Japan World Title Twinbill Press Conference

Report, Photos by Joe Koizumi

All participants of a world title doubleheader on this coming Sunday said, “I’m in 100% condition, and am sure of my victory.” It will be a 400% twinbill.

WBO 105-pound champ Ryuya Yamanaka (15-2, 4 KOs), a fast-moving and quick-punching Japanese speedster with excellent footwork, will put his belt against #4 Moises Calleros (28-7-1, 16 KOs), a formerly top ranked Mexican, in the main event at the Portopia Hotel in Kobe on Sunday. A semi-windup will see the WBA 105-pound title bout for the vacant championship between #1 Carlos Canizales (19-0-1, 16 KOs), a highly regarded Venezuelan, and #2 Reiya Konishi (15-0, 5 KOs), a Japanese pressure puncher with his physical power, over twelve.

Both Calleros and Canizales predicted a coronation by a knockout win, while Yamanaka and Konishi humbly mentioned their wish for a victory. Canizales’ nickname is “CCC” that stands for Carlos Canizales Civira, not yet being Carlos “Campeon (Champion)” Canizales.

The officials were announced as follows:

WBO 105-pound title bout:
Referee Jose H. Rivera (Puerto Rico); judges Gerard While (US), Jose Roberto Torres (Puerto Rico), Salven Lagumbay (Philippines); supervisor Tsuyoshi Yasukochi (Japan).

WBA 108-pound title bout for the vacant championship:
Referee Pinit Prayadsab (Thailand); judges Stanley Christodoulou (South Africa), Ferlin Marsh (New Zealand), Stefano Crozza (Italy); supervisor Alan Kim (Korea).

It will be presented by Shinsei Promotions in association with Teiken Promotions.

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