Jacobs says at 168lbs he’s finally at 100%

Daniel Jacobs says he’s a happy fighter now he’s campaigning at super middleweight as he makes his debut at 168lbs against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr at the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday night, live on DAZN on US and Sky Sports in the UK.
Jacobs (35-3 29 KOs) closed the book on his time at middleweight in May with a unification clash with Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas, and the two-time world ruler now embarks on his quest to become a two-weight world champion.

“It’s been amazing,” said Jacobs. “I’ve been able to be genuinely happy, to focus only on training and focus only on my skillset and not on the idea of cutting 10 to 15 pounds before the weigh-in. So, it’s a big deal for me and I’m happy and I’m looking forward to showing everyone in the world that it wasn’t an excuse last time around.

“It was the actual fact of me cutting the weight and that would make a difference in the previous fights that I’ve been having. So now you’re going to see, in my opinion, a better version of myself and I look forward to that.

“I’m able to be a lot freer when it comes to putting more food and necessary foods in my body. I don’t have to limit myself and most importantly, I don’t have to go through that weight cut process that always drains me the 48 hours before the fight.

“I think with this last fight; it really took a toll on me. Obviously, we know the stipulations. I was in a contract with my last bout, so that was a clear indication for me that maybe I need to try and test the waters in 168 pounds just to give myself an opportunity to be myself, to be 100 percent and camp has been beautiful.”

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  • This fight better come with a backup because Hearns will lose his USA license if this fight happens. And his integrity.

  • I am sure this fight will be better than Ruiz vs AJ part 2 (snicker). No running in this fight……Styles make this fight intriguing, but Chavez will get beat. His predictable walk-in pitty patter punching style will be tailor-made for Jacobs’ counter.

    • Agreed Scooby: Chaves has always relied on power with smaller fighters to take em out but now he has a big boy in Jacobs in front of him with Great skill. Chavez has a rock solid chin but a glass heart. I see him quitting around 7th.

  • Don’t know why Jr took this fight.. this fight will retire him for certain.. Jacobs is a magician in the ring and highly underrated… Jr is highly over rated and is NOT anything like his Dad…

    • Jonn, yes, I agree Chavez Jr is nothing like his father. Chavez Jr. always had that “pampered Champion’s son” obligated attitude and it definitely shows over the span of his career. Pretty sad when he gets bored or needs money, he comes out of nowhere with cheap promoting trash-talk tactics to fight again.

  • Jr. should be looking for a fight with Angulo. At least there’s a 50/50 shot. Or if not Dirrell but even at this stage I have Dirrell winning

  • Chaves knocks Jacobs out and finally shuts up this fighter who has more excuses that a woman stopped by a traffic cop.

    • Orlando, I must be comical in this response, but here it goes. Either you are a diehard Chavez Jr. fan (which is ok) or you are simply being juvenile rooting for the underdog to stir responses in this thread since we are all favor Jacobs to win.

  • When’s the last time Jacobs had a good performance? His main claims to fame are, he beat cancer and went the distance with GGG. He ALWAYS has some damn excuse for his so-so performances. I’m taking Jr.

  • >