Joshua/Wilder PPV price set

A somewhat pleasant surprise for DAZN’s fully stacked “Day of Reckoning” event on December 23 featuring Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder in separate bouts from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Rather than the $74.99 PPV price point, which has all become all too common these days, the price for DAZN subscibers will be $39.99.

The full lineup:
Anthony Joshua vs. Otto Wallin (heavyweight)
Deontay Wilder vs. Joseph Parker (heavyweight)
Daniel Dubois vs. Jarrell Miller (heavyweight)
Dmitry Bivol vs. Lyndon Arthur (light heavyweight)
Jai Opetaia vs. Ellis Zorro (cruiserweight)
Arslanbek Makhmudov vs. Agit Kabayel (heavyweight)
Frank Sanchez vs. Junior Fa (heavyweight)
Filip Hrgovic vs. Mark De Mori (heavyweight)

A Successful 2023 for the WBC
Tishchenko is first WBA bridgerweight champion

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  • Best boxing card/price ever
    I just think wilder VS Parker should be the main event fight

  • Parker is really no threat to Wilder. Wilder will have target practice with Parker once the fight settles in. Parker’s boring style of fighting is enough for anyone to fall asleep on. At least Parker is getting a paycheck to be a recipient of a KO against Wilder. Easy fight to predict… Wilder KO.

    • This is the fight on the card that I am most excited about. Wilder has been so inactive and this will be Parker’s 4th fight this year i.e. he should be sharp. This could be a cracker.

    • That’s exactly what people said before Frazier beat Muhammad Ali …welcome to boxing

      • I am still sticking to my prediction. Parker’s style is tailored-made for Wilder to tee off on in regard to power punches.

        • If logic exists in boxing Andy Ruiz would beat Joshua , Douglas to Tyson , morales to Pacquiao , López to warrington , Pacquiao to Thurman , Lara to wood , Magdaleno to donaire etc etc etc

          But don’t worry we all started like you

          • Boxing has the “what-ifs” and the “possibilities” in any matchup. That’s the nature of the beast in the sport. I don’t mind eating crow if I make a wrong a prediction in any fight. What is your prediction with Wilder vs Parker? Clear cut prediction…?

          • That’s the problem that you did not h8ve your prediction you assured that Parker won’t upset wilder ans that’s another subject

          • That’s the problem that you did not give your prediction you assured that Parker won’t upset wilder and that’s another subject

            Everyb9dy can get wrong with predictions but saying that is impossible for one fighter to win is cross the line

          • Ok, Carlos, my prediction was noted in my previous post. Wilder KO. What’s wrong with making prediction and being right or wrong…..? I was asking your prediction….Yes, it’s that simple….

          • Yea bit besides you mention that asker will never beat wilder and you are wrong on that because anything can happen at any fight even an injury can change everything

            My prediction??? I said it before wilder by decision

          • Carlos …this is a boxing forum and everybody has a right to an opinion…and perspectives….and of most importance ….you have a right to be wrong…I believe that you should always…always allow everyone to be heard…cause learning about anything is a lifelong ongoing continuous process…even if Scooby believed that it is impossible for Parker to win…that is his opinion…it is up to you to gather the logic from it….even if there is no explanation…the right to be heard….People died for that …..

            Wilder coming off a layoff but cannot discount that “special” power that he brings …Parker active …Slight edge to Wilder…

          • Joshua and Pacquiao got revenge for their losses. Don’t end the year on a losing streak. Pick Wilder and we’ll pretend you never picked against him. Who do have for Dubois vs Miller?

    • Greetings Scoob. I think Wilder starches Parker in the beginning to middle of the 3rd round. Parker doesn’t move his head and that might be his undoing. Like you said target practice. Except, Wilder doesn’t get to target practice. One clean shot and it’s over. We might actually get to see Wilder vs Joshua, but 4 years too late.

  • I don’t pay a single Cent. There are many stars indeed, unfortunately these stars don’t fight each other, the bouts themselves are below average and all very predictable. The supposed greatest boxevent in history lmao…

    • How about the best cruiser in the world and the 2nd best light heavyweight in the world?

  • I think this card will be full of upsets or unexpected results like I don’t think bivol will be able to ko Arthur just for example

  • $40 is better. but, i think most would rather pay a little more for a show with only the A sides fighting each other. the B sides are NOT needed here.
    after all its still mostly a night of easy A side wins. (although a couple fights are interesting)

  • I pick Joshua, Wilder, Miller, Bivol, Opetaia, Mahmudov and Hrgovic to win these fights.

  • Otto Wallin is a big fight for Joshua and has the tool to beat him. Anthony Joshua seems to have lost the ” eye of the tiger” these days.
    Leaning towards a points victory to Wallin

  • Otto Wallin is a big fight for Joshua and has the tools to beat him. Anthony Joshua seems to have lost the ” eye of the tiger” these days.
    Leaning towards a points victory to Wallin

  • this card should be
    dubois-parker or
    and whoever else against whoever else

  • There are many of the A-side favorites that could get upset. This card will likely also set up who fights who next and hopefully also on a huge exiting card like this one is.

  • Maybe I missed something but why isn’t zhilei Zhang on this card? I thought he was suppose to fight Junior fa? If anyone should be on this card it should be Zhang. He’s a threat to anyone on this card. Frank Sanchez vs Zhang would have been a banger.

    • @Hawn-Jay, I think when they mentioned the name Zhang, nobody was interested! Not saying he definitely will, but he stands a chance of beating anyone on this heavyweight card.

  • Wilder reminds me of Mike Tyson,,,,then Mike Tysons star faded when Buster Douglas set the blue print on how to beat him…by boxing.
    Tyson Fury did the same to Wilder and Wilder is beatable by boxing his ears off and staying away from the right hand.
    I don’t think Parker has the ring IQ to do it but the blue print is there.

    • @Gary Pine: Would say Fury boxed in fight I, but then in fight II & III beat Wilder with roughhouse tactics, holding, leaning, and even mixing it when Fury came in heavier going from 256½ up to 273 and 277 he was much better at doing this with the extra weight.

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