Jake Paul rips brother’s exhibition with Floyd

By TMZ.com

Logan Paul’s a “fake fighter” who has no business being in the ring with Floyd Mayweather … so says his own brother, Jake, who tells TMZ Sports the dude is “f***ked” against the 50-0 boxer. Of course, the YouTube superstar is set to face off against “The Best Ever” in a boxing exhibition on Feb. 20 … a fight that has been met with mixed reactions.

Jake — who’s fresh off an insane KO of ex-NBA star Nate Robinson — thinks Logan is pretty much doomed against Floyd … and believes the fight is doing more harm than good for boxing.

“My brother’s f***ed,” Jake tells us. “It’s bad for the sport. I think it’s just for clout.”

Paul is echoing what Canelo Alvarez recently told us … saying he thought it was a “lack of respect” for pros to go up against YouTubers.

Jake goes on to say he’s the “real fighter” in the family … pointing out he’s got a 3-0 record … while Logan still hasn’t racked up a win.

“I wish him the best of luck. I just like — don’t get in there with a guy who’s never even been knocked out. He’s been knocked down once and it was by accident.”

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  • Key word in all this is…”exhibition”. I think all the hype with the Tyson vs Jones sparring session we all learned a lesson to save the money in our pockets and purchase a REAL fight.

    • There is some truth in what you’re saying, but the circumstances are slightly different in this case. Tyson and Jones were former Pros who staged a glorified sparring session for the publicity and money. With this one, I can’t help feeling that Paul is trying to a name for himself, with every intention of trying to knockout Floyd. Both are guilty of the Social Media Cycle, Paul wants the publicity and adulation, where as Floyd is doing it purely for the money.

  • Are we really getting into who deserves what?..merit has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s all about the MONEY!!

  • The Paul brothers are the biggest douche bags on earth. It’s a shame that so many morons supported their YouTube “careers” and made them filthy rich. Now we have to hear about them in the boxing world, a place they do not belong.

  • I “blame” Mayweather more than Logan for this fiasco if blame is the right word. I respect Mayweather’s right to earn money BUT he should have more respect for the sport in my opinion

  • as long as we pay to see this circus and they make money they are going to keep selling it

  • I think Floyd should really make this fight interesting and say if the fight ends quickly enough then he will fight Jake right after beating Logan and beat up both brothers on the same night….that will sell the fight and it’s never been done before so it will make Floyd at least respectable for taking on this fight…

    • Floyd can’t even knockout dudes in his own weight class, you think he’s going to stop two 190 pound dudes in one night? Doubtful no matter how much experience they lack.

  • Neither brother is a real boxer. He’s probably just jealous his brother will get a “Floyd “ payday and he won’t.

  • I’m sure Jake – who by all accounts is better at boxing – would have jumped at the chance.
    There are 2 ways of looking at this

    1- It could actually help bring new fans to the sport
    2 – It maybe doesn’t look great for Floyd.

    At least it is being treated as an exhibition match although I’m surprised (so far) the WBC haven’t invented a belt for it

  • Wrong. Mayweather, was knocked down by a check left hook by Zab Judah. What kept him up was his glove touching the mat to break the fall. It wasn’t ruled a knockdown but indeed was on his way down from a left hook. That being said, MW is the best fighter ever.

  • It’s harder being a world class you tuber than it is to be a world class boxer. Logan Paul is Maywesthers worst nightmare. Money has had trouble with unconventional fighters like that wild man he fought. I just hope Money prepares for this or his title will be lost in a blaze of gold dust.

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