Kingry returns to training

WBC interim lightweight champion Ryan “Kingry” Garcia took a temporary rest in his career due to mental health problems that he has been dealing with.

Ryan, who is trained by Eddy Reynoso, confirmed that he is back in the gym hoping to return to the ring soon.

“Whatever happens, I can fight and I like to get into the ring to give my best for the fans. I know that my problems were made public, but I keep working on it because I have always been a fighter.

“I am hungrier than ever, as boxing is my life, and I am ready to return. I love you for supporting me in this difficult time. I’m ready to start training and give them great fights.”

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  • I am very proud of Ryan, and wish him well. Inside the ring, and, out the ring. 🙂

  • I like Kingry, I wish him well, but he’s a liability from here on out so if he pulls out from future fights, his opponents need to get paid!
    Hagler, Leonard, Hearns, Duran never pulled what he did.

    • I find it’s a very complex debate. It is important that we take people’s mental health seriously, but it is such a nebulous area. Like you say, opponents are committed to situations also. It opens a can of worms if someone can break a contract at any moment in this way. I also wonder where you draw the line between a real mental condition or simply being mentally weak in a high pressure sporting context. Historically, it has not been unusual to grade a fighters mental strength and heart, as much you would grade their punch power and speed. Choking is part of the game. Tyson won most of his early fights before he got in the ring through inducing fear, but are we supposed to discuss the mental health of his opponents? Moving forward, are we even able to talk about fighters being mentally weak? It will certainly be difficult to ever question Kingry’s mental toughness without being deemed politically incorrect. Just my 2 cents

  • Looks to be taking “The Holyfield Route”……. Kids to different women already……….. hopefully, things calm down for him from here on in.

  • Not sure what may have triggered his mental health condition, but I hope to see him in the competitive mix soon and consistently.

  • Are you serious? So you really believe Ryan Garcia now has mental health issues? Or maybe he was just on vacation in Hawaii and partying his ass off. Cmon guys!!

    • He was well enough to be online taunting Haney. If this guy had mental health issues then I’m a billionaire.

  • Looks like Ryans extended hormonal rag is over. Wonder how often he will get his period?

  • Every time I hear “Kingry” – I think that’s his last name 🙂

  • He’s a con man. He has “mental health issues” but he was well enough to be online taunting Haney. He is a con. Now Tyson Fury is a man who truly had mental health issues. Ryan is a fake. He could have still be in preparation for his July fight.

  • This kid has damage. The same damage football players suffer from. Its called chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This brings on feelings of suicide and things like that. Hope he has a short career for the better of his future.

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