt do SQUAT in first 6 rds, then when he finally got good shots in and rattles looez, he lets him off the hook? What happened to nonstop punching Loma? He gave way too much respect to lopez. Congrats to Lopez tho! Hopefully he will learn better sportsmanship in the future…

    • Agree that that is what happened. However, I think tthis goes to show not that Loma was an idiot, but that Lopez was that much of a threat.

      • yes correct. Loma hoped that he could win the last 6 rounds after planning to give away the first 6. It almost worked according to my score and Andre Ward. Lopez simply has more left in the 12th than Loma thought he would. Loma was the smaller man, and he was starting to tag Lopez and get his attention. Props to the smaller guy but he probably needed 15 rounds if that was his strategy. Im curious what the day of fight weight was. I bet Loma was 142 and Lopez was close to 160. Loma should have said 140 max day of fight.

    • Loma gave away early rounds, is it because Vegas received big bet from Ppl were betting on Teo winning by KO and Loma by decision?? Unexpected result Teo winning by decision…

  • I thought that was a good, and very close fight. Definitely a 115 to 113 type fight. Maybe 116 to 112 if you didn’t give any of those early rounds to Lomachenko. He really came on in the second half though and I thought he had clawed his way back. 119 to 110 is a huge slap in the face and really sours a good match. Loma did some excellent work in the last half. He just didn’t do anything in the first six rounds so there was a huge deficit to work out of.

  • Hmmm??? Scores were a little off?

    I can go 115-113 Lopez. Early lopez, late Lomo… And a round 12 seal for Lomo.

    Right man but the scores were way off.

  • That shit was boring.No action till the 7th and then in spurts. We need Mikey Garcia in the picture.

    • I love Mikey Garcia, but as opposed to his mismatch with Spence, I found this fight very interesting . [sorry]

  • only the great Roy Jones Jr. was able to win a round without throwing a punch ( against Vinny Pazienza ) . You can call round one a feeling out round, but letting half the fight go before showing any real offense was a huge mistake on the part of Lomachenko .

  • I’m a great fan of Lomachenko and attribute this loss to his ring rust. He’s been out of the ring a year and gave away too many of the early rounds. I thought the fight was closer than the scorecards indicated. Lopez won the fight, but I’m not impressed with him, and don’t expect much else from him.

    About the commentary, I wish they would tell Bradley to STFU. It was difficult to watch the fight and listen to his rambling. Ward much more professional without showing the type of bias that Bradley showed.

    • If you’re agreeing that he beat Loma who everybody praises how does he not impress you???

  • Female judges score card was way way off! Not sure she was even watching the same fight, or maybe it’s because she’s also originally from Brooklyn. Fight was a draw, but Loma was under weight and it showed in their power differences.

  • Fuck what all you guys are saying……it was a fucking draw wether you likw it or not…..it was a draw

  • What everyone is missing is how loma, frame/physique wise, is much smaller and still had lopez in trouble late. Not that he stunned him or anything but that pressure was bothering Teo. There is no question who the better fighter is but the size of lopez played a big factor and the layoff that really showed on loma also helped lopez. Loma did also look tired at the end and I think he could have stopped lopez late if he had more in the tank because lopez looked worried at the end but dug deep in the 12th and showed the heart of a champion. Decent fight but damn I miss HBO commentary. Nothing else compares.

    • Please stop with the size excuse Loma said he was going to punish Teo for 12 rounds and that didn’t happen, lots of fighters face bigger fighters Canelo outweighed Floyd by more and Floyd picked him apart. Loma’s a great fighter just not as good as people give him credit for and I knew the size and age was going to come up if he lost.

  • i always said lomacheko was the most over hyped-over-rated fighter in the world! in another 4-5 years you won’t even hear his name anymore!

  • Lopez clearly won the fight. I had him winning 5 of the first 6 rounds and had a final score of 8-4 including an impressive 12th round. Lomachenko just gave away too many of the rounds in the first half of the fight, not because he was gathering data (as Tim Bradley said) but because he was wary of Lopez’s sharp and powerful counters. You assess your opponent for a round or two but not for half the fight. If gathering data doesn’t translate to throwing and landing punches, then it is meaningless.

    Lomachenko came out fighting in the last half of the fight, but Lopez was still throwing uppercuts, body shots and sharp counters, even while Loma was landing. Loma was more active in the second half of the fight but he really didn’t dominate like we know he could. Lopez came out in the 12th and took charge, landing solid shots most of the round and punctuating the victory. It’s too bad that he got cut just seconds from the final bell.

    The fight was a tactical one primarily because of the quickness and power of Lopez. Loma didn’t convince me that he belongs in the 135 lb division. He was just too small to deal with a power puncher like Lopez who also possessed excellent boxing skills. It takes a special fighter to keep Lomachenko at a distance and hesitant to throw punches. Lopez was that special fighter tonight.

    There was a changing of the guard tonight, but Lopez clearly earned the decision and can now move up in weight to fight the top fighters in the 140 lb class. We’ll see if that power moves up with him to the higher weight classes.

  • I’m glad he won. He deserved it. How pathetic. You feel a guy out throwing nothing for 6 rounds and start to come on in the last 4. He should of gone for broke after 4 rounds. No way Lopez or that Kingry GQ dude beats Gervonte Davis though.

    • Exactly. You can’t win a fight losing the first 6 rounds decidedly. To score this fight for Lomachenko is actually inexcusable. He without a doubt lost every single one of the first 6 rounds. He was totally taken of his game and was thoroughly outboxed and outlanded.

      119-109 was wide, but the reality is Lopez outlanded him in power shots every single round of the fight.

  • Lopez fought a great fight. Personally I scored it a draw. Not sure what fight the judges were watching.

  • credit to both guys for making the fight. Loma for putting his rep of £4£ on the line and Lopez his unbeaten record.
    Lopez went against the tide in predicting Fury to beat Wilder in the 2nd fight and now he’s done it in the ring himself.

  • Just because loma was more active than he was in the first 6 rounds doesn’t mean he actually won those rounds when he was active. Generously give him 4 rounds and that’s probably because he looked better than he did in the first 6.lopez bodywork was outstanding and that constant uppercut threat even tho it never landed flush. Clear win here for Lopez! Very convincing!

    • THANK YOU. Someone sees it for what it is. I’ve gone through ABC judging training, and I can promise you there is no other way to score this fight but to have Lopez ahead.

      You’re spot on as to what happened. People gave Lomachenko rounds simply because he did better than he had done earlier. The problem was he was still outlanded in power shots every single round. Let me reiterate that! Loma didn’t outland him in power shots in a single round.

      It was NOT a close fight if you know how to judge. That’s why the judges had it so wide. Lopez was an easy winner.

  • Lopez only hit the body of Loma, thus, should not earn points while Loma always hit the face of Lopez . Loma should have win the contest.

    • Body punches count just as much as a head punch. Loma didn’t throw a single punch in the first round and landed 2 punches in the second. He didn’t do enough to win this fight. I had the fight 116-112 for Lopez. Loma won rounds 7,8,10 and 11.

  • Loma struggled to get involved until it was too late – we saw lots of chinks in the armour in his last fight. Everyone loses at some stage there’s always one guy with your number. 5/1 was crazy odds and I loaded up… you can’t win fights if you don’t throw punches. Lomachenko is on the downward trajectory now sad to say.

  • I would not call this defeat. I had Loma one or two rounds up on the scorecard. You are supposed to dominate the chmpion to take the title, and it was pretty even, but in the second half of the fight imho i think Loma boxed better and had way better selection of punches landed. I can’t agree with this decision. I give credit to Lopez, he is a very good boxer, but this was not enough to take the title in my opinion.

    • How do you possibly have Lomachenko up in a fight where he was outlanded in power shots every single round of the fight? This was a clear Lopez victory despite the bias of the commentators. I’ve gone through the ABC training and using that criteria, there is only one man you can have winning the fight.

      • ESPN would show only power punches from Loma on the replays too. So there was bias there too

  • I had this a pick em fight going in. He answered every question of him RESOUNDINGLY positive. His IQ and the way he took away Loma’s rhythm with his ability was masterful.

    Also, this was not a close fight. People have a bias that makes them want to score for the favorite/the guy the picked and also have a bias to give a guy rounds simply when he does better than he did before even if he isn’t winning the round.

    He lost every one of the first 6 or 7 rounds easily and outlanded him in power shots every single round of the fight. Horrible judging by the commentators.

  • Seemed like it took Loma way longer than usual to get going. He always takes a round or 2, to feel out his opponent, but it took him til the 6th to get started, and that cost him dearly… I felt it would be a good fight coming in, but figured Loma would be more active than he was out of necessity being the naturally smaller man, who struggles to keep his weight up to lightweight. When Lopez rehydrated to 147lbs I knew Loma was gonna be at a serious disadvantage. You could definitely see the 14 months ring rust in the first half of the fight, too…. I had Lopez 7-5, but round (I think it was rd.8) coulda gone either way. The right man got the decision, but it was closer than the cards reflected. 119-109? Come on! I don’t know what fight she was watching, but it wasn’t the same fight I watched.

  • The entire card was a good one last night. Every fight had action, and all the fighters came to get recognition. Arum once again shows how to make fights happen and it’s no wonder that he still is showing everyone how to make real fights in this era of madness.The only difference now is Don King is not there to match him with other great boxing classics. HBO is SADLY missed, because ESPN in many ways is a nickel and dime type operation. Maybe now the DelaHO and Haymon will let their fighters fight more than once a decade, and will actually fight another fighter with a different promoter. Ward knows what he is talking about, and is not just a cheer leader, he understands why and what is going on.

    • If the fight was scheduled for 15 rounds the outcome might have changed. Loma was not willing to put the fight on the line during the first half. Lopez’s cannons blasted into Loma’s survival instincts “better to live to fight another day”. This is fight were Loma had to modify his style and really load up with a punch. Lopez prepared well and earned the victory.

  • I didn’t have Lomachenko winning a single round. He might have shared some in the second half but Lopez’ speed, power and savvy had him biting on granite for the most part.

    • glad your NOT a judge or maybe you saw the same fight as you were texting as lederman did lol

  • Loma’s plan turned into being that he was going to run for so many rounds then win three rounds, like in the amateurs and get the win. I’m glad the judges stopped rewarding fancy footwork. Let the takeover begin and bring back the fight into boxing.

    • agreed terrible game plan on Lomas part but still when Loma started to throw Lopez just played catch with his face there must be a rematch

  • this was more about Loma and his horrible game plan giving up the first 5 for sure cant really give Lopez any credit since according to hi and his dad they were going to KO him easily never once was Loma hurt matter of fact once Loma did start to fight Lopez had NO answer just look at his face and the judges well Lederman should be banned and the other judge should be suspended…. in the end this was NOT a great fight and there NEEDS to be an immediate rematch

  • I shouldn’t even be posting on here because I know nothing about boxing. I thought I did! I could have guaranteed Loma was going to take Lopez to school! Huge props to Lopez for proving his many doubters wrong and fighting a brilliant fight.

  • I feel like a winner here because of the people posting on here objectively about what they saw last night. I love fans like you guys. After saying that I too had Lopez winning by 3 rounds. Lederman’s card was a little strange but ultimately I think the right person won.

  • Congratulations to Lopez on his win! He’s 23 and showed his boxing IQ and his heart in this fight. He easily banked the first 7 rounds. Lopez had good solid punch output and the body work was on point in the early part of the fight. The punch stats show Lopez threw more and landed more punches then Loma. Loma waited entirely too long to get after it. I didn’t agree with one judge’s scorecard of 119-109 but all judges had they right guy winning. I’m looking forward to seeing where Lopez goes from here.

  • The great Juan Manuel Márquez scored in live for ESPN in spanish 116-112 for Lomachenko. Andre Ward scored for ESPN 114-114. For me watching only once the fight did not win López the fight

    • I thought the scoring was a little questionable, but I also thought Andre Ward was a little too generous towards Loma, and JMM was delusional with his scoring. 116-112 or 115-113 for Lopez would have been more accurate. Once I heard it was a unanimous decision, I knew it had to go to Lopez. No way would 3 judges unanimously have scored it for Loma.

  • In boxing a big man will most always beat the small one. The ring rust did not help Loma either but Lopez was just too focused and too good for Loma.

  • Here we go with the God thing again. I guess God was not on Lomo’s side. I liked Lopez until this God thing. If there is a God, there is not, he’s got better things to do than think of boxing.

  • Loma was a slow starter, the one year ring rust, and too cautious affected the fight outcome. I had it even like a draw. Bear in mind that Judge Julie Letterman is a red flag to boxing judging, she must go!

    • Stop with the excuses (ring rust) Floyd took two years off and came back at the same age and won all 12 rounds against the #2 rated p4p fighter at the time. Just give Lopez his dues Loma didn’t excel because Lopez executed a great disciplined game plan. He boxed well and went to the body, the reason it took Loma so long to get going is because Teo still had power and speed. He had no choice but to go for broke, it looks like he thought Teo would be reckless and gas out and it never happened.

  • Lopez should win this fight, he came in at 147 that’s welterweight, he’s also younger , stronger, hungrier, I thought Lopez was gonna KO Loma. It was like watching welterweight fighting a featherweight, yeah he stunned Loma bit, coming in , ppl were saying what happen when lopez hit loma with his power, saw plenty of that last night, didnt even put smaller loma down, …there’s time I saw Lopez got staggered, he is not all that. at 23 years old he’s not at same level as Loma was at that age. We shall see what happen when lopez goes up next weight class, no size advantage.

    • Funny how Loma fans are using the size factor after he lost but gave him all the credit in the world for beating Rigondeaux who moved up a couple weight divisions. He was cocky after victory calling himself Nomenchko now y’all wanna use the size card

  • I’m a huge boxing fans form decades, thought Lomo started to late, cards were a reflection of Lomo’s performance, I feel the decision was very accurate. Much respect to Lopez, his chance was in front of him and he took advantage of it. But a huge win for the sport of boxing, woulda like to see Lomo not leave the ring the way he did. I hope to see both fighters fight soon.

  • First half of the fight,everybody said lopez won,really,what did lopez do,other than chase down lomo hitting the wind,2nd half lomo hit lopez at will,so stop the bs you all.if anything a draw,but the judges were playing on their phones and at the end scored on who they wanted.

  • Tim Bradley made a comment I over looked, he said if you take Loma’s angles he becomes ordinary! After assessing Teofimo’s performance, Tim was absolutely correct in my opinion.

  • Loma was very unimpressive the first half. Looked like he was fighting scared. What was their weight at fight time? Lopez looked much bigger. Neither was hurt though, except for the cut.

  • No problem with Lopez getting the nod in this one in possibly a 7-5 or 115-113 score but I actually agreed with Andre Ward in calling it a draw. This nonsense Lopez dominated Lomachenko is absurd. From my perspective when Lomachenko seriously engaged Lopez rounds 7-12, Lomachenko won all but the 12th round. he gave away way too many early rounds. If they have a rematch I would pick Lomachenko and hopefully they’d have far more competent judges. The 119-109 judge should be banned from judging.

  • Lopez is the real Deal.Talented Strong and skilled Fighter.Should go fight Mayweather and embarrass the legend

  • This fight reminds of GGG fights Canelo !!! You have a
    judge like Julie Letterman ,GGG beat Canelo both fights and got a blinded decision by Julie Letterman , Now Vasily Lomachenko gets a money driven decision by Julie Letterman

  • The fight was so boring. I hyped this fight and it was embarrassingly boring. The room was so silent when the announcers were talking how skilled Loma is when he isn’t punching. Like he was doing so many thing while doing nothing, yikes. He hasn’t thrown a punch in 2 minutes, simply amazing!!! The sport is dying with the casual fan, in the US anyways. I finally let everyone off the hook and said let’s go out side. There were several audible thank you’s.

  • Don’ t get me wrong , But !!!! it all about Lopez , even in the 12th round one of ring side Commentators was practically Salivating over the thoughts of Lopez being the first Fighter to hold belts ,Christmas came early for some . At worse it should have been a DRAW.!!!!!!!!!

  • loma messed up big time, he gave up the first five or six rounds to take lopez into dark water, instead his plan back fired, if they have a rematch it will be a different outcome

  • And BTW Lopez aint no Roberto Duran. He can beat teen idol sensation Kingry, Haney, but not Davis. It was evidenced by Loma that a strong, short, inside fighter with a strong punch can beat him.

  • How about no more fights in Las Vegas? At least, no more high profile fights. Lomo lost, but not by the margin the judges had it. Julie Letterman should be investigated for her scoring. Teo probably won the fight so in that sense it was legit. Lomo looked rusty, but even at that weight class, I think Lomo is the better fighter. A rematch is a must, but the venue has to be anywhere, but Vegas. I have seen too many fights determined by Vegas scoring.

  • Not saying Loma won however it was closer than scored should have been a split decision either way. The judges were biased

  • The best in the world? What a joke the best in the world doesn’t throw a punch for 8 rounds. Another phony fight. Thank God none of us paid for this garbage

  • Whats up with that retarded ref in the first fight?? Stopping the fight way prematurely when the guy was barely rattled and didnt even fall down? HORRIBLE REFEREEING. Its boxing not a dance competition. And the 2nd fight was way better than that main event. Loma disappointed bigtime. Gave up first 7 rds purposely?? Who in they’re right minds would do that? Fishy AF.

  • I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong. I didn’t know Lopez now I know him now. His post fight press conference also made me a fan. He’s mentally ahead of the game, he wants those big fights unlike Garcia (who wants to be a pretty boy like his father Oscar instead of stepping it up), Haney (like Lopez said was Pretty Boy Floyd taking on the best to earn the rights to being Money) and Davis (fighting washed up fighters)who had plenty of time to get their act together and fight each other.

  • Lopez won but it was a close fight. 115-113 or 116-112 score would have been acceptable.
    The other two judges scores, were atrocious. Loma did start too late, thou.

  • Too Little , Too Late for Loma….They need to run this one back…There’s interest in a sequel….

  • Well, you simply can’t give away 5 or 6 rounds in a 12 round fight against a world class opponent and expect to win. Loma did not take enough chances early on and kudos to the kid…he did what he had to do to snatch those belts!!

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