It’s happening! Canelo vs. Kovalev set for Nov 2

It’s official. Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2, 34 KOs) moves into the 175-pound weight class in a 12-round bout against champion Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev (34-3-1, 28 KOs) for the WBO light heavyweight world title. The event will take place Saturday, November 2 at MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will be streamed exclusively live on DAZN in all of its nine markets, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

“We promised to make this fight happen, and now we are delivering it,” said Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy. “Historic fights have been a hallmark of this company, and we are pleased to once again live up to the high expectations we’ve set for our fans. The best pound-for-pound fighter is also boxing’s biggest star. Few fighters in boxing’s history can claim to be both like Canelo Alvarez. Now, he’ll look to become a four-division world champion against one of the most dangerous fighters of recent years, and I’m certain that he will stop him. There’s no better home for this than on the DAZN platform or live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.”

Tickets for Canelo vs. Kovalev are priced at $1,754, $1,254, $854, $654, $404 and $204, and go on sale to the public on Wednesday, September 18. Insiders can get tickets early at the pre-sale starting Monday. Use pre-sale code: DAZN

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  • If Sergey is not ringworn from having to come back so quickly after going 11 hard rounds to stop Yarde, this could be a difficult fight for Canelo. I expect him to box with movement early on and then gradually start to break Kovalev down with body shots. I am sure Buddy McGirt will be busy having Sergey do more sit-ups, crunches, and medicine ball. But having a tough body is like having an iron chin….you either have it or you don’t. As long as Canelo can bob and weave around Sergey’s long reach to get to the body, I see him winning by TKO in about the eighth round.

    • Henry Armstrong fought 27 times in ONE year. That is still a feat to this day. It also highlights the educational prowess each fight affords a fighter, being at their most sharpest towards their next bout [from their previous contest]. Not including any cuts or sprains. But, including if the boxer competed inside the healthfulness according to the synchronicities of boxing’s infinite science [they’re a fine tuned engine per se]. Hence why the golden era pugilists also competed more frequent. Few pugilists and teachers comprehend and or can teach these. Copyright 2019 Coach Hilario

  • The bet is that this fight goes the distance. I expect a UD for Canelo with some fans feeling Kovalev got robbed.

    As long as there is no catch weight crap (and there is none reported yet), this is definitely worth a watch.

    • That was the case 2 years ago, Sergeis life and skills has gone to pot recently. He’s no longer elite, he’s well past his prime. Easy picking for a juiced up Canelo.

    • I agree Scott!!! Canelo’s body shots are very powerful BUT at the same time, one hard punch from KOV can make a huge difference and change the dynamics of the fight. He isnt the champ for nothing!!! idk man, this fight could go either way. this a classic big brother vs little brother lol..I definitely gotta watch this one!!

  • “The best pound-for-pound fighter is also boxing’s biggest star. Few fighters in boxing’s history can claim to be both like Canelo Alvarez.” He lost to GGG.

    Still this is a great fight

    • I had him winning 2nd fight. If he pulls this one out in any manner other than blatant robbery, I will have give him all-time consideration.

      • i think i saw the rematch as a draw at the time, but saw how he could be given the nod. I guess it just bugs me that he doesn’t have a defining mega win. All of his mega fights have been losses or debatable. Schooled by Floyd, then a gift decision draw and a very debated win against GGG.

    • You know Oscar’s own magazine has lomachenko as the number one pound-for-pound fighter. They only got away with putting Canelo at number 3 because it’s Oscars publication. Does anybody here that knows anything about boxing honestly think that Canelo is a better pound-for-pound fighter than Inoue? I just don’t see how you could.

      • canela has won a lot of controversial decisions, something Inoue has not. I do feel however his competition has been a lot better than Inoue’s. I would agree with you about Inoue if he has beaten the likes of Estrada, Gonzales, Nietes, Ioaka, and that Thai boxer. Right now his biggest challenge would be to defeat Luis Neary. If for some reason that match does not happen, I would have to think that it is Inoue’s camp that would not want that match. It would I think be a big fight in Japan.

  • Let’s here it haters??? Lets here all the negativity that’s going through your bitter little brains. God forbid you haters would actually talk about the fight.

    • You can watch the reruns the next day, but normally Oscar has personally edited and photo shopped the footage to give the impression Canelo fought better than he did. He removes opponent’s good moments and photo shops in extra bruises on the opponent’s face etc, that kind of thing. If you watch replays of the weigh ins, Oscar has sometimes drawn a more pronounced six pack on Canelo using Microsoft Paint. Other than that, replays are fine.

  • Hey Canelo fans don’t worry about your boy. If the fight goes the distance, regardless if Kovalev wins, Judges got Canelo’s back.

  • Well, Kov is the Light Heavy weight Champ. IF it does go the distance (and it shouldn’t being a LHW vs technically a Jr. Middle) then KOV has no one to be pissed at but himself for allowing it to happen. He knows what he has to do, let’s see if he is man enough to do it.. I can’t wait..

  • I over 25 years of watching boxing I have never seen a fight of this magnitude get signed sealed and delivered 7 weeks before the fighters are supposed to square off. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of details about this fight so I’m a little skeptical. I would like to see the details of the contract in regards to the weight because I don’t believe that they’re fighting kovalev at the full light heavyweight limit. If there is no catch weight or rehydration clause, since the WBO doesn’t require it, then full credit to Canelo for taking on kovalev at his natural weight. Oscar and Kathy have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time for this fight.

    • I agree Chris. There Better not be a catch weight being this is for a title! I will be so disappointed in BOTH fighters and both managers and the WBO BUT bet ur a$$ I’m sure there is a rehydration clause in it for Canelo. And I’m sure KOV will accept it. He is all about the money and fame to beat Canelo. Rest assure, no catch weight but a very stern rehydration clause. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I wld be surprised and excited if no deviations were brought to the table to benefit 1 over the other

      • I don’t know if a rehydration clause would be that beneficial to team Canelo as Sergei usually only rehydrates to an average of 185 lbs. I mean if they make Sergei weigh 175 the day of the fight then that is completely unreasonable and would literally be impossible to do. They gave Jacobs a 10lb rehydration limit so if they do the same with Sergei he’ll be at full strength, so to speak. But I hate to belabor this one point, but how come nobody else is awestruck with the seven weeks from announcement until fight night? The pro with that is that the fight will be here before we know it, and the con is that the fight doesn’t happen. Tony would you be surprised if Canelo got “injured” in training and postponed or called off the fight?

        • @ Chris: I also think the 7 weeks is fishy, but at the same time, this fight has been planned a long time ago. This means that while Kovalev still had to recuperate from his Yarde fight, Canelo was already training for the fight. He will come in fresher.

          As far as the weight goes: let’s see. Everything below 175 lbs at weigh in would be BS. I fully agree with what you wrote about Kov being allowed to be 185 at fight night.

        • I would cuz an immediate fight is to his advantage in a small way, but then again, idk cuz dlh has pulled some very questionable stuff in the past that leaves u like WHAT JUS HAPPENED. I only say i wld because I believe Canelo wants to fight. Hes a fighter first and then a business man. He hasn’t fought in a while. I think if Oscar screws this up for him, hes out. You make an excellent point though. How did this deal get done so fast.. My thoughts r, the deal was already done and all Kov had to do is win his last fight AND not get cut. I’ve personally seen Oscar screw someone over for a minor cut and fight is off. He came thru and fight is on. Of course with Hope’s Kov cld maybe be a lil depleted with no resting/healing period. But yea man, ur exactly right.. Kov doesn’t ever rehydrate excessively like a Chavez jr wld, that’s why I think it was easy to cut the deal and gonna make a great fight.

  • Even Stevie Wonder can see that Canelo will win by decision, we all know that Canelo fights are fixed, DAZN already offers two more fights to Kov is he lose with Canelo.

  • I lost interest in Canelo after GGG was robbed of two victories against him. Never did like manufactured “superstars” who somehow win fights they obviously lose. I don’t consider him a great fighter and never will. I think Kovalev is at the tail end of his career, which was an opportunity that the overrated, overhyped Canelo could not pass up.

  • Just 7 weeks prep time right after a hard fight WTF are they thinking? It takes weeks to recover from such a hard fight. Canelo/Delahoya know that.

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