Kell Brook: I’ll never box again

36-year-old former welterweight champion Kell Brook (40-3, 28 KOs) has announced his retirement.

“I’ve had a long chat with my family and my parents, and it’s over for me. I’ll never box again,” Brook told the Sunday Telegraph. “It’s a little emotional to be actually saying this out loud. My mam is relieved. I think everyone around me is pleased. Truth is, boxing is a very very tough, dangerous sport, one in which you can be legally killed in the ring, and I’ve finished now with all my faculties intact.”

Brook ended his career on a high note, getting a sith round TKO against archrival Amir Khan in February.

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  • I don’t blame Kell one bit. Well spoken words. One’s health is a very important element in life. One major fallback can result in permanent limitations. Thank you Kell for the entertainment through the years.

  • He was a world champion and gave Sean Porter his first loss. He fought three of the best fighters of his era, he beat his major rival and I’m sure he made some good money. Could not have asked for much more from him – a fantastic career.

  • All the best to Kell. Doesn’t need to get damaged at this age facing a young gun. He’s accomplished a lot, fought some great fighters, and going out on top. Congratulations Kell.

  • Kell only lost to the very, very best: GGG, Spence & Crawford. Well done on a very good career.

  • Good time to go. Hope he stays true to his word.

    You have to wonder whether the gamble to take on GGG at Middle followed by Spence at Welter finished him as a top welter – weights etc?

  • Best way to end a career with a TKO win against your arch rival! Truth be told I’m not sure he could beat the likes of Boots Enis, Virgil Ortiz and even Benn for that matter! Hope he made some really good money!! Congrats champ!

  • Kell at his peak was a fabulous fighter, and beat Mr Porter also at his peak. GGG fight I think was for the money and as someone else said that wrecked him.
    He was already broken before he fought Spence. taking nothing away from Errol. long live the special K !

  • Have a great retirement, Kell. Prime versus prime, you would have DEMOLISHED Donald Curry!

    • Nope. Donald Curry was a beast in his prime. Too slick, too tight a defense, and a lethal left hook. Prime Curry would beat every welter today. No doubt about it.

  • Ya done good Champ and you went out on top. Happy Retirement and may God bless you and your loved ones…

  • Always respected Kel for daring to be great in moving up in weight to fight GGG then moving back down to welterweight to defend his strap against Spence. It would’ve been easier to vacate his belt and let Spence fight for the vacant title but Kel chose the path of most resistant. Kel was a throwback to guys like Emile Griffith and Benny Kid Paret but am glad he’s choosing to hang ’em up on a high note. Hope he stays true to his word and doesn’t come back for one more big payday.

  • Kell was and is a great boxer. He, however, should never have fought GGG. If he hadn’t fought GGG, I believe Kell’s natural size and abilities would have fared a lot better against Crawford and Spence Jr. Not saying he would have won, but I believe he could have gone distance in two competitive fights.

  • I really appreciated his knocking out Khan, who I have never liked. Ending on this note is fitting and I think a wise decision. Best to him going forward.

  • Great career champ, well done. You’ve earned a long and healthy retirement.

  • Kell is a solid fighter and fought all comers. 40-3 is a VERY respectful record. Hold your head up high and ride off into the sunset.

  • I’m not a Kell Brook fan per se, but I always felt bad that his career at the top was IMO significantly cut short by GGG. But he made that choice for himself. I just thought his speed and skills looked perfectly in tact in the Khan fight, so hoped he’d take one more shot to win major title and chase the ghosts of Spence and Crawford away. I guess it’s not to be…

  • Glad to hear it. Excellent fighter. Made a mistake in moving up against GGG and got severely injured. It affected his career. He was a threat at all times before that at Welter.

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