Fujimoto: Daniel Dubois, I’m going to knock you out

Just four days away from his titanic tussle with unbeaten Daniel Dubois, WBA #13 heavyweight Kyotaro Fujimoto today battled the British weather as he enjoyed the ‘Christmas by the River’ market at London Bridge City.

Fujimoto London
Photo: Roundabout Media

Fujimoto then issued a warning. “Daniel Dubois, I’m going to knock you out!”, he thundered. “I love Japan. I am very proud of being Japanese and I will win for them.”

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  • Dubois will feel him out in the first round, start coming forward more with his 1,2 by the second round. Third round will see Fujimoto on his bike and possibly taking a knee. Fourth round he gets ktfo.

    • I am still figuring out his hair color schematics in the photo provided. I think he got carried away with the red too much. Nuff said.

      • Imagine a culture where everyone has same hair color,making changes desirable.It is the “fad” in Japan right now.Must show respect for all fighters in World Boxing.Treat him how you would hope your fighter to be treated in his land.They have long lives from happy culture,we all should take a page out of they’re book.

        • GotDramaAllergy, I find it odd you say I am disrespectful to Fujimoto, but you realize this is boxing, correct? Let me clarify my point. Boxing is full of trash talkers, shady promotors, and corruption in governing bodies. Yep, I think a show of respect is limited in this sport to some degree. However, there is room for the existence of straight and narrow righteousness by society’s standards. I am sure Fujimoto can take a joke about his hair and if not, that’s a shame.

  • I wonder how Fujimoto wants to accomplish a KO win over Dubois?

    Dubois is a power puncher with massive height and reach advantage in this fight.

    Fuji has a good record, but he fought all his fights so far in Japan and mostly against very limited opposition. His only loss came against a C+ fighter – but that was already about 7 years ago.

    Dubois won his last two fights against undefeated opponents and there’s no reason to believe that Fuji can KO him. Fujimoto is tough – he has a successful kickboxing background – but Dubois is a bit out of his league.

    I like the match up though. Its a good test for both fighters, and if Dubois wants to become a top 15 heavyweight, he has to win in convincing fashion.

    My prediction: Dubois within 4 rounds by KO.

  • A Japanese HEAVYWEIGHT?!? Not typecasting here, but GUYS REALLY…..?

    KO in MINUS.046 seconds of the first round…..

  • In saw Fujimoto get knocked out in 2012, it wasn’t pretty. he got up after the first knockdown then went down again. But in heavyweight boxing, anything can happen…

  • Fujimoto: Daniel Dubois, I’m going to knock you out


    I hope he does, but the odds are way against it.

  • I noticed Video of Fujimoto,telegraphed his punching ,but was early in career.Japanese are notoriously great athletes with tremendous heart.I like the Japanese around, they are honorable hosting matches when they do,presenting Champion bouquets to both fighters and integrity.I know this match is in London,hope fans treat him well and respect the difference in culture. Best Wishes to him for stepping up in level,never doubt the heart of the Japanese.

  • I’m glad Fujimoto believes this. would you rather here him say I’m going in to this fight to lose by knockout I just wanted you fans to know that.

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