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Is Pacquiao-McGregor closer?

By Gabriel F. Cordero

WBA welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao has confirmed the signing of an agreement with Paradigm Sports, a sports management agency that also represents Conor McGregor. Some think this means a fight between the two could be closer than ever to happening.

Sources close to Pacquiao indicate that there is a possibility that there will only be two more fights before he retires and dedicate himself to the aim of becoming the next president of the Philippines.

“Great things are coming! Stay tuned,” Pacquiao said.

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  • This fight should never happen. Of course Manny is going to win. He’s an 8 division champion against a non- boxer with a record of 0-1! This is merely a cash grab by both participants.
    To make it more interesting they should be meeting halfway between the rules of boxing and MMA. Maybe a kickboxing bout?
    That being said, I’ll still probably watch it

    • I agree with you bro. It is better if the rules will be revised not purely MMA nor boxing. Kick boxing is an option for these two fighters for us to watch a much exciting fight.

  • I really don’t care to whom Pacquiao will fight next, but rather his intentions to fight only two more times. I truly hope he will remain healthy after such a grueling boxing career. Boxers start to pay the price of brutal wars in the ring, just few years after retirement. No need to mention any example.

  • reading between the lines here I think Pac wants Mcgregor followed by Floyd.
    Plan to beat CM more emphatically than Floyd did and use that as a way of calling Floyd out.

  • Lets hope Pac hasn’t signed his “sporting” death warrant. McGuigan is combat sports – Pac should stay retired. How he gets a shot against the irisher is beyond me when the aussie beat him in Sydney last year. He should hunt him down for revenge and leave the Real loins prowl the cages and rings of glory.

  • It all depends on how much Manny has in his tank. If he has enough in his tank, then I think he will out box him and knock him out in 7 or 8 rounds. An MMA fighter cannot learn the sweet science in only a few years. You need many years of learning and training and lots of talent, of course.

    • in reality, if Manny tried to knock him out McGregor would only last 2-3 rds.
      Mayweather was just playing

  • Is this a joke? I know Manny is close to retirement and takes all the money now but….

    Why not Chavez Sr?

  • Wow I was just saying how many great matchups could be made at welterweight and it looked like manny had some fight left in him. I guess he would rather sell out than fight anyone with a pulse and maybe improve his place in history. This is very disappointing to real boxing fans who would much rather see him take on a Porter or Ugas. I would never pay to watch this garbage. Come on Manny you are better than that.

    • You really want to see Shawn Porter Fight? He’s dedicated to the sport but totally unwatchable.

  • Manny needs the cash. The almighty dollar has put the spurs to him throughout his great career. CM will be an easy fight for him a low risk for his health. Both combatants will have a taste of good Irish whiskey after the contest and head to the bank.

  • Pacquiao-McGregor -why not? McGregor was a lot more competitive against Mayweather than I thought he’d be, but then again, I feel Mayweather was riding him for the first 6 rounds. Pacquiao would not afford McGregor that; he would jump all over him from the opening bell and the only thing that would slow him down is his own age, not anything McGregor will do. McGregor prolly has enough in him to survive a few rounds and maybe even offer a lil something of his own, but at the end of the fight, you’ll see a battered Irishman not knowing what hit him!

    • Comments like that are why fights like this happen. Conor was not “competitive”. Floyd had a master plan and carried him to 10 rounds. People would say, “Conor did a great job because he lasted 10 rounds” thus a rematch. Those who REALLY want to see Floyd lose would buy into the rematch hook, line, sinker.

  • Even tho Manny Pacquiao hasn’t fought in over a year and he’s looked really good in his past 3 fights. At 42 in December, why is he still fighting? He has nothing left to prove. If he dos fight McGregor, he’s gonna pick him apart easily. May even stop him early.

  • This is the kind of stuff that ruins boxing!
    Mcgregor is a mediocre boxer at best, they might as well do wwe.
    in all honesty McGregor, if a pro boxer probably would not be ranked in top 200.

    but you got to give him credit, people are so gullible and suckers for this type of stuff.

  • McGregor was not competitive at all with Mayweather. The reality is Mayweather allowed the fight to go on as long as he wanted for the fans to get their money’s worth. There would not be a fight with Pacquiao had it ended within five rounds. Mayweather is no knockout artist, however he could had ended the fight easily by accumulation of punches with his speed on McGregor. Pacquiao with his speed and power can obliterate McGregor. These fights are safe bets for Mayweather and Pacquiao to get filthy rich. I give credit to McGregor for being a Genius on how to maneuver himself in getting these fights in which he makes millions while true boxers only get to watch from the outside. Pacquiao should fight Crawford or Garcia.

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