Jai Opetaia Update

On February 14, IBF cruiserweight champion Jai Opetaia requested a 60-day medical extension. The request was approved and the extension will expire on June 1, pursuant to rule 5.D.3 of the IBF Rules Governing Championship Contests. The IBF is due to order Jai Opetaia to begin negotiations for his mandatory defense of the cruiserweight title approximately on April 1, or sixty days prior to his mandatory due date. Jai Opetaia may request a Rule 11 Exception to extend his mandatory due date pursuant to this rule.

Sturm, Zeuge victorious in Germany
Weights from Chester, Pennsylvania

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  • Is this because of his hand injury in his last match. Well still, it seems unfair to other boxers if they are a top contender and can not get a title shot. I feel they should drop him from being champion, to the number 3 position. he would have to fight an eliminator before he could get a title shot to retain the tiltle. the rule should be, after 4 months, yuou must plan tfor a tilte defense against the number one contender, and fight at least around 6 months after your last defense.

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